The Truth About Programming

The Truth About Programming

If you’ve actually done any kind of programming you wouldn’t know that programming is Frustrating it’s confusing and sometimes it’s even demoralizing You remember when you just started you were so motivated. So passionate about the things you can do with it All you see are people building their empires with it and affecting billions of lives with their lines of code But no one ever told you about their failures the untold stories of people who have fallen and the hardships that brought to them The reality is when we start programming and building things break things get stuck Projects get scraped or even worse businesses die and jobs are lost startups fail and time is wasted Failure after failure are happening every day But all you see are the successes that coding brought to these different people but no one talks about the path to get there Programming is hard and you will fail at one point You will doubt yourself. You’ll say you’re not smart enough that you’re not lucky enough or that you’re not gifted enough Worse other people will tell you that you’re not meant for computer science. You’re not meant to be an entrepreneur You’re not smart enough to be a programmer You know what? I’ll tell you that I think that some of you are not born to be programmers You might be just wasting your time You want to ignore my advice and close this video? Good Ignore my advice if that’s you then it means you’re bit stubborn But you don’t give up and you care It means you fail all the time, but you pick yourself back up and you become stronger It means you’re dumb enough to try to do something impossible but then You make it loose you push technology to its limit and you’re at the forefront of innovation and you push even further And when people tell you that you can’t do it You go ahead and you do it when people tell you you’re wasting your time You go back and you work twice as hard and you come back and prove them wrong when people tell you you’re crazy It’s a compliment to you If that sounds like you then you are a true innovator and we need more people like you because we need more people To face the impossible and conquer it I don’t care if you’re just trying to pass a CS course or that you’re building a rocket ship startup What matter is that? You are not stopping until you reach your goal as a society We have many many problems But we tackle them heads on and we keep innovating to make our lives better on planet earth one of the problems I care a lot about is natural disasters I’m partnered with IBM today to talk about a global initiative Called call for code which calls for developers to build something impactful and have a positive Change across the world through their code as you know There are hundreds of natural disasters every year like hurricanes earthquakes floods volcanoes and wildfires those affect numerous lives and causes tremendous damage to Families across the globe if you strive for real impact, we desperately need you. This is why the 2019 call for code global challenge is a competition to ask people like you to build solutions That help the health and well-being of these victims of natural disasters There are so many aspects of that We’re talking about accessing medical records providing food and water safely controlling infectious diseases building supply distribution networks and even getting access to mental health during natural disasters We need all kinds of technologies here are a few examples of potential projects you like working on blockchains Build secure supply networks to distribute aid to the people in need you like AI and NLP Built BOTS to help real-time communication you’re into data science Analyze and predict what the affected populations need before they even ask for it Every one of your project will matter and it will be for an extremely good cause now of course this is still a competition so they have a grand prize of $200,000 not only that the project with the greatest potential impact will be Implemented through the IBM code and response initiative and receive open source support through the Linux Foundation Last year’s winning team project owl has already begun to deploy their solution in Puerto Rico as part of the code in response So are you up for the challenge? Do the impossible? Be an innovator join the coffer code

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  1. I really disagree with this whole video, programming is not hard in any way, problems are hard. Programming is simply a set of tools to solve problems if the only problems you solve with programming are simple, programming is simple. If the problems you solve are hard, programming is hard.

  2. It's not about the programming it's about how'd you look at the world to give a better services for human being.
    That's the things. Programming is also important but Jack Ma even didnt know how to code.

  3. Que ese equipo esta haciendo en Puerto Rico? Soy de la isla y me gustaria saber que ellos estan haciendo me pudiesen mandar un enlace con sus documentos.

  4. Joma, we understand that you are going through tough times, but not all of us will bear all these ad contents. I click/register for these products/services just to support you so you can bring us some quality contents (not ads), but if it's too much to ask sooner or later we are all gonna leave.
    P.S: it's my first time ever to watch a 5 mints ad

  5. As one famous person said "success is not destination
    It's a journey"
    Walk until your dead

  6. Thanks for the motivation, you awaken me againts programming burned out effect on my life!! kudos!!

  7. Only people who have no respect for life CODE!!! They should rather have coitus with their machines and produce more machine coders. You suck!!

  8. -you keep failing "yes i do. Go on.."
    -but you keep rising back up every time "not entirely true, some failiours stick with u till death but go on.."
    -are you into AI and data science? "i do like them but i dont know shit about either of them."
    -JOIN A COMPETITION AND BUILD SUPER COMPLEX SOFTWARE TO… "bitch i can barely create a half decent website, who do u thing i am? Elon Musk, fucking clickbaiter!"

  9. Programming is my life, hit like if you love programming! And don't care about fails or stuff like that 😛

  10. Hi Jo Ma,

    I'm new to Python, I'm in process of learning it. Is Code Academy is a good site to learn from? Can you suggest

  11. Are you motivating me to be a programmer or not be one .
    Anyways nothing big can be achieved without failures .
    But I'm still falling

  12. IBM? Most if the stuff they do is the waste if time and money these days. They just milked our stupid government for hundreds of millions for a system that does not even work. Just look up Phoenix. If I got a job offer from them, I would not take it(least I literally had to to survive) because I do not want to be involved in a scam.

  13. I actually really finished watching video cuz I dont really finish them halfway. Nice ad bro! Good job!

  14. I am trying to explain to people – coding is NOT easy. Most of free tutorials show only basic easy staff. If you embark on it, get ready for a multiyear frustrating journey until you see if you can continue to do it full time.

  15. Clicked a video about programming. Found a motivational video crossed with a charity / social entrepreneurship ad.

  16. this video started great but ended weird. I am trying give constructive feed back but the title doesn't suit the video and the beginning and the ending are not attached and there was weird sound of a bird moving its wings.

  17. what the fuck is this man? you‘re jumping into the youtuber AD bandwagon of just shit content filled with ads? You have so much potential and seem to be a chill guy, don‘t get dragged into being a pathetic youtuber, you‘re much more than that.

  18. I think this is a great lesson in success in general and also about being human. One of the keys is inspiration and motivation.

  19. I just finished a udemy course and felt like I didn't understand the important parts. I'm going back to study when I wake up tomorrow morning and make sure I get everything. Wish me luck

  20. Programming sucks, it is the worst kind of job in the world. It will destroy your soul, self respect and your life. Don't do programming.

  21. Every had thing has good result how can ypi became asuccesful without failiures and passing them.

  22. I took a computer programming class senior year of high-school and and had no prior knowledge. Barely anyone in there did. Our teacher knew this but taught us like we had the 40+ years of experience he’s had. He taught an already confusing topic in a way that made it more confusing. If we didn’t pick up information right away, we were called dumb. Really dampened our moods. We learned some things but probably not as much as we could have. Although seeing the results of coding really boosted our motivation. A sympathetic and understanding teacher probably would have helped.

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