Ultimate Medical Academy – Bill Harlow

What I really like is that Blackboard’s
not one customer one relationship, they have many partners across higher ed, k12
International where lots of new ideas come from all areas and all places but the you know when there’s a question they’re not I’m just not asking
my account rep my account rep has an army behind them that they could ask
other people what they’ve seen in other institutions and having the portfolio of
products that overlap and help with filling in some of those gaps. Blackboard
creates a flexible platform that we’re able to build upon we’re able to
introduce new technologies work with other Blackboard partners for content,
design, data which is always a big piece of our business it integrates really
well with other companies and other products that we use within our
institution and Blackboard is always there if we have a question if maybe
they have a partner that can help us out even further not just from a client
perspective but even a partner perspective. One of the biggest
challenges is the the disappearance of the computer our students are more
mobile friendly they’re using devices on the go not so much sitting at home in
front of a desktop or a laptop now they want to transition from right in the bus
going to work those breaks in between other life events and that’s really
where the classrooms going to with Blackboard there’s a lot of
direction in mobile access a lot of our content that we currently offer
Blackboard is helping us with transitioning to HTML, HTML5 and
responsive design going forward there’s going to be more opportunities to have
more of those mobile learning pieces and maybe video on the go and maybe
collaboration over video from that five minute break in between things and have
an vision to really take that information and turn it into useable
data that we can use to help our students as
well as finding out where our students actually need. I think Blackboards as a
platform really gives us that visibility.

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