tips to beat the instagram algorithm in 2019

tips to beat the instagram algorithm in 2019

do you feel personally victimized by the
Instagram algorithm watch this video to get my best tactics to show Instagram
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a new video every Wednesday hey there I’m Emma Natter and I help
creatives beat the odds and create their own success and if you’re about ready to
throw in the towel because you can’t get hardly anyone to see your posts by the
end of this video you’ll get my 5 best tips to get your post seen I’ve proven
this process myself and use it every time I have something crucial to tell my
audience so first is be super social especially before and after you post the
thing you have to know about social media and instagrams algorithm in
particular is that you’re rewarded for being social so any good social skills
you’ve learned in your life if you apply them online it’s going to be good for
example be friendly be interested in what other people say respond ask
questions my general belief is that if you show
Instagram that you’re actually interested in being social not just
being liked they will help you be more social they
will support people who support their mission so for 30 minutes or an hour
before you post spend time commenting everywhere on every single post on your
feed your peers posts your followers posts make sure that these comments
don’t just look like they’re comments that are meant to get people’s attention
or to hack the algorithm the person who owns that can see right through that and
it doesn’t feel good to just feel used you know the comments I’m talking about
that are like killer post or you have great content those are people just in
it for themselves so ask questions you’re actually interested to know the
answer to actually give compliments that you mean the interested be supportive
show that you care then right after you post keep commenting on other people’s
posts as well as responding to any comments on your own post and according
to my experiment and conversations with friends this activity shows Instagram
that you are here to be social that you’re creating content we’re sharing
and they’ll push it out to more and more of your followers the reason that I say
specifically a half hour before and you post and a half hour after is that
Instagram judges the quality of a post by how it performs that first hour so if
you show Instagram that it’s an awesome piece of content in that first half hour
by getting a decent amount of likes and comments getting conversations going
Instagram will push it further and further to more of your followers second
is be super active in your DMs another way to show Instagram that
you’re super social is to be active in your DMS when people comment on your
stories ask questions and show that you’re interested
voice text and send videos to people this kind of personal attention will not
only organically make people more interested in engaging with your post
because you’re creating real relationships but from the research I’ve
done the how the algorithm sees this activity and pushes your content further
and then third pay attention to the timing if you haven’t heard this already
the timing of when you post matters for me I get the best engagement when I post
at night however some people get great engagement in afternoon or the morning
there are apps like one called when to post that keep track of the timing of
day when you post and your past analytics and you can use this to help
you post at a time where the most amount of people will see it in that first
crucial hour but experiment with this use your intuition pay attention to who
follows you and what their schedules are like don’t just rely on an app and then
get mad at it when it’s not working this is your job to figure out how to engage
with people and you could do it number four is write an actually good
post there’s just no getting around that Instagram wants to push posts that are
shareable content that people will enjoy that that have they have no interest in
pushing content that people do not show interest in so I’ll say that again
Instagram has no interest in pushing content that people do not show interest
in so you have to do everything in your power to create shareable good content
go check out my videos Instagram posts for business 10 ideas to steal and how
to get more comments on Instagram posts to learn exactly how to create super
high quality shareable posts number five focus on the people who are there not
the people who aren’t so the last thing to remember is that while it’s important
to perform well in the Instagram algorithm don’t freak out when some
posts do better than you help others it just happens some people will see some
of your content and not all of it not every single member of your audience
needs to see every piece of content from you to eventually buy your stuff focus
on serving the people who are there consistently and try to build those
relationships stronger you’re building your Instagram so that you can build a
life of your dreams not prove how cool and popular you are so don’t worry too
much even the biggest instagramers are getting less engagement so you don’t
have to feel any shame or embarrassment at your numbers dropping
it’s fine as long as you’re building a valuable community so remember first be
social that hour that you post to be super active in your jams 3 a pay
attention to timing 4 right and actually good post and 5 focus on the people who
are there now you have my best tips to beat the algorithm but how about
actually writing a caption that’s going to be engaging click the link below to
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3 thoughts to “tips to beat the instagram algorithm in 2019”

  1. Fantastic tips! I love to be social and always wondered why some people don't communicate back? Each to their own but I figure this is an easy fun thing to do. Using it! Thanks Emma. xx

  2. Thanks, Emma! All things Iโ€™ve heard you say before, but itโ€™s still great to have it consolidated. My biggest problem is posting at all. I get so overwhelmed (especially with 4 although your caption class has helped with that) that I feel frozen with too much to do. Probably just my ADD…

  3. Hello Emma, I notice people are not tagging those they collaborated with on the pictures on Instagram only on the caption section. This photo will not show up on the tag section of those they collaborated with. What if people are watching where this client has been tagged? There goes the chance of someone seeing your work. What do you think? Great tutorials!!

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