WorldWideWallets Entry #NaturalChallenge Cypher

WorldWideWallets Entry #NaturalChallenge Cypher

Got one minute and the task I’ve been given is to spit with a wit to my natural limit It’s a passable gimmick, I can, if committed rap on the rhythm ’til my mandibles feel it Every other MC tries to be cynic Puttin’ on a front to be tragic and wicked Trying to be cool with mad inhibition But I’m all up on my lines like it’s scrimmage That trash I prohibit, I’m not gonna give it a minute of my time, in fact, if you listen This competition just got to witness This golden goose, read: magical chicken. Ask any critic if you heard of a timid little white boy, trying to rap fire as a skillet But I’m not a hit in this vicious business But someday I’m gonna be print in Guinness I spit to cheering thickets you spit, I’m hearing crickets I’m an acrobatic rapper man, you kids are stiff with rickets My flows are colder than a nitrogenous liquid You can try to touch it but I’ll leave your fingers freakin’ bleedin’ frigid.

4 thoughts to “WorldWideWallets Entry #NaturalChallenge Cypher”

  1. Great scheme! Super smart idea to slow part of the verse down to diversify the track!
    if you have the chance check mine out!

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