Ukulele Kawai Beat In One Hour – Beat Cypher 15

Ukulele Kawai Beat In One Hour – Beat Cypher 15

Hello, guys! Hi! Today we have a Beat Cypher number (pause) Please remind me which one? Umm, 14. It is 15. Aha-ha!! Look, today as you can see we have a new face – this is Genya. Hello! Genya tell us what are you going to do today, who are you, what do you do, just tell us a litte bit about yourself. I’m an artist, work as a designer in Drum Pads 24. Ho-ho-ho. I am here for making beats with Paul and Vasiliy. Today we have an unusual topic. I’d like to make the Japanese sound packs! So we will be experimenting today. We’ll see if your expectations will be justified. Ha-ha-ha. Yes, I will be judging today these sound packs, so What? Judging? You mean judging or making sound packs finally? No, I can’t do it. Make up your mind. Ah! Make and judge. They’re making, I am judging. And the most important thing is you give us some raw material in a kind of your ukulele? Right? Right you are, this is my ukulele. Ukulele? Ukulele. Ha-ha-ha. And your voice. Vocal! Yep. Yes. Tell us what are you going to perform today? I will perform a Japanese song, It is called “Magnet”. Great! And what is our plan: we just take it and make something with it? I don’t know, I don’t know anything yet. Let’s allow for us today to use plugins and all such kind of things to have a more interesting stuff. Ok, let’s try. Let’s do it. Well (clapping hands) C’mon! Oi. Go ahead! I think we have enough material for making sound packs. Yes, it’s enough. Oh, gosh!! Do you think we could make something from it? It seems there are everything The problem is that there is a sound and oh, I mean an ukulele and a vocal. Oh! And could you please make separately these chords on ukulele. Just like this: dryn. Aha. Ukulele. And one more thing: could you please make a chorus without ukulele? No, not a chorus, but just a line from the chorus. Well something like this: todododododo. Aw, I made it myself! Aha-ha-ha!! By the way you promised us some interesting phrases. Yes, I did. I wrote here some Japanese phrases. So I’ve got Japanese numbers, like one, two, three, four only in Japanese. Ichi, ni, san, shi! How on earth do you know that?! Ooh! Karate kid and power! Aha-ha-ha! Ichi, ni, san, yon. 好きです。 It sounds like give me a ski. Aha-ha-ha. Give me a ski! No, the translation is: “I love you or I like you very much”. Oooh! You could really suck with it on a ski slope! Ha-ha-ha. Vasiliy, nani desu ka? Yes! And ikuzo!!(Go ahead!) Yeah! That’s it! Super! Ok, it seems to me our sample pack for today is fully completed. By the way thematically. I can’t even imagine what we could come up with the arrangement for it. Well, all we have to do is to wait for an hour and watch the results. So, are you ready? No. Aha-ha-ha! Genya, are you ready to wait? Sure! Sure, great! Ok, guys, let’s go, we are starting a timer for an hour and making beats. Hey, hey! Yeah! The time has finished and as you understand now we have the most interesting part. Are you on edge too? Yep, I am right wee! Aha-ha-ha! Now we have to decide who will present the beat first. Let’s do it by all Beat Cypher rules. You won by the rules. It’s up to you to decide who will be first. Ok, then I will begin. Oooh, let’s start! Cool!! Hurrah! I just messed up a little bit, but it doesn’t matter. Oh, go ahead! Finish! Yeeeeaah! Cool! So, guys I guess I pitched everything. Ha-ha-ha! 10 from 10! Ha-ha-ha! Wait! 10 kawaiis. It’s for everyone. I like both sound packs. That’s why it is 10. Yeeeeaah! Weee! Well, anyway even though Genya gave us 10, let’s go everyone to voting. And don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. And share with us what you think about this Beat Cypher in the comments. Maybe, you have any ideas about it. Ok, that’s it, thank you for watching! Bye-bye! Bye!! Bye!!

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  1. жесть) особенно исполнеие в начале видоса) который раз пересматриваю) но более понравился 2 пак….он гармоничнее …и не косит под трап )

  2. This is so awesome is this going to be on the feed please be on the feed when they please 5:54 and I learnt Russian language so I can watch these now now I understand half of what they're saying

  3. Ребят,я тоже делаю видосики такого плана, буду признателен если зайдёте на мой канал и подпишитесь.

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