YouTube Algorithm Hacks: 7 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel That ACTUALLY WORK

YouTube Algorithm Hacks: 7 Tips for Growing Your YouTube Channel That ACTUALLY WORK

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  2. REMEMBER: Setting realistic goals is very important when it comes to growth and it can keep you motivated!

    Good luck guys and remember, 2020 is your year! 🙂

    AURA 2020 GOALS:
    reach 1000 subscribers,
    Host more Giveaways,
    Become more consistent,
    Become more interactive with subscribers!

  3. One of the biggest problem of Think Media channel is that you just speak and speak don't show us the practical method.

  4. I'm currently on 20 subscribers I just started for a week now,please help me grow. Once you done it,I'll give back too

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  6. So awesome great points and tips! Thanks for the help! hopefully you guys are able to be successful! Good luck! 💞

  7. It help me to grow my channel from 5k to 16k subs in just 3 months, great video with really informative conversation.

  8. I had completed 1000 subs and 50% watch time minutes so far and i am working so hard and honestly on my channel from last 17 months

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  10. Yer I got a small channel but it’s always a grind and I understand that to the fullest. Hit me with a like and I’ll sub you back

  11. Great video I just subscribe thank you so much For The Info

    1000 Subscribe Fast Just Subscribe Comment 1UP I Will Do The Same ❤️

  12. I have been stumbling on youtube for 4 years. I have never had an organized approach to my channel. I have just stumbled into things. My channel has plateaued and I am going to watch your videos and try the tips you give to see if they work!

  13. super helpful video! thank you so much! you are going to help so many people with this !! and trust me we all appreciate this !

  14. Please help me grow, Subscribe to my channel and I will Subscribe to yours if you have any.

  15. Please help me grow, Subscribe to my channel and I will Subscribe to yours if you have any.

  16. As I've started to grow, that's the big thing I'm learning – that there's always something new to learn, and that it is constantly changing. YouTube is fun, but not for the faint of heart! Keep up the great work folks!

  17. Loved these tips! When doing a video on a popular “trendy” topic, how do you make sure it doesn’t get lost in all of the other videos that have been done about it? I’ve seen a couple of videos that talk about when starting out it’s important to come up with content that hasn’t been done before. Does it need to be a balance of both?

  18. Thanks for the video, great tips, very well made 🙂

    I've started my lifestyle/Coaching YouTube channel

    Right now i have only 47 subs, and that 1000 looks so far right now 🤔
    Guys, If you want to support each other , lets help each other with subscriptions 💪

  19. Mahirap napo mag palaki ng youtube channel pero kung mag tutulungan po tayo kayang kaya palakihin nyo po itong comment ko

    Dito po kayo mag sub pa reply po kung done balikan ko kayo

  20. I started aswell and i make some good videos i would appreciate if you give me some ❤️. I can help you guys aswell!

  21. My views were going up and then they started coming back down. I don’t know why considering I got a way better camera and my editing improves each video.

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  23. Thank you for sharing this THINK MEDIA i got sub this chanel..🤩🤩🤩

  24. Anyone help here, what’s is the absolute BEST resource for finding trends specifically for YouTube right now? Even better a resource that can identify new trends????

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