TikTok Algorithm – What You Should Know About It

TikTok Algorithm – What You Should Know About It

All right today we are going to shoot a
YouTube video about the tiktok algorithm. Tik Tok is a uber uber
popular social media platform right now that’s scaling really really quickly
faster than any platform that we’ve seen before just because I think people are
used to social media now yes guys I have yousaf saeed beside me he helps me
shoot the videos right now we’re in Montreal and let’s get this video
started. Now before we get started hit that subscribe button below make sure
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to this YouTube channel. All right guys let’s get going in just so you know
we’re live on Tik Tok right now we’re gonna get a whole bunch of people
that are going to start to comment in the idea is as they comment and we’re
gonna mention a couple of them out in our videos first of all we’ve got a
couple in so far marv and hi tomboy fitness. The Tik Tok algorithm right now
is uber organic right now more than any platform that you can be on at this
time and it’s scaling quickly so we expect changes to come fast
now a couple keys to success with the algorithm first of all be yourself and
be authentic it’s the same as every other platform. Number two focus on your
sphere first. Yeah. Tik Tok is one of those platforms that the algorithm shows
your content to people that are close to you it does show me everywhere you’ll be
able to see in your analytics after but when it starts to showing you start to
develop your network you have a higher chance that it’s showing to people
around where around where you live and around where you post that content so
focus on your sphere first the other thing with the algorithm
that’s so far is if you make a really good quality video which matters a lot
on tik-tok and your native to Tik Tok and guys mention in it as well you get about
500 views right now. 500 is about the benchmark of
a decent quality video the video goes up to about 500 people and that’s what
tests it out before they see what they’re gonna present and what’s going
to go viral to get that 500 not agree I mean we’ve had a couple videos that are
flopped they have not got to 500 and what we noticed creating and correcting
is the quality the video wasn’t good yeah so we were shooting that there
wasn’t enough light there was a lot of grain in the videos we just weren’t that
good yeah so that’s one reason you’re not going to hit to the 500 your quality
score so going to be there. Secondly if you don’t if you use organic sound and
it’s not who are original or if it doesn’t hit a native piece so if you’re
not singing or if it doesn’t hit a couple notes and you’re not you’re not
funny or if if you’re not authentic to the platform or just to yourself you
yeah you’re not authentic to the platform it doesn’t get to 500 yeah what
else is there that we found so far. I guess I guess you quality still quality
still matters quality. Quality is huge we use for filming we currently use a
iPhone X yeah we both use an iPhone X we do use the Sony a7 which we use
in other videos for some of the videos and we find that when we use the Sony 7
or when we’re using an iPhone with really good light we get we get more
organic traction you know from tik-tok so the quality score makes a massive
difference for that video you’re posting to go out. After that would be algorithm so
we already talked about we talked about location-based you know what’s in your
sphere first you talked about getting about 500 views for a good quality video
next is music so when we started to post we didn’t use the music we didn’t use
other Creators music we didn’t music which may made it so that our
content wasn’t native. You scroll all the way down the original content that I
posted on my profile was nothing that looks nothing like what a Tik Tok
video should look like you know at this point in time and they didn’t go but as
soon as we started to be native then they started to go so pick music use
music hit the trends use the ones that are going it’s going to make a
difference it’s going to help your videos go up further. The other thing is
hashtags yeah so hashtags like like every single platform help you sort
through your content use hashtags that relate to the trends the popular trends
use hashtags that help sort your contents and my personal opinion based
on us creating and correcting is you don’t necessarily have to use the
hashtag for you hashtag viral we still test it out sometimes to see if it makes
a difference but it doesn’t sort the content then it’s just throwing it into
a bucket that has 8 billion views yeah so use again use what I say if possible
use three hashtags try to do one that’s the location identifier to help you
focus on your sphere use one that relates to the content they’re making
and then create a correct with one, use one where you can keep testing different
things to see what you’re going to do next and keep evolving other things are
the algorithm the algorithm plays well for videos that offer value it goes back
to what I’ve said on every platform so if you make a tik tok duet offer more
value make it funny add something to the video it’s going to help it go out same
thing with a reaction when you’re talking about a video if you can make it
funny if you can add some value to the tik tok audience it’s going to help it
go out and then in terms of likes comments shares how many people stopped
on the video and how many people share we haven’t seen a huge correlation yet
there I think it comes down tik tok comes down right now in end of 2019
going into 2020 it comes down to the quality of your video yeah how native it
is and how good the quality is if you can focus on those two things while
being authentic your videos are gonna go you’re gonna see success on tik-tok and
we’re all having a lot of fun using it so again I would start creating make
your tip top profile and resisting it don’t resist it any longer
tik-tok is going to be huge it’s scaling very quickly getting on it as fast as
possible before that algorithm changes alright guys that’s it for this video
I’m going to post more Tik Tok videos the next couple days related to duets,
reactions basically anything related to Tik Tok. Hit that subscribe button and
then leave a comment below tell me what I did good tell me what I did bad and
I’m trying to create and correct myself as we try to make these digital tip
videos every single day.

17 thoughts to “TikTok Algorithm – What You Should Know About It”

  1. Hi guys, you are producing a nice content here on YT, hope you get more followers here in future. I created an account on Tiktok four days ago to share my art stuff and I am very surprised with the results. My last video reached almost 700 views only with me flipping two pages of my sketchbook… I have an IG account for more than one year and I only got this number of views once since I created it last year. The only downside is that most of the content on tiktok annoys me a lot, maybe because I am a little old :p. Also, today the analytics started to show me some number and I am only reaching Latin America (I am from Brazil), even with most of the hashtags in English, I hope in future TikTok start to send my videos for more people. Best @fabi.r.a (on Tiktok)

  2. I think tiktok slowed my growth down. My 2nd video went viral and now I haven’t hit a video pass like 2K views. And now currently I can’t even get like 400 views

  3. Yeah my first probably 5-7 videos got like 300-500 views
    But since then it has went down quite a bit
    But every video I post I do go up in some way so I just try to keep a positive attitude towards it

  4. Yeah, I make videos that are very similar quality, but some get 70 views while some get around 2,000 views. But, I just started fairly recently.

  5. hey
    my first 7 videos get 20k views and highter than that
    but after those videos my account has been freezed
    my views get 1k and each time i post it goes lower and lower i dk why
    my id is @ryker_moftah

  6. i miss the old tik tok ( summer ‘19) it was way easier to get viral, or get likes.
    now, every time I post I get 5 likes & 10 views ugh

  7. i post all the time but i read a comment that said i could be doing poorly because my account is considered a ghost account.. how do i change that?

  8. hey guys, would you mind taking a look at my profile and maybe explain why my views have suddenly dropped? My @ is @emiliawheatley , thanks 🙂

  9. So one of my Tik Tok videos has 79.0k views but my other TT videos have no where near that amount of views. Why do you think that one video has so many views? I’ve been trying to figure that one out! LOL

  10. I think that reactions help a lot! The first video that got a lot of reactions (because I asked a question) got 300K views haha

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