The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) – Smarter Every Day 189

The Incredible Sounds of the Falcon Heavy Launch (BINAURAL AUDIO IMMERSION) – Smarter Every Day 189

Hey, it’s me, Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. So the SpaceX Falcon Heavy test flight Just happened everyone agrees the footage is phenomenal. It was amazing technological wizardry Everyone loves it, but there’s something that is missing when you view it over the internet everyone that’s ever been to an actual space launch will tell you it’s the sound of the event that just Overwhelms your body and that’s kind of lost when you’re looking through a screen, right? So it’s time for me to introduce you to my other youtube channel. It’s called the sound traveler I used binaural 3d audio if you will to transport your body to the location it kind of tricks your mind It’s a acoustic type mental thing going on just trust me it works. Here’s how it works get your headphones put your headphones on it only works if you have headphones Make sure the left headphone is on your left ear make sure the right headphone isn’t your right ear there once you get set up your Calibrated the Vehicle Assembly Building is the largest single story building In the world this is where they assemble the Rockets you are one of only 20 photographers credentialed That’s allowed onto the top of the Vehicle Assembly Building with your headphones on we’re gonna walk through the Vehicle Assembly Building with these photographers Get on some elevators do some catwalk stuff so that your mind gets calibrated to that 3d audio Then walk out to the cameras and get ready for launch there’s three things I want you to listen for number one at the countdown listen to all the shutters firing from the cameras around you you can hear Where they are number two once the rocket lifts off the pad you can no longer hear the cameras. It’s so loud What kind of aircraft is overhead and where it is relative to your mind? Okay, Go enjoy launch and then we’ll get ready for re-entry 15 thank you 10 Thank you there it goes 3 2 1 lift off Lots of noise That sound adds so much for me. That is so incredible Okay, the next part that I absolutely love so the Rockets up up in a way right the two boosters Safely separate they do a little pirouette and they come back without touching each other and they come back in With a re-entry burn the part that I love I mean as an engineer this just tickles all the right parts of my brain the fact that the video feed from both of those boosters Looks like it’s just one booster played on two different screens I love that that means the guidance and control algorithm was so finely tuned But they just nailed it so tip of the hat to the guidance control team that did that Very very impressed the next thing that you missed by not being there because we’re watching it on a screen And we’re hearing the cheering at Hawthorne or the sonic booms as it approaches the pad So here’s how this works according to SpaceX there are three sonic booms per booster And they’re caused by in order number one the engine down there causes the first sonic boom where the legs connect to the booster That’s the second one and the third one’s caused by the grid fins up on top of the booster now There’s three sonic booms per booster We have two boosters that six sonic booms right, now Experience this in 3d with your headphones still see if you can count how many sonic booms you hear And this is what a person hears when they’re down at the Cape when this goes down check it out got them woooow sonic boom’s? 6 sonic booms holy, holy mackerel I didn’t count six I counted ten pump. It dump. It dump. It dump it down I Went back and looked at the waveform the reason you see ten. There’s supposed to be three per booster There’s three with echoes and so the waveform overlays in such a way that it sounds like five. It’s fascinating anyway That is a sound traveller video. I hope you enjoyed this episode of the sound traveler I’m promoting it here on smarter every day in hopes that people will go and subscribe to that when I feature a guest sound traveler I write up this little contract here and I make sure to pay them and I also make sure to promote them and this particular sound traveler was trevor maehlman trevor Helps me with all the eclipse stuff that we’ve done in the past but According to our contract that we wrote. I am now supposed to promote Trevor’s MySpace page so if you want to support Trevor Mullin professional rocket photographer you can I’m just kidding he has a patreon trevor is trying to figure out how to make a career out of professional rocket photography And if you know anything about how intellectual property works it is really really hard to do that everybody wants to offer you promotion When you just need money to eat, so I payed Trevor for this endeavor and I also want to set him up for the long haul and the way to do that is patreon so if you want to support Trevor you’ll notice all the other photographers were more established in their careers Trevor’s not so if you want to support a young man That’s doing awesome things and on top of that. He gives you incredible photographs in exchange for your financial support I’ll leave a link down below. So if you want to pack up your photography gear now with Trevor I’ll let you do that and I’ll leave a link on the screen to subscribe to the sound traveler one humble request To subscribe to that channel because it’s a pet project. I love anyway. I’m Destin you’re getting smarter every day. Have a good one Holy cow Wow Now I’m the first person to see this footage, but I cannot wait for all of you see this this is This is gonna be crazy. This is really gonna be awesome

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  1. Strange things, in my headphones I hear three sonic booms, but when I reviewed this video on my phone without headphones i heard four sonic booms per boosters…

  2. Not wanting to get my headphones out, I just used my near field 2.1 set up. Got to say was pretty cool when things on my desk jumped to the rocket and sonic booms. 350 Watts and 12 sub under the desk do the trick.

  3. 6:54 Still don't believe those boosters made those sounds. There were F22 jets flying by the same moment making sure no enemies tried anything while we were shooting rockets into the sky.

  4. (KJV)(Luke 12:19-20) And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years;

    take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry. But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall
    be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?
    (KJV)(Proverbs 27:1) Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

  5. Watched from the Saturn V viewing area. It is definitely cool but the sound was built up so much it was a letdown to me…just sayin

  6. Now one knows clearly why the coming Spaceship
    cannot transport people. Falcon Heavy is already
    unbearably loud and wildly vibrating. Falcon Heavy
    has some Merlin engines. Spaceship will have
    Raptor engines and many of them.

  7. Этот специфический звук рвущейся материи))) У нас Ту-160 тоже так звучит когда стартует)

  8. The thrusters fires at 6:15 and you can hear the sonic booms at 6:48. That means that the traveltime of the sonic wave is about 35sec and this equals 12 km. I measured 11.3 km in google maps.

  9. Офигеть! Чувак изобрёл стерео- квадро! Мой телек с Nicam Stereo звучит лучше.

  10. I'm clicking the like button and was stunned to see 3.1k plus dislikes, who are these people?, why would you hate a video like this a lot of time and energy went into this for us to view it for free.

  11. Do you also think of the environmental assumption and waste of resours associated with it?
    Or are you still a baby who needs a new toy.

  12. Hello again
    Many peoples (from witch i am) would like A LOT listen the sound of a launch of the Saturn V !
    May you offert it to us ? Thank you.

  13. Красивый запуск, без грязного следа от твердотопливных ускорителей.

  14. That’s absolutely incredible. I wish I could have heard and felt the Saturn V launch in the 60s and 70s. I viewed the one in Houston at the Johnson Space Center and could not believe it’s size. My dad, an engineer, was amazed too. I’d definitely take a Falcon heavy though. Amazing Destin! Great video!

  15. I could hear the shutters going off almost to the end .certain sounds blended to gether the sound of the engiens covers the helicopter notes .only at one point when the engiens produced a supersonic shock wave did it cover everything

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