YouTube’s New Algorithm 2019 Update | Little Monster

YouTube’s New Algorithm 2019 Update | Little Monster

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  1. yeeeess! I was waiting for this. I actually wrote all the info of the other 2 parts down on my notepad, haha. When is your next livestream planned?

  2. If you missed it, here's Reverse Engineering the YouTube Algorithm part 2:

  3. That's 20:43 minutes of watch time for this video, soon to be 41:26 minutes of watch time. Great stuff.

  4. My head is spinning – that felt like 5 minutesโ€ฆ Matt you are the smartest person I've met. Love your videos – thank you!!!

  5. Hey Matt, another great video, thanks for putting the time into making it. I actually saw my suggested videos climb to 54,000 views in May of 2018, then fall to 43,000 in June 2018 and 24,000 in July 2018, and my channel has never been near that peak suggested number since. Down to 14,000 this past May (2019). I really do well in search, so my channel hasn't really fallen off though. Again, thanks for putting these videos out my friend.

  6. Great video thanks.
    Some of the takeaways are …Appeal to a very similar demographic audience but vary the topics to the audience. Only repeat topics once every 12 videos.
    The videos that your audience watches before and after your videos are very important.
    Did I get this right?
    Best – Mike

  7. After watching all 3 videos, it may take my brain the next 48 hours to process all that you said. Holy smokes!

  8. As usual your analysis slightly hurts me brain but afterward I feel enlightened by what you have to share. Thanks for doing this in-depth work for us.

  9. Awesome Content! Thanks for sharing your videos, you can't even imagine how much it helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Such a perfect time to start YouTube! I think they finally have enough control to really eliminate bad actors now which paves the way for higher quality feeds. It's way more pleasant to surf YouTube now. Good stuff!

  11. Should we produce less? I run 2 24/7 live feeds as well as up load about 3 to 5 vids a week and my subs and views are going down. ๐Ÿ™

  12. Great video Matt, been noticing how suggested is much more personalized that it was several years ago. Nice work on breaking down exactly why.

  13. Thank you, professor Matt! This is some serious intelligence on the YouTube algorithm. Yikes! I know so little of what's going on on this platform.

  14. Jesus.. september 18 was when my channel started to slowly die and everything went full random to the point i have no idea how to proceed and lost almost 70% of my monthly views by now. Maybe its time to think considering the info on this video. Great content btw, need to figure out how to leave this mess that im into, hehe. Gaming is such a weird place to be now because it feels and work so distorted to the logic of everything else ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  15. Thank you as always Matt for the education. This one is going to take a while to digest properly. I appreciate you ๐Ÿ™‚ #Believe

  16. Great video! All in all, though, it's been the same for me since day one. Like you said, up my production quaily, make better videos and build my brand. I think some people just over think it.

  17. "Changes weren't designed to help creators, they were designed to help YouTube" — there's a shocker. :p

    This is a fantastic series. Totally fascinating stuff.

  18. considering my channel fell off a cliff last October, despite that usually being my best month of the year… now I know why =/

  19. Found your series through a tweet from social blade and i binged all three episodes today, super helpful content keep up the great work

  20. Hi Matt! Thank you as always for the incredible content. I have two questions:
    -Are you working on an updated report for part 3, or is this video to serve as that report? Just wondering.
    -This is the first year in a while I won't be at VidCon. Will your presentations this year be made available anywhere? I'd really appreciate the opportunity to see or read them.

    Thank you again for producing and promoting such insightful content. It's so valuable.

  21. The new YouTube update is basically to promote and suggest videos from big successful channels already. Most Small youtubers will not make it. Sad.

  22. Iโ€™m a little confused by this, because recently I found a Youtuber who I actually enjoyed and my entire recommended feed is her videos. So the theory that YouTube wonโ€™t want to show you the same creators videos over and over would be wrong there, but…. she also doesnโ€™t do the same type of content she does it all. There is huge diversity on her channel for videos so could it be exactly what you said?

    Just adding my data in there, no way for me too track it but I can you give the youtubers name if you would like.

  23. I love this channel. How does Google switching from supervised learning to reinforcement learning in the candidate generation step affect Youtubers? Google claims it brought about the largest improvement in the last 2 years.

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