TOP4FOOTBALL TV – adidas Encryption Pack a Vladimír Darida

TOP4FOOTBALL TV – adidas Encryption Pack a Vladimír Darida

Hi, you’re watching Top4Football TV, I am Honza Weber and today I have the honor to welcome captain of Czech national team, Vladimir Darida. – Hi Vladimir.
– Hi Honza. Today we’ll have a look at the football boots you’ve been wearing since their official launch, the newest version of adidas Copa in a wonderful colourway from Encryption Pack. – You’re right, they’re incredibly comfortable and look just great in this pack. – Have a look! You know, Messi told me that thanks to K-Leather Copas have incredible touch, so you don’t even need a ball. – Well yeah, but he’s playing in Nemeziz boots.
– Never mind. – Let’s get to our first challenge. – Wait, when did you talk to Messi?
– Never mind, let’s go. Let’s see who’s gonna be more succesful and hits more top bins from volley, 3 shots each. We’ll follow Messi’s advice. We don’t need a football, since we have a tennis ball, footbag and a plush ball. You begin and then you lend me Copas? – Well, I’ve prepared Predators for you. They’ll really help you with precision. – Alright, I need no help with precision, but… did they tell you anything? – Never mind. Finally I can use many years of goalkeeping experience. Not bad, just the plush ball. – Nice, so how do we decide the winner? – Never mind. You want to see some real precision drill?
– Would be nice of you. – Then hold three balls and I’ll hit top bins from outside the box with them. – Alright, lets’ do this. Well, I’m not sure that was the best idea. – What are you doing?
– Holding three balls as you told me. – I said outside the box.
– Oh. My back is starting to hurt, first try, let’s go. – Let’s do this. – What a hit! Unbelievable hit, thanks so much for coming Vladimir. Finally, what’s your advice for those who want to become captains? – It’s simple, you need an armband. And if you want my signed armband then let me know in the comments, which team you’d like to captain. And I’ll see you in the next episode of Top4Football TV. Bye! – Wait, I thought it’s for me.
– Not really… – Alright then…

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  1. Můj životní sen je dělaj kapitána našemu malému klubu Nový bor hrajeme jen kraj ale i tak si to s klukama užíváme

  2. Slávce prorože je to můj nej klub a fandím jí úplně vždycky i když nemáme o2 tak se dívám na takový ty statistiky na googlu a držim klukum palce

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