oh yeah what is going on Sharers welcome
to the vlog welcome to another awesome day we are still here at the Carl and
Jinger house and today we’re going to do an epic mystery wheel challenge with the
world’s biggest backyard inflatable slide whoa we got something crazy going
on already whoa and over here I don’t even know what are
you guys even up to whoa slime on the trampoline oh I don’t know if this is
fun forever this is just like squirt number the hose
oh yeah sure it’s not like doing this crazy awesome slimed out trampoline it’s
also time to re-inflate that’s incredible Jinger how tall is this by 26
feet or something all the way down so you go you just zoom out into the pool
Stephon it is so fun yeah we actually ordered what you ordered like a 16-foot
whoa and one slipped on the slide we ordered like a smaller one a smaller one
but they delivered a bigger one as a surprise to us is not much it’s totally
epic we’ve been testing out yesterday you come into the I just okay we just
got to inflate this thing it’s totally crazy so sure it’s the way this mystery
wheel challenge is going to work is I’m gonna write all the different tricks you
can do as you go down the epic inflatable slide and before you climb up
the 24 feet you’re going to spin this wheel and it’s going to land on an
option and that’s the option you got to do and it’s up to you shares to vote who
does the best trick let’s go ahead and write on all the options oh yeah sure so I got this selection
check it out we have five different options a cannonball a dive a flop
twist and a jump I think flop is going to be the one you don’t want to land
though because you probably don’t want to do a belly flop that might hurt you
so there’s only two two chances of getting a flop there’s two little green
ones those are going to be the hardest level ever although kind of hope Carter
gets flop because it’ll be like and smack into that water but there’s only
one way to find out what’s gonna happen let’s spin the wheel let’s get this
slide going and let’s get in the water okay Carl you ready to turn this thing
on yeah let’s blow this thing up yeah second one’s on oh here it goes shares
this thing is so big it takes two air compressor pumps to blow this thing up
here we go sure is be prepared to be amazed
oh yeah well like I said this thing is huge
oh my goodness I’m ready to go down this thing it’s such a nice day out the sun
is shining it’s super bright everyone’s already been in the pool you’re ready to
do this oh yeah mystery wheel challenge
inflatable water fight edition oh this thing’s huge
Carter where you going you ready to do this the giant inflatable slide what are
you talking about how can you miss something like that
what where Carter not over there over there that thing yeah that thing’s way
too big oh that’s even too big yeah it looks like a nitrous right I know it’s
insane I think I see you Jeff you got done it yes over here we did it all day
interest shares we were doing all day si Carter was snapping all day yesterday
okay well I didn’t see you do it so if I didn’t see it didn’t happen sure that’s
why we’re gonna do it again today for you shares it’s gonna be totally up as
to Carter go change let’s do this we got 24 feet of downhill slope into a jump
into the pool yeah okay I’ll be right back bye all right love that I got my
suit on oh we’re ready see you go down this thing Steve you ready yeah well car
there’s a little twist in today’s vlog because what it is is the mystery wheel
challenge she actually had to spin the mystery wheel to figure out what trick
you’re going to do when you land at the bottom mystery wheel oh yeah kind of you
can do tricks off of this thing oh yeah look at it over here you have like
probably three to four feet of a jump gap at the end before you hit the water
so there is plenty of room to do tricks off the
thing wowthat’s also I can’t wait to try going down this thing it see how fast
you go it’s so big okay we’re climbing underneath we’re gonna go turn the water
on I think it’d be really fun to lay plastic out of this and make like a mini
pool in here – oh we could do something in here this is so much space inside of
here this has nothing to do with it for you 24 hours to drive under the
bouncy oh yeah this thing is insane this thing
is just so big I can’t believe how big it is but we do need water so let’s get
this water turned on done it should be praying up at the top oh yeah water’s
coming down we are ready to go slide is wet going into the pool let’s do this
now you want to be the test pilot make sure it all works
alright you guys show the shares how this slide is done so we got to go to
the entrance of this thing Carly you think it’s ready to go oh no I guess I made this wet slippery
ready to go it’s time to do that it’s time to do a car let’s go let’s do it so
chairs to start on this thing you got to go all the way back here it was like a
starting place right here then you climb up here and then ya wait for it this is
crazy look at what you have to climb up oh my goodness Kyle that is so high
alright make it to the top go ahead all the way up keep going oh it’s so high oh
good luck Kyle it’s really high up there oh it is a journey to the top but you
can do it keep going Kyle’s up there
oh here he goes oh yeah that was awesome whoo it’s ready to go all right let’s do
this mystery wheel challenge okay our slide is ready to go our first
contestant is going to be gauge gauge you’re going to spin the wheel and
whatever trick you land on you have to do okay let’s see what I get ready spin
that wheel let’s see let’s see let’s see what’s it gonna land on Oh twist let me get through a twist as
soon as you get off the land in the water you got it do this yeah all right
let’s do it let’s line up let’s go all right gage go
ahead climb all the way up there oh goodness Liars a little bit slippery
hope I don’t fall okay so sheriff’s gauge is up there he’s
ready to go remember he landed on twists that means he has to do a twist
I wonder how I’m gonna do this twist the one I get when I get off the slide oh my
gosh oh he fell I did hear a couple I did hear some noise it is really high up
look at this this is crazy yeah whoo there you go
that was awesome I actually fell down the stairs that was top I thought so we
all heard like a weird noise and we’re like oh but you made it oh yeah this
chairs remember boat hashtag gage and one through five on how
good that twist was all right Liz you are up next in the wheel here we go you
know if I could do all of these so hopefully I get one that I can do oh
yeah hope you don’t get the belly blah blah cannonball
that’s a good one for you as soon as you as soon as you get out of the slide you
got to tuck in and do a cannonball that means shares we have to judge her
by how big her splashes okay you ready for this oh I think I see Liz’s head
peeking up there oh yeah three two one go will she do a cannonball here we go here
we go here we go that was actually a pretty good splash
that was not that was pretty good splash oh yeah that was awesome sheriff’s come
right now how to take Liz and one through five on how what you think she
did all right Luke you want to go next all right spin that wheel here we go
here we go here we go what’s it gonna land on let’s see let’s see let’s see Oh epic jump at the end you got it
alright let’s do it okay all right you ready Luke alright
here we go one here you go Oh oh yeah that was good
Sharon’s coming hashtag Luke and one through five on how well his jump was
whoo all right Kyle this time you’re up you actually have to spin the wheel and
do a trick let’s see what you’re gonna get you ready spin that wheel what are
you gonna land on what are you gonna land on let’s see let’s see
Oh twist all right go do a twist all right Kyle’s up this time he actually
has to do a trick go ahead Kyle you got this one go guy do
a twist he’s gotta do the twist will he do it Swiss here we go oh that was
awesome stuck halfway in there but uh that was
half a twist he got a little bit oh yeah even you’re at all right let’s spin this
wheel let’s see what I hope you get like a double triple backflip sideways turn
here we go ready spin this wheel come on come on okay like one two three twist like
really really quick okay yes like button I can do this I believe I’m gonna get at
least two twists I’m just gonna twist yeah try to get two and then maybe you
could upgrade to three after you do – all right let’s do this there’s the
method for this is you can’t go down this waterslide on dry you got to go
down wet so jump in dry when I went down that’s the technique lift that is the
technique now we are ready let’s do this I think he can summon his inner
ballerina skills okay what about you Kyle I’m gonna say he’s not gonna do it
yeah I don’t think so yeah I don’t know if he’ll be able to do a twist because
he’s not just doing a regular normal twist he’s doing like a double flip
twist or whatever he calls it so uh I guess we’ll just have to see to find out
all right Steve in three two one whoa that was crazy you shoot out so
fast whoa who shares that was crazy all right Jinger is up you ready
see what you’re gonna get all right ready
let’s see spin that wheel what’s gonna land on ya you think you can do it let’s
do it all right good luck Jinger whoo I don’t think anyone’s gotten to flip yet
this might actually be hard Jinger landed on a flip I don’t know no one no
one’s gonna flip so far that’s gonna be really hard Sherry’s I’m really
interested to see how this is gonna turn out you think all right let’s see all
right my strategy is to go on my knees so I can get a nice talk at the bottom
three two one go three two one Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go
Go flip she did it whoo that was awesome
oh that was so good sure to smash that like button right now for Jinger she did
a flip that was insane all right car to spin that wheel let’s see what you land
on starts with the spinning of the wheel yet to go all right think fast spinning
technique let’s see what Carter gets what’s he gonna land on and it is a
twist Oh a little friendly competition I see
yeah so shares Carter got the same as me let’s see what he does yes gadeuk mine’s
better comment hashtag Carter hashtag Carter or hashtag Cena everything mine’s
gonna be better this thing is going to be a bit Carter got twist just like me
whoo things gonna be better hashtag Carter hashtag Steven blue hashtag Liz
oh yeah I like that oh no no one voted for Carter all right
well I guess car hasn’t gone yet – oh he’s up at the top this is going to be
awesome here we go oh yeah head first twist oh yeah that
was awesome shirt you saw my twist you saw Carter’s twist engaged in a twin
twist oh nice so come whose twist you think was the
bet and shares now it’s time for the ultimate it’s time for Carl to go no you
were up Carl let’s do this Carl Carl where are you where are you let’s go
let’s do this Carl oh yeah let’s see what he spins
what do we want in the land on back flip oh oh let’s see
spin that wheel spin it good keep swaying mom twist we’re gonna start it
this way this all right started a different direction
and spin that wheel what’s it gonna land on let’s see like on let’s see Oh perfect
flop straight flop let’s do this looking crazy these stairs are you guys I have
to try and climb all the way up this oh you don’t have to keep my balance on
these slippery steps so here’s the question sheriff am when you do a flop
should I do a back flop or should I do a front plot I think I gotta go for the
Superman flop headfirst you ready Carl countdown to one go whoo that was awesome that was awesome
that was such a loud smack that was insane sheriff smash the like button for
Carl that was epic all ya shares well there you have it that was our mystery
wheel inflatable water slide challenge if you want to see everyone raced down
this epic slide go over and check out Carl and Jinger’s epic video and until
next time you know what to do. Stay Awesome and Share The Love, Peace!


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