Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

Top 5 Programming Languages to Learn in 2020 to Get a Job Without a College Degree

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  1. What is your favorite programming language? Also, if you want to become a freelance python developer… Join my FREE 3-part masterclass at

  2. Bro I agree with your top 5 programing languages but one most important is that take any one language and learn by hard and become a master and master of that programming language its no use what programming language is popular on upcoming in next year its only depend on how much u know programming language if u knows well then u build better block of code

  3. It's all misleading… Just by learning python or any other languages u won't get those jobs.. there are frameworks that go along with it .. those will make you money

  4. so basically he has a degree in CS probably master too, and says "what to do without college degree what to learn" ughh everyone who gives advices has degrees like wtf

  5. I started learning JAVA few weeks ago, but its really hard to just remember which packages are needed for the work to be done. reaally, a OOP language should not have such a mug-up kinda procedures..😢️

  6. Sorry to burst your bubble….even though you're well versed in all programming languages, you can't get a programming job without a degree. At least not in Singapore.

  7. Guys, rly – there is no good programming language, the main this – this is a layer between the computer and chair)

  8. Python, JavaScript are Scripting languages, not a programming language and your title is Top 5 Programming languages!!

  9. Hi, I want to make career in python. I am complete beginner in programing. Please suggest me books so i can learn it. And please tell me how can i find good job?
    Thank you

  10. Omg I know mysql, JavaScript and python but I still struggle to get a job with the salary for 20k in Tamil Nadu 🙄🤔 what should I do?

  11. Great video. Can anyone tells why almost no review like this on youtube will mention PHP. It seems PHP is still the most used server side language websites, and many big sites such as facebook, wikipedia, wordpress, etc. Maybe PHP is less friendly for getting jobs ?

  12. I tried to smash that Like Button as you said at 1:29. Accidentally, I destroyed my mobile phone screen before I can like. Now, I don't know who will pay for that. I guess, my future job 😒

  13. Hi sir 👋 😊
    I need help 😟 sir
    i wanna learn programming language but i don't have idea and goal about which programming language should be learn…
    Plzzz suggest which is the best for me

  14. And here our A-levels teacher is teaching us visual-basic instead of python just bcz that boomer thinks: "HeY LoOk hOw MuCh ThIs CoReLaTeS wItH tHe PsEuDoCoDe" -_-

  15. Hello sir, I have been watching your videos from a year. But I am a mechanical engineering student and is it possible to get a job as a software developer. But here's a problem I don't want to study B.Tech after my diploma. I love to code. Basically I learn python from your videos, thanks for it. Proud to say you are the legend sir. By the way I have started a youtube channel name "Snazzy Coder". Love you and Aaron… Always keep smiling ☺️

  16. Sir i have done my in civil engineering and now i want to become android developer, so can i directly jump on java without learning c and c++???
    Help me sir

  17. Can i claim that i know a programming language if i am able to develope a Project( like an airline reservation system). I just want to know the extend up to which i should study a language..

  18. I love computer and I love stuffs but the thing is I can't learn all those things at the same time right? I think I can't pick one from another. I don't know what to pick. I'm lost. Any advice?

  19. Theses programming languages are NOT easy if you go far into learning them and their applications.
    Data-science needs math ; SQL needs understanding of table modelisation ; learning Javascript in order to be a MEAN/MERN stack developer (?) it is hard (by the way, you should already know Full-Stack first (html5/css/js/etc)) !
    For mobile developement, it would be wiser to go with something like DART+Flutter (code once, deploy for android and ios).
    So the only programming language left is Python … python for web ? Hard to find a hosting company that will help you set everything for you … you will mostly have to learn linux and do it yourself (… good luck …).

  20. I've stopped learning in a while , and now i cant get back to it! because of the variety of options out there
    i wanna do web dev , my heart is with python and django but am confused about Js frameworks
    help please

  21. I'm started learning programming languages broooo… Now im 2nd CS … Before completing my PG i want to be a programmer. What's your opinion….!!!! 🥰🥰🥰

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