Women in Tech Course

My name is Jenny and I’m a
student from Kampabits. I am Sharon I’m Justin, a former student at Kampabits.
I’m Emmanuel Semutenga, the project manager at Kampabits Can you
tell me what is Kampabits?
Well Kampabits is a not-for-profit organization that exists to
empower vulnerable youths from informal settlements. These kids usually they are
there trying to make a living yeah but we believe if at all we give
them ICT skills they will be able to get better employment
opportunities. To get employment as freelance developers from companies like Tunga. Can you tell me something about the project we’re gonna do now with Tunga
and Kampabits together? Yeah so I’m very happy to say that Tunga is funding a
program that is gonna equip over 15 girls with these good ICT skills. With
this training since they’ll be working already for projects that already started
for the clients and end up getting that client experience even during their training will be very good when they get into Tunga to work on real
projects. So project base learning is the best way to go. They’re going to be
training us on how to code an to write different programs and then be super tech leaders. My target is to pass on the knowledge to the future generation and fellow youth to train them and then like build a team of the next generation. For
me, I really want to target girls like me cause this whole thing of tech I see
there are so many guys in it and sometimes we girls feel like maybe we can’t do it
or maybe it’s exactly meant for boys. I really want to be out there and inspire
girls like me that I can do this all whole tech thing and make them believe
that there is no difference about being a boy or girl that you can do a particular thing. You can
also do a thing when you’re a girl. I want to empower more girls
into this and I want to share my knowledge specifically, okay with some
men still, I really want to empower women into this. So we want a large team of ladies to
come onboard,. Ladies, come and join us!

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