Hi guys! For those who are new here, this
is Faith, and I just started learning programming.
I will be sharing with you my programming journey as well as tips I have gathered along
the way. So there are 3 points that I would like to
share with the beginner programmers specially. Point 1, learn the concept. (SO IMPORTANT)
It is so so so important to learn the concept. This means you should be able to understand the theory behind it based on whichever languages
you learn. It is also important to have a good understanding
of the syntaxes, the way the languages are presented. Some of the resources I have used
are w3school and Google. I literally researched on Google on questions I have. For instance, what is the syntax
of xyz.. What does JS array mean etc. Point 2. Practice, practice, practice. (YUP, you
heard it right) It is so incredibly important to practise
the question so as to understand what you are good in and what you are confused about.
When you know what you are confused about, you can back to step 1 to review the concept
and theory. Once you get the concept, that is when you
start practising again. This methodology has been incredbly helpful
and it has helped me to improve alot in a short period of time. After you actually the
learn the concepts as well as to practise the question. Here come point 3, third point is to stay motivated. It is so incredibly important to stay motivated What I do is to listen to motivational
podcast. And my favourite motivational podcast is actually
breakingintostartup. Breakingintostartup features people from non
tech background and how they actually break into tech industry. It features people who
ended up becoming software engineer to people who ended up becoming UX designers. The whole idea is to learn how people overcome obstacles and get into a new industry that I am actually interested in. So this pretty
much wraps up the 3 points that I would like to share with you guys. If you all have any tips, please share on the comment down below. ANDD see you next time! Bye! 🙂

4 thoughts to “TOP 3 TIPS FOR PROGRAMMING BEGINNER | programmers secret”

  1. Nice video! I'm also starting to learn Programming; currently beginning to learn JavaScript and it has been pretty fun so far.

  2. Hey lovely people, hope you found the tips useful! I will be posting more videos soon. So leave a comment down below if you have topics you would like to see. Also, do SUBSCRIBE if the video has been helpful, I will be posting more tips soon 😉 You don't want to miss out any SPECIAL UPCOMING CODING TIPS VIDEO I will be posting! 😉 x

  3. We can learn by using w3school, freecodecamp, codeacademy. Just take time and learn as much as you can.

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