Tips for hiring a web developer (if you need one)  | Search for Beginners Ep 3

Tips for hiring a web developer (if you need one) | Search for Beginners Ep 3

In order to find
more customers on the web, your online presence
will require some effort. You’ll need to upload merchandise photos, write descriptions, set prices, explain the delivery method and so forth. There are many platforms
from which to choose, each with their own unique time, effort, and monetary investments. The benefits and returns will also vary. You’ll need to make decisions,
like how much control you’ll want over the site’s appearance
and if you’re willing to share a percentage of your profits
with a platform. For example, if you choose
to create your online presence in a photography platform, you may have less control
over things like color, text layout and how your company logo is displayed. You’ll also be bound
by the terms of service and the policies of that platform. If you choose to make
a separate website for your business, it will require more effort, but you can decide exactly
how everything will look and you will have more control over
what content you choose to provide. For some platforms,
such as Google My Business, you can do everything yourself, from displaying your address on a map, to adding a photo of your shop. However, adding these features
to a custom website may require help
from an experienced professional. But where do you even start
to find the right person to help? Web designers and developers
often have online portfolios. Look through their portfolios
and see if they have built user-friendly, good-looking websites
that you like. Make sure to open
these sites on your phone. Do they load fast? Is it easy to order products? Once you’ve found web designers
or developers that meet your standards, get in touch with them
and narrow down your list. Once you’ve found someone
to work with, you’ll need to meet and review the content
and the structure of your site. How many pages should it have? How will users click
from one place to another? Always make sure
to clearly explain your goals, as we covered in the last video, so the developer knows exactly
what you want to achieve. This process can take anywhere
from a few weeks to a few months. And features like shopping carts
and payment processing may add to development time. Make sure to test everything
with people you trust. Does your website look good
and function correctly across devices and browsers? Keep in mind your site will need to be
updated on a regular basis and you may need to add information
about new products during periods of technical maintenance, so make sure your developers
will be available to maintain your site and add new content into the future or that they teach you
how to use the tools, so that you feel comfortable
doing this yourself. And now, your site is live but the work is just getting started. Be sure to check out the next episode,
Understanding Google Searchand don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Simple and understandable. However, in life, it's more complicated. Building high-quality content requires not only designers and web-developers, but also content managers, writers, editors…

  2. For businesses without a website, especially NEW businesses or entrepreneurs – we get this question a lot – "How much will a website cost?" Typically, a new undertaking has a small or no budget for a website (doubly true for e-commerce sites), so we'll almost always recommend a third-party DIY site builder to begin with. This may sound counter-intuitive for a web designer/developer, however it gives the business owner a chance to develop an appreciation for the work when they inevitably decide to upgrade to a more professional website.

    What are YOUR favorite third-party e-commerce platforms?

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