YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Dirty Little Secrets

YouTube Algorithm 2018 – Dirty Little Secrets

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  1. "Crazy German music I'm not sure about." — I love Crazy German music 🙂
    Very interesting video and makes one wonder more about the YouTube algorithm. Great analytics insights.

  2. That was a complicated one, Brian… 🤯

    BTW, tell Nico I used to code like a wizard with dubstep. Brain loves caos… 🤓

  3. Brian has drilled in so many techniques into my head that now I pick up the little quirks that he does without telling us.
    I notice the calls to action and trying to keep the viewer entertained, and it works lol.

  4. Thank you for the video!
    Could you please make a video with tips for YouTube entertainers and comedians? I haven't found very many about that topic and I'd really appreciate it.

  5. Youtube has de-ranked my tags on my top 10 highest viewed videos. They also de-monetized (gray money sign) 4 of my top 10 videos. They are completely unsearchable except in playlists from other people. However, they are also removing the videos from playlists. What can I do to get these videos re-ranked on the tags and overcome this? Right now they are so un-ranked that they have 4-5 or 12 random videos that have nothing to do with the video and no creator suggested videos next to it. I am part of the community of family vloggers that are getting assassinated on youtube right now. What can I do to fix my highest viewed videos? I am getting negative subscribers now, in the first time in the history of my channels.

  6. Brian Facebook is now starting monetization on videos, they are going to have their very own creator studio or something 😃 dayum best news for us creators.

  7. I'm really digging this video! Super useful as always and really well presented. Loving all the animations. Some great insights into the new changes. Thank you.

  8. brian, I make youtube channels for my son, what apps for ipad or programs for pc running windows ..would u recommend , that has a lot of special effects, sound and visual effects…thanks …do you have a email. I can communicate with you. great videos

  9. is video rama ,,,music and effects ..royalty free…im using premeire pro….and have to buy royalty free,,music and sound effects…thanks..

  10. Dropping some knowledge here Brian! Thanks for the info. I’ll try to consume it and put it to use. Question for you (or those reading) how exactly does relative audience watch time work? More specifically does it take into consideration genre or topic? The note in the analytics just says it’s looking at videos of similar length. Thanks!

  11. Brian G Johnson TV I've been doing some studies on the YouTube Algorithm and have found a few interesting conclusions running very close along your findings. YouTube algorithm has many secrets yet to be discovered. Sometimes it is hard to figure it out because the algorithm is constantly changing and you need to know the secret values of the algorithms. I had help from an IT specialist from California when I was trying to figure out the problem with the notification bell turning off by themselves and not being notified about my friend's videos. I'll be revealing my findings on a future video. Your video is excellent.

  12. One hundred seventy second!

    Sorry, I'm late. Interesting to see how YouTube is really prioritizing user history over even session starts! I would think that tactic goes against their latest stated mission of improving discovery and may even create insulated bubbles a la Facebook. I wonder if there's an algorithm that drives the algorithm.

  13. Whow, did I saw a crazy cool account on your home page at 8:01😂 👍. So funny, I was really leaned forward in your video to learn about the dirty little secrets and suddenly realize I saw some well known thumbnails. Luckily it didn't ruin your video at all. Very useful to set up our strategy and tactics for 2018. Thanks again Brain G. Hope your 'poedels' are less hungry now!

  14. This was a really strong video. I missed you on the Friday live stream. Got caught up on your patreon videos this week. Advance!

  15. ive watch a few of these try to understand YouTube Algorithms.. but i must say mr johnson that this is the business my friend 🙂 and certainly the most interesting so far! very powerful and an extremely well explained.. so thank you very much for sharing your hard work.. big like

  16. Brian , thanks for the awesome work. I learn a lot from you live stream today. Quick question, I want to get a lower third made, where do I go?

  17. i have a question about algorythm. maybe you can do a video about it.
    I am asking because I am a "German" Youtuber. Working with YouTube Germany. but i do English contant
    So how is the German algorithm working with me?
    And since I am located in Germany. Am I even in the algorithm of the US?
    That is the question to all of this

  18. If view percentage watch time is so important, is it a good idea to make shorter videos to improve the percentage watch time?

  19. I have searched on your channel something about "fair use copyright" but I couldn't find it. Will you make a video about that please?

  20. Hey BG. Its me again Ya DIG! Here's another Idea for you. Hey dude can you also make a video explain the YOUTUBE Monetizing system. I noticed that the GREEN DOLLAR SIGN flips back and forth from Green to Yellow Dollar sign. What's going on when this happens. Is YouTube finding NEW ads for your videos or do they really find an issue in your CONTENT that makes it ineligible for the GREEN Dollar Sign. Bam!!! ???

  21. Very encouraging. I subscribed, liked and will watch morning fame. I need solid information, facts and direction if I hope to succeed. Of course, quality content, presenting what people are interested and passionate about is key. Thanks

  22. Hi Brian! I subscribed to you a few days ago and have been making my way through all your videos ever since. As well as being incredibly in-depth and informative, your channel is more engaging than any other I've seen on these topics. So thanks!
    Funnily enough, I'm currently conducting an experiment similar to the A/B one in this video, and I'm hoping you'll be able to give me some advice! (Sorry if this ends up being a long wall of text.)

    I have a small following on other social media platforms and usually when I post a new video I promote it on them. This generates about 50-60 views per video, but I'm quite sure that a lot of those people aren't subscribed to me and don't watch much of the video (which means that although they are counted as a view, they probably drive down my audience retention).
    The results of your own experiment suggest that maybe I shouldn't be doing this – but the problem is that when I DO promote, I generally end up getting more views than I have subscribers, and my video often gets suggested. It's suggested to varying numbers of people… but still. I'm worried that when I don't promote, the video won't stand up as well on its own.

    In your opinion, should I continue to promote? Or should I focus instead on growing my subscribers more naturally so that I don't have to worry about promoting in the future? Even if promoting does help me a little bit now?
    Thank you very much 🙂

  23. Hello, i post videos in my language and i add subtitles.
    If i put the video name and description in my language(romanian) and translate to english, how will a spanish user see the name and description of the video?
    Now i put title and description in english, how does this affect search in my language?
    If i enable Community Contributions and add my language, will the users that want to translate see the language first(can use english subtitles to translate)?
    How does all of this affect my channel, views, etc?
    Thank You!

  24. it is almost imposible to grow on youtube after 4 months. Because first 4-5 months of the your channel, youtube decide to promote your channel, or send it garbage. Even if you are creating most beatiful video on Youtube, it is almost imposible to reach people. So, first 4 month is very important.

  25. Brian. I LOVE morning fame. Since watching your channel and using Morning Fame I have grown my channel from 0 to 28000 in just under a year! Can you do a series of videos on how you use each part of Morning Fame? Same for Tube Buddy. Please assume we know nothing and explain slowly and in very simple terms. Love you!!💝💝💝

  26. Very interesting video I must say, also very smart from you as I'm sure this video is of high search demand! Great work

  27. “Got it. Well change your….” when you dislike a video. No! No you freakin’ won’t! You never do! If their algorithm was worth a poop they’d know that I don’t want anything about makeup tutorials, anything about guitars, anything that involves the words FIFA or VEVO. Anything about cooking, shopping, rugby, Cricket, … and a ton of other things! Just stop suggesting crap that I’ve repeatedly over the last 15 years clearly indicated that I really don’t give a crap about!!!!!

  28. You are brilliant Brian G. but some channels know more than you can imagine, I guess. Do you know "Gökmen ALTUNTAŞ"
    Please compare his channel with yours on SocialBlade, and then try to explain how this is possible. I'm very curious. Best regards, Stephan.

  29. I have a question??? I had 20 subs and my video went from 400 views to 350k In 4-5 days and 600 subs I don’t understand and it was 3 weeks after the video was posted

  30. Dude – been watching all day – addicted… Love your graphics and sound effects – then the card at the end of your video keeps me going…

  31. I am trying to figure this thing out. For some weird reason my latest video has not gotten any views for weeks. But within the first 24 hours I got 96 the same number I have now.

  32. I listen twice this video fully. Great presentation. You recommend Moningfame few times. I got TubeBuddy. Is that not similar to Morningfame?

  33. I don't see any Youtube cards that you are pointing too. What am I doing wrong? Is this a common problem?

  34. I think if youtube wants to increase retention time per video, they would stop listing other competing videos off to the side, which draws people away from your video. It's like putting a clock on the wall in a grocery store or casino. It's a distraction. A person could be watching an informative video, like this one, trying to learn something, but then off to the right, you see a Russian car crash video thumbnail. Even though you were trying to learn something, the primitive lazy part of our brains makes us click on the car crash video. Of course, there's nothing I can do about this.

  35. Maybe, instead of blaming this "algorithm" on our problems, we just accept that people change and their preferences for content change with them. If you just continue to regularly post good content, fans will seek for your videos no matter what.

  36. My site at ej doyle has a variety of 50+ songs but most are all being misdirected to a play page with rap and foreign language music?? Is it an algorithm to suppress political views??

  37. Great Video! 👍Have You or Anyone in here, been able to resurrect an old video to perform well? Or is it best to start over? Even with better Thumbnail, tags, description and keyword optimization I have a few under performing videos, that should be performing better based on other similar videos, but as Brian mentioned it was not shared on social media in the beginning, thus I do notice the difference. What are your thoughts? TIA😁

  38. Brian I've watched so many of your videos, they are so valuable. But your words at the end made me finally subscribe, stating your mission and overall purpose for your channel. It's so powerful and motivational, thank you so much for all your hard work ❤️

  39. The only videos that will benefit are those videos that are already popular and on top. Keeps the small time YouTubers down under. Soon, YouTube will tighten its policy on monetization. Think of it: YouTube can't maintain millions of salaried YouTubers (in case half of the world decided to earn from YouTube)

  40. Go incognito on a browser and big channels and adverts rule search and “up next” positioning, delete your YouTube search history, get the same results. You need to find a way to get eyes on your vids. Buy ads, wear it on a T-shirt, buy views or pass out biz cards on the street, whatever it takes. Just because you have a new vid sitting on your bed talking about your feelings means nothing, hey eyes on the product.

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