YouTube Algorithm 2017 Explained – The A.I. Behind The Curtain

YouTube Algorithm 2017 Explained – The A.I. Behind The Curtain

93 thoughts to “YouTube Algorithm 2017 Explained – The A.I. Behind The Curtain”

  1. Great video good information. In the future, could you please repeat the question from the audience before you answer it? Sometimes we have to guess what the question was based on the answer. Thanks

  2. i thought when youtube first came out it had the best algorithm. none if it involved viewcount or subscribercount, it would just be these awesome random videos that were completely not judged or weighted on anything more than its keyword. and it all had to do with just that one video you were watching, and not your history

  3. How can I get more contacts on YouTube share.. Can I add other channel in my YouTube contact??? Please reply fast

  4. Hey Derral,
    Can you tell me if gun and firearms channels are being demonetized??

    If so, are they doomed for good?

    It seems that some of these channels are really complaining that they aren’t making anymore monies etc and say they are only surviving off of Patrion.

    I would like to start my own channel but can’t seem to find any rational answers to this issue yet.
    Thanks much!!!

  5. The problem is either everyone is over on Facebook watching videos or with 1.5 million videos uploaded every day, it's tough to get enough eyeballs to your videos anymore. Look at the number of video views for successful YouTubers like Derral – his numbers have dropped dramatically over the last year. Somethings up. Less YouTube viewers? Too many videos? Viewers flocking to Facebook or Snapchat? Who knows, but YouTube basically handed live videos to Facebook when they should have been a leader.

  6. Thx Derral Eve's for the past month. You really helped my channel grow. Right now if you see this comment I uploaded vlogs and gaming. I also have 32 subs and maybe even subscribing to me and a shout out.

  7. YouTube is another social media tool to help get your message out, but don't rely on it solely. I've been on YouTube for 8 months now and only have 33 subscribers and no money, but i started a blog two months ago and sell my own merchandise and have been paid commission twice already. Just use YouTube as a tool, it takes time to grow here. Get your own site and get traffic from Pinterest .Real Talk.

  8. My first serious channel from 2009-2013 had 333 subscribers before I
    closed it down. None of my subscribers interacted. I've created several
    channels since then but deleted them because I got discouraged, cared
    more about traffic, whereas my first channel I uploaded for fun. I
    started my current channel in April (finally uploading for fun again)
    and I currently have 365 subscribers and I am surprised I surpassed my
    first serious channel sooooooooooo fast. and it's all because I listened
    to your tips (as well as Roberto Blake, Nick Nimmin, Brian G. Johnson and
    Tim Schmoyer's tips) so thank you. Also I am getting video requests and
    i've had people tell me I helped them decide to buy the figures I review
    and that amazes me. one problem tho, the average view duration is 1:25
    and it's down 5.81% from the previous period. how do I fix that?

  9. Hi guys i'm struggling to find youtube influences. If you make 20k-50k views per video please comment below and lets chat.

  10. @Lucy , did your channel boom because you uploaded 10min+ video's for kids?… if so…it would be pretty sad…

  11. I know this is off topic but is it useful to geo tag when uploading youtube videos ? If i have a video that i want to show up for when someone in a certain location types into google. For example if i live in Halifax and i geo tag my video and say my video is a weight loss video . Will my video show if someone from halifax types in the search weight loss ? Based on google knowing their location would that trigger my video to show due to location relevance

  12. @Derral Eves Do you know how you get the sponsored button on your live streams? Do I have to have so many subs or viewers? Any info would help.

  13. so now to be a content creator i must be an informatic engineer as well,i'm tired of youtube really,it's becaming an hostile platform

  14. What exactly is the trigger that is causing seemingly benign channels to me categorized as " Not Suitable for Advertisers "???? I've been seeing a lot of folks who have been downgraded in this manner causing their channels to plummet!! Any concrete information would be SUPER helpful as everyone is wondering IF their channel will be next!

  15. What happens when you change the info on a video such as the title or thumbnail within the first 24 hours of it being public?

  16. Why wouldn't YouTube inform channels of experiments, rather than people going nuts? Simple notification within analytics, such as an annotation. How STUPID of YouTube!!

  17. Every once in a while I can see how the algorithm pushes my channel and it is EPIC. I hope that it will happen more often as I stay consistent with putting out content and increasing watch time.

    Would love to know what the average youtuber has for average watch time. I'm sitting at 5min for average view duration now

  18. The thing that I don't understand is why do some videos get very highly ranked, yet have little or no views? I've seen several of mine that sits right at the top of page one, yet very often the views only number in the hundreds. Most, if not all the other videos on the same page have at least several thousand (more often than not tens of thousands plus). That baffles me.

  19. I've been uploading a video every day for almost 2 years straight.,not sure what happened but I gained like 100k subs in the past 6 months. I think consistency is one of the main keys. And my vids is no high quality and all recorded with my phone.

  20. I don't know if you are going to read this comment Darrel , but thank you very much. always great tips. You , Tim and Roberto make cool useful content all the time.

  21. Great information – thanks Derral. Trying to make our Realvolve channel better & make the most of what YouTube has to offer.

  22. I think i'm implementing the things you're saying …. my content must just be crap. I'll keep going and try and improve my content.

  23. Don't get me wrong in what I'm about to write. I appreciate the work that you do and I have started watching your videos one by one to learn more on something that I am relatively new to and I pass my gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge to the community … but looking at your channel statistics, I don't see your recommendations bringing in effects that you talk about in your video. Or at least not to the extent that I was expecting.

    You give examples of channels that had several million views in one month only by changing a few things in how they market the channel.

    Your channel has been here since 2006 and you have 36.2m views as of September 2017, which gives and average view of 275k per month. Now I know that this is oversimplified … as time goes by … your older videos have less views than your newer ones but I'm trying to listen to what you are saying in your video and understand that, by looking at your channel setup and performance.

    Having a relatively new channel, which I want to build, help me understand please, based on your channel's performance where the advice that you give benefits your views. 275k views per month is impressive but it is not a bread giver as many of us hope that Youtube can be for us.

    I'm not looking for a magical formula to make a channel or video go viral as one of the users commented earlier but rather to learn by example on what works better and what to expect in the results.

  24. I don't like youtube anymore, I wish there was an alternative that didn't involve an AI as a matter of fact I wish there was an alternative to the internet all together because the censorship that some people call an AI sucks and has ruined the internet for all of us. It was fun while it lasted because the one world order

  25. Youtube wants you to watch videos that youtube wants you to watch, how much do you all miss your freedom of choice ? it's gone bye bye

  26. Lol, the AI thinks you are getting to many views so it wants to limit them until you can learn what the A I wants you to do ?

  27. don't give me this "there are no invisible hands pulling strings"
    Idubbbz's content cops get taken off trending page all the time.

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  30. Hi Derral. Salem News Journal here… Just trying to get your attention to our channel. We are using Youtube Facebook Twitter to and our website to deliver local news to our community. We believe we have a unique model using youtube as the pivot or focal point. We have a perishable product that has little lasting interest. We see this and other differences to our channel as different challenge than others you may have taken on in the past, but that makes it a great way for you, Derral Eves, to grow and expand your own skills as you help us to do the same. We wish to create this local 21st century real local news model. We have all of the equipment we need to provide local news from the scene.
    Please consider us to give your free help. If we could afford you we would. Thanks for everything you do for all of us!

  31. Intrested in Next Vid summit.
    >I have worked on/for other convention and meetup groups I would be intrested in contributing.
    In the end of August I got my GH4 and just before that I got my Samsung Galaxy phone and I get up to start filming videos build a small Studio and then I was in a traffic accident so I have been little slow at getting videos started and it's especially hard he wouldn't I'm just starting out so I have kind of a unique approach that's not a guarantee of instant success but I've watched videos for a year taken extensive notes I've watched most of your video several times and most of the people that you collab with as well I'm also and award-winning salesperson and artist of sorts different contest within niches that I've competed so nothing amazing or noteworthy but I've done a lot of collaborations with hundreds of photographers dozens of models and I look forward to Bringing together DIY videos and doing VR live in photo shoots

    That's what I'm also cured up to collab with some celebrities* and some YouTubers*

    First time starting by repaying some of the creators who's content is actually helping me and then I'm progressing into helping others who do crafts like I do or want to… there is an NDA in place so I can't talk about the company I am partnering with it's a lot like Loot Crate a monthly subscription and they are going to be providing a platform for me to do for filament of giveaways and contests with prizes. I will cover what they do more extensively and the other artists involved later in videos outside of YouTube we've already collaborated on Indiegogo GoFundMe and kickstarter's too make Independent films and stuff like that whatever they're working on I'm in.

    My specific Niche has always been attracting sponsors bringing in vendors and Merchandising in order to raise funds very goal oriented and an outside the box person because I'm generally working on a shoestring budget at The Wire.

    So my difficulty has been getting started because I don't have a system in place there isn't people rely on me there's nobody pushing me there's nobody calling me at 3 a.m. askinh oh my God is it ready yet. Well there is Unfortunately I got to start establishing boundaries.

    That said with enough time like this I have some ideas for vidsummit > I'm already in your Facebook group and I've already messaged you so if you look in your others folder I volunteered to moderate for your group because I'm up at night on the weekends.

    I could do my pitch in one word swag*

  32. Can anyone tell me where I can find Derrel’s tip(s) on making chunks of 6 or 7 videos. The woman who asks the last question in this video mentions this.

  33. Thank you so so much! I only watched youtube seo videos a year ago and didn't pay any attention to what is going on recently =( I learned a lot and I'll make changes to my seo strategy immidiately!

  34. youtube and google's "AI" is more like AS, artificial stupidity. they keep relying on these algorithms and yet youtube on the whole hasn't made much progress at all for the last 10 years. what are they good for if they don't bring the results desired? honest to god the dumbest people run youtube and google. if you really look at things closely you'll see almost nothing google has done since search has worked aside from getting people to accept spyware as a browser, that's about it. the reality is google is a one trick pony much like microsoft. their core product carries all the other failures. it's like they keep on insisting we live in the 22nd century instead of being realistic and admitting these kinds of AI are not ready for prime time.

  35. Derral Thanks for all the good info man! When ever I want to find out how to do something, I go to your channel. I just uploaded are first videos yesterday and feel a little bit overwhelmed but now how that goes! lol I started this channel with my son so that I can maybe one day can work from how to be able to take care of my wife who is ill. Ill keep watching ur stuff and keep my fingers crossed. Thanks again man for what you have help me out with. Much Appreciated

  36. Knock knock

    Who there?

    A feminists

    This comment has been remove by YouTube algorithm. Due to the racist, sexist, homophobic language that invoke right wing, conservative and fascist idea.

  37. This video is so helpful, I just started doing YouTube videos and I have a real passion for beauty and fashion so I wanted to know of some pointers when it comes to posting do u think I should invest in an actual camera instead of using my phone to record?

  38. I found this very helpful, took some notes, thank you! QUESTION: what was the tip the "last question"lady took from you that helped HER increase her videos 10 fold?

  39. I just searched “Adam Shift is a lair” and the first 30 videos were all CNN and MSNBC that supported Adam Shift and Democrats supporting a complete lack of transparency.
    That’s not a right or wrong opinion or correct or incorrect facts. That is
    YouTube taking an active part of the National Socialist police state. A non-transparent government is fertile ground for tyranny.

  40. I just signed up for the free 30 minute advanced training. it asked for some personal info then said thank you and noting happened. Where do I go to find this information? Thanks in advance

  41. I am trying to figure this thing out. For some weird reason my latest video has not gotten any views for weeks. But within the first 24 hours I got 96 the same number I have now.

  42. 85 million video views – doing Ok!!! I'd love to have 85 million video views. That is more than the population of the UK.

  43. Thanks Derral for these Insights!! 🔥 We also noticed that in Germany only a few know how the Algorithm works, we try to change it! Thank your for great and informative Videos!

  44. What would help is if YT required that a comment be left before someone can upvote or downvote a video. This way an upvote would receive a stronger signal and a downvote would produce two things: first an opportunity to understand what the viewer disliked; second it would balance out the algorithm with both a positive signal from the comment and the negative from the downvote.

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