The Daily Moth 3-24-2020

The Daily Moth 3-24-2020

Hello, welcome to
The Daily Moth! It is Tuesday, March 24. Here are coronavirus updates. As of this early afternoon,
there are over 400,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19
in the world with over 100,000 recovering
and over 18,000 deaths. The U.S. has over 50,000 cases. President Trump told Fox News
that he wants the U.S. economy to be “re-opened by Easter,”
which is on April 12. Trump is arguing against
the idea of shutting down the country for an extended
period of time out of concerns that it could cause
severe economic damage and a rise in suicides. Trump illustrated his point by
saying that we have thousands and thousands of people who
die a year from the flu and from automobile accidents, but
we don’t turn the country off or tell the automobile companies
to stop making cars. Trump said “we have
to get back to work.” This has sparked controversy
with many suggesting that Trump is choosing to sacrifice
the lives of elderly and vulnerable people in favor
of propping up the economy. Trump did tweet that senior
citizens would be watched over and that returning workers
would still practice social distancing. Sen. Lindsey Graham
(R-SC) warned on Twitter that we can’t have
a functioning economy if major hospitals
are overflowing and if our televisions
and social media were full of displays
of medical chaos. New York Gov.
Andrew Cuomo said the rate of new COVID-19
infections in New York is doubling every three days. The number of confirmed
cases is over 25,500 as of this afternoon. The state has tested
over 91,000 people. Cuomo said he needs
30,000 ventilators and that the federal government
is not sending enough because so far they’ve
only received 400. Cuomo warned America by saying “look at us today,
where we are today, you will be in four weeks
or five weeks or six weeks. We are your future.” Vice President Mike Pence
told Fox News that the FEMA have sent
2,000 ventilations to New York and would send
another 2,000 tomorrow. KTLA 5 News in Los Angeles
reported that a minor has died of COVID-19. It is not known
the age of the child or if the child had
prior health issues. The child lived in Lancaster,
which is north of Los Angeles. It is believed to be the first
known death of a minor from coronavirus. The Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics
has officially been postponed by a year. The Japanese prime minister and
the IOC President confirmed it by saying they are doing this
to safeguard the health of the athletes and others
involved in the games. The Olympics will be
rescheduled to a date no later than summer 2021. Axios reported that
Liberty University, a private and Christian
university in Lynchburg, Virginia, will allow up
to 5,000 students back on campus this week. Classes will be conducted online
because the state has a ban on gatherings of more
than 10 people, but the residence halls,
academic buildings, library, and fitness center
will be open. Professors and instructors are
expected to be in their offices unless they have
a “valid health exemption.” Liberty is moving in
the opposite direction of most colleges and universities
in the country who have asked their students to move out
of campus due to coronavirus. Liberty did say they will
use a certain building to quarantine students
if they become sick. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis
issued an executive order that mandates travelers
who arrive in Florida from airports in New York,
New Jersey and Connecticut to isolate themselves
for 14 days. New Jersey will release
1,000 inmates from their jails to reduce the risks of
the coronavirus spreading in jails. Those who are jailed for
probation violations or those who are convicted of low-level
crimes will be released, starting this morning. New York has already
released over 20 people. President Trump said a few days
ago that he is considering signing an executive order
to release older, nonviolent prisoners
from federal prisons. The New York Times reported that
top Democrats and Trump administration officials are
optimistic that they can reach a deal on a $2 trillion economic
stabilization plan to support those who were affected
by the coronavirus pandemic. This bill includes direct check
payments to taxpayers. The two sides sparred with
each other in recent days and there were a couple of
failed Senate votes, but it is very possible
there will be a deal tonight. News about a deal sent
stocks skywards today with the DOW Jones up
over 2,000 points. Many of you have heard of
the concept of flattening the curve. You might have seen the graph. We’re trying to stop it
from becoming a big peak. Let me explain what exactly
that means in simple numbers. For example,
I’m in a hospital. I’m one doctor. There’s one breathing machine. I have two patients. They might be older,
like 65 years old or older, and live at a nursing home. Fine. There are two patients
from two different homes. One person who goes
to their home and gets them sick will
spread it to them. If that person is not
isolating themselves and decides to visit other people,
then they infect another person. Now, I have a problem. Both patients are coming
in at the same time, and both of them are sick. Remember, I have
one breathing machine. I’m stuck and
don’t know what to do. How do I solve that? Isolation. Social distancing. How does that work? If that person who spread it to
the person they visited realizes they need to stay home,
fine, stay home. That person who gets sick comes
to the Emergency Department and is sick. It’s ok, I have
one machine ready. I can help support that person. That person will heal
and I can send them home. Then another person
gets sick and comes, and I have the machine ready. That’s how we can
help both people. If both patients get sick and
come in at the same time, I’m stuck. That’s the problem. If we isolate and
practice social distancing, that gives them a better
chance to get help. That is all for today. See you
tomorrow and stay with the light! Captioned by

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  1. How about just cancel the bill and cancel all of our bills for two months? Now that makes a lot more sense. No one has to pay any bills for two months. Done

  2. A question: once the stimulus deal reach agreement and sealed. Will the social security recipients receive the coronavirus relief stimulus package as it say on news ($1,200 for single, $2,400 for married couple, $3,000 or $3,400 for family of 4) ??? I need the simple answer

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