Zilla Persona – League of Legends Cypher

Zilla Persona – League of Legends Cypher

(Spoken) Nika, Siv HD, I been asleep a long time, but let’s see how
this goes! You’ve awoken the beast – but I mean you no
harm See, Zilla slept through his alarm
In slumber I missed hell of call-outs and shout-outs and pings
But I’m ready to flex my wings At Nika’s request, I’ll give it the best that
I can But a rule you must understand
A cypher’s complexity’s easy or hard as you make it
But give it a structure, confidence steadies its shakin’ Make a list of your woes
Tally up tales of flings and throws All botched by a player who cost you the lane
While tellin’ us how you got game Be sure to add similes citing your wellspring
of trivia Bombin’ so hard like Ziggs to Anivia
I can do better, sit back and relax Allow me to snowball some stacks (Spoken) Alright, so we’re just gonna’ take
everything we just learned and we’re gonna’ put it to good use. We’re gonna’ tryhard like
a Darius in 3’s, and I don’t wanna’ hear any excuses. You are talking to the Wallmaster.
I gotcha’ covered. No surrenders! Razzle dazzle ’em like Taric. All set? Ready? Go! I [verb] like a [noun]!
[Skill name] like a champ! I reference how I got hell of spell vamp
I say that I’m awesome and hype myself up But you know the truth, even I say I suck I’ll say how you’re terrible, mocking your
build Your fortune I killed
The position of Feeder is filled I’m the Baron of Blame with a scapegoat for
every game Pick an ADC when you say “Take an AP”
Inevitable, see me crush all your spirits and dreams
Never call MIA “cuz it’s 3’s anyway, I could help with a gank, but I’d have to
leave lane” Type clusters of curses to anonymous persons
You plead for reports with an ego still hurtin But I know for certain what all of it’s worth
This isn’t my main, it’s only a smurf

72 thoughts to “Zilla Persona – League of Legends Cypher”

  1. Because they take time to drop in, and I'm a busy fella'. I'll try and add them when I get the chance – for now, lyrics in the description!

  2. 1:40, No problems you who are not the biggest fan of him, but would hear the whole cypher 🙂
    (And i don't hate Zilla btw, so don't give me shit)

  3. No, I don't hate the statement, I hate people who do that.
    I fucking hate it when I'm playing with a friend who is new to League of Legends, so I get on a new account so we go against players his level, and I see someone playing Darius in 3v3s.

  4. I worked there for about a year. Had a Storm King at the end of every day. Still one of my most favorite jobs I've ever had.

  5. instant thumbs up for saying how much of a bad attitude it is to play on a smurf (and suck on a supposedly lower elo than your main is on)

  6. You don't have to build a time machine. Just ask Gordon in your living room to give you the Doctor's phonenumber.

  7. And back to sleep he went… but the time is near for you to rise again Zilla…

    I mean…
    It's been almost a year again…


  8. zilla's flow and lyrics killed siv's, without a doubt, sivs was basic, zilla had multipules, doubles, metaphors, and could just ride that beat

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