Wie du dein Auto Codieren Auslesen und versteckte Funktionen freischalten kannst ! | Carly Tutorial

Wie du dein Auto Codieren Auslesen und versteckte Funktionen freischalten kannst ! | Carly Tutorial

Yes, people today we want to introduce you to our new diagnostic system. Caly for Bmw Caly for Mercedes and Caly for VAG. Today we want to show it on a Bmw. The only thing you need is a Wifi adapter You can find this in our video description below. And then you still need a smartphone or a tablet Where you can download the CarlyApp. Either for Volkswagen, Mercedes or Bmw. Cost is about 100 dollars But that definitely pays off, because every good diagnostic system is more expensive. With this system you have more options than, for example, the normal delphi diagnostic tester. What we have used before.. Now, have to get into the car, Plug the adapter into the OBD socket, launch the app and connect us with our vehicle Now we put our Carly adapter in the diagnosis socket. As soon as it is plugged in, the lamps light up. Then we sat down or we already sit in the vehicle, start the vehicle now! Turn the engine on or in our case so that the sound is better, we only turn on the ignition. Open the app and connect us with the vehicle! first step we have to set up a wireless connection to our Carly adapter In our wireless networks. We select Carly Adapter…. Now we are connected. Then we open our Carly app Select our vehicle. In our case … it is a X5 E70 diesel built in 2011 And now press down here to connect He has now found the adapter and connects completely. Awesome! Everything is working… Ok .. and go! Now we not only have the possibility of diagnosis, which we will show immediately where you can read all the control units, but also the used car check, which is really cool. Here you can easy check manipulation on your speedometer The next one is the “Code” function Read out the live parameters, read out the IDrive. Then we have the service reset here. We can reset our brakes here. Here we have the gear option where we can read data from the transmission or after an automatic transmission oil change we can reset our adaptation values. Here the battery reset. For this X5 or the E60 with AGM batteries where we have to say our vehicle Okay, we got a new battery, possibly with new ampere values. This means if we swap a 90 Ah battery for a 95 Ah battery. Another great feature is to regenerate the NOX catalysator or the DPF. Here we can open the exhaust flap permanently Here we still have information about the adapter… And here we can look at the manual. Let’s take a look at the diagnosis. Now we connect us with the diagnosis. We can now choose which control units we want to read out exactly. We vote “all”. Its interesting, that the diagnosis is much faster than our normal system. It is extremely fast here. 50 to 60 control units are reading ….. Now you have to wait a moment. But you see, it is very fast. Until now there are 60 control units. 37 control units are responding… So there are 9 errors found. We press “OK”! Here we have Ian error Short circuit, microphone defect … Antenna does not work … So here we see all the bugs, from all controllers. We can now select all errors and delete them! This is normal for an app that offers diagnosis. After a short time all errors are deleted. If we had a bigger problem, we could now drive the vehicle to see if the mistake came back. Or we go into our live parameters .. to see where a defect is. Exhaust pressure … Turbo function …. Sensor particle filter ….. Exhaust gas temperature …. We can really read everything. A complete professional diagnosis, as in a workshop, on the smartphone. We now look at the used car check! Very interesting …. Here the mileage are compared … and checked whether the mileage is plausible due to year of construction and hours of use. We start this check now … takes a little time …. The system now checks the mileage in each car device! Transmission control unit, engine control unit etc. He found three data points. 1. The chassis number. This is deposited correctly everywhere … Now we have found 5 data points for the mileage. Here he shows us if the mileage is correct. Our vehicle from 2011 was driven about 30,000 km per year. Carly replies…….no manipulation has been detected. Here we can still see the average speed and the operating hours. We have an average speed of 157 kmh. Means our vehicle has been moved a lot on the German autobahn. Another point that makes this app so special that we can’t only diagnose our vehicle but we can code our car by ourself! We press now on “coding” We can code 11 devices here. 1. CAS – comfort functions 2. IHKA – climate, engine or the start stop feature that we have here can be set to “OFF”! that protects the engine a lot.. We can code the digital speedometer … Here we can delete the seat belt reminder This one is extremely annoying … We now set this warning to “OFF” While coding…It is important that the voltage of the battery is over 12.5 volts. Preferably You code while engine is running.. Here we click on “Yes” By the way, the app creates a backup every time! If something goes wrong, you can access the old data in this way. sooo ready … We have given you a brief insight here what this app can do … I can only recommend this app to anyone who wants to know what is going on with his vehicle. Whether BMW, Mercedes or a vehicle from the VAG Group! The app is evolving every day. For example, if you do not know what a mistake means, Carly support will help you … A really great app !!! We’ll show you some hidden features … Now we want to change the hazard warning lights to double flash and display the turn signals in the head-up display. Now I want to set the digital speedometer. I also want my mirrors automatically fold when locked … See you soon, I will code it now… You see the hazard warning light is double now and the speed is shown to us And when closing our mirrors automatically fold …. Coding the turn signals in the head-up display did not work. But that’s because my vehicle is too old. This is no problem for the F-models! Guys, buy this app! Link can be found in the video description. You know everything about your vehicle, you can code thousands of things .. you have millions of options … When buying a used vehicle you can read read fault memory ! You can check the mileage if there is any manipulation.. Because every third vehicle in Germany is manipulated! Give the video a thumbs up! Write a comment … See you next time, hello and ciao!

7 thoughts to “Wie du dein Auto Codieren Auslesen und versteckte Funktionen freischalten kannst ! | Carly Tutorial”

  1. Kann man mit der App beim e61 auf die Niveauregulierung zugreifen um ihn tiefer zu legen ?
    Wollte vorne 35mm Federn verbauen und hinten Luft ablassen

  2. Für Bmw gibt es für mich nur Ediabas Inpa!! Sonst nichts!!
    Inpa ist das originale BMW Diagnose Programm, was auch so bei BMW genutzt wird!! Es wird oftmals auch "Ich komme überall rein" genannt!!
    Damit kann man alles selber machen!! Auslesen, löschen programmieren, codieren und sogar Livewerte, wie Lambda usw. während der Fahrt einsehen!!
    Ich habe mir einfach einen gebrauchten Laptop bei Ebay ersteigert, wo die Inpa Software schon installiert wurde!! Die beiden interface waren auch mit dabei!! Funktioniert einwandfrei und hat mich insgesamt nur 130 Euro gekostet!! Sogar der Akku ist noch in Ordnung und hält lange genug, um zb livewerte während der Fahrt zu beobachten!
    Beste Diagnose und quasi kostenlos, weil ich es jederzeit ohne Verlust (eher mit Gewinn) wieder verkaufen kann…
    Wer braucht schon sowas wie die Carly App, wenn man mit original BMW Software arbeiten kann??

    Mit Inpa kann mann an Baureihen wie e34, e36, e38, e46, e65, e60, e63, usw arbeiten!!
    Ein Kollege hat Probleme mit seinem e36 328i und ich habe gestern bei ihm einen defekten Nockenwellensensor diagnostiziert!! Direkt neuen Sensor bei BMW bestellt, am gleichen Tag abgeholt, sofort eingebaut und das Auto läuft wieder einwandfrei!!

  3. Mahlzeit , abgesehen von dem 56€ update kommt dazu das sich der Fehlerspeicher nicht löschen lässt obwohl es laut angabe möglich sein sollte . Desweiteren zeigt die Diagnose einen Knieairbag an der bei meinem Mod. garnicht existiert…Mehr schlecht als recht…

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