55 thoughts to “Teachable Machine 2: Snake Game”

  1. Amazing… I have learned a lot thanks to you and your tutorials.

    Dan, could you please do a video like "11.3 Neuroevolution Flappy Bird with TensorFlow.js" but with the "Snake game". I've tried for myself but I can't get the snake to learn.

  2. It would be less costly to just flip your case statement rather than flipping the image data, obviously. however it's good to know for situations more complex than this one…

  3. @thecodeingtrain how can i use ipcam in place of webcam of pc?? because i have no webcam, so i want to use my mobile cam as webcam, so what argument can i pass in createCapture() function
    so i cam use url in that function and can access my mobile cam like webcam?? please answer

  4. I am not able to download my model for TensorFlowLite as Floating? I click on export model and then click the download button, it changes to "converting your model" and then back to "download your model", but it does nothing and my model doesn't download? Is it just me or is this happening to you or anyone else too? I need to download the model for TensorflowLite

  5. Before you said ml5 has Function for flipping I was just thinking that you're gonna flip the snake move value to left for right label and right for left label.. but then I realized how lazy am i xd

  6. I am really glad that we have someone like you in youtube, i am wondering if i can challenge you with some coding with matter.js, can this plugin add physics to text and letters ? would it be able to add physics to it ? for example a circle hitting the text and it would explode ? i would really really appreciate it if you can look into it 🙂

  7. How about a version that trains model using image of snake game video state so it can play itself based on relative location to food?

  8. Dan is an amazing man
    He is the man with a plan
    I am his biggest fan
    I am proud to be in your clan

    – Made using (genetic algorithm)

  9. It would be really good to see you do a little project in Rust, teaching as you learn. Its learning curve is tough and current video intros are either too shallow or too dry. Your personality and style would be a great help!

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