YouTube Algorithm EXPLAINED (7 Insider Secrets)

YouTube Algorithm EXPLAINED (7 Insider Secrets)

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  1. Hi Neil, I found an article on your blog how to automate and grow your Pinterest account. But this article is already over 6 years old and not up to date. I want to know how can I get followers on Pinterest and automate the Pinterest account without getting my account suspended. How to do the Pinterest marketing the right way?

  2. Hi Neil, just a another question. I’m completely new to affiliate marketing and i don’t know where and how to get started. What would you recommend how to start affiliate marketing, when you don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to find the right product and how to promote it and thrive traffic to it. On Clickbank for me all products looks like a scam or they are very shady. I don’t want to promote products that has no value in the end.

  3. if I created an amazing site with incredible content, competing the keyword with low difficulty, how long should I wait to get 1page on google?

  4. Hey Niel I'm a newbie to this arena and have started to get interested to try and promote a brand new golf apparel brand any suggestions of how to build an audience across all platforms?

  5. I want to Upload Cover versions of famous Hindi Songs on YouTube. What problems I may face with relation to Copyright strikes? Also if I disable monetization or agree on revenue sharing will it help remove the strike or will I need to pull the video down alltogether?

  6. 1:14 YouTube rep on Creator Insider last month stated that keywords, metatags, are out. The algo barely looks at them. He said spend 99.9% of your effort on thumbs and titles as that is what viewers click on and what is now driving the algo. Sad, but true.

  7. Do 3 minute videos truly hurt your channel though if you're getting a lot of engagement on them? I started posting 3 minute videos once a day and they get the same amount of views and engagement as my 10 minute videos did every 3 days. Plus I'm using different tags on each of those videos so I think the chances of people discovering my channel increases. Does that make sense?

  8. Thanks for this video. I've noticed just a decline in my view count the past two months. I know they changed something recent in the algorithm. The feedback my viewers give couldn't be better, I make diys and have built a nice audience that was once consistent nowadays it's any but consistent views. I heard on Creator Insider about two months ago YT is gonna start showing more of a variety of videos. I could be wrong but the timing is dead on from when my views starting dropping. Any recommendations??? Please help if you know anything I can try. I went from my new released videos being ranked number one and two in my dashboard to nine and ten every time.. So heartbreaking ;(

  9. Neil, Adam (great surname by the way),
    Really enjoying the SEO and YouTube guidance. We're a small, specialist tour operator and as such we rely heavily on efficient website performance, therefore good SEO. We have begun to experiment with our YouTube channel too and strategy hangs on YouTube. So far, so good.
    Current project – Google Console.
    Many thanks.

  10. Dear Neil, Was there any Major update on YouTube during August 2018- October 2018 My videos went down after October 2018

  11. Neil i am your biggest fan from india,,, so Tell something about facebook monetization platform, i mean which is better for add revenue facebook or Youtube,,

  12. Hey Neil, please please tell me if I want to learn SEO from you, from where should I start, I have see your playlist but I can't understand where to start.

  13. Do you think it makes an SEO difference if you load a transcription rather than using the youtube built in edit for cc captions, edit and publish?

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