TCS Codevita Interview 2018 | Re-enactment | Off Campus Placement | Goutam Bose| Silver Play button

TCS Codevita Interview 2018 | Re-enactment | Off Campus Placement | Goutam Bose| Silver Play button

Hello Everyone! we would like to congratulate and Thank each one of you out there that RU buZZing has crossed 1,00,000 followers We are constantly engaged in creating content which can enrich us and inspire us Going further with this endeavor For this TCS Codevita Interview video RU buZZing is glad to be collaborating with a very well known platform called EngVarta Over a period of time we have received lots of mails & comments regarding how one can improve their command over the English language So EngVarta helps you in removing hesitation and gain fluency in the English Language By providing daily communication practise sessions with an English expert Please note that now with just a tap of a button you can be connected to a live English human expert and not just a recorded message or a robot The app is available on both Play Store and App Store And now lets gets started with the interview Hi Goutam! Please tell me something about yourself Myself Goutam, I am studying Computer Science & Engineering in Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata I did my internship as a Web Developer in Asepsislife My hobbies include Competitive Programming and writing answers on Quora. I love contributing to the Quora community I am working on my final year project in Machine Learning on Prediction of total cases of Dengue Infliction. Are you nervous Goutam? A bit since this is my first job interview Sir Don’t be nervous. We will give you ample opportunities to prove yourself So you mentioned you love contributing to Quora What you write about? I love writing about JEE and WBJEE counselling and guiding my juniors We need to check your Quora profile then Definitely Sir You worked in Incident Management in your TCS internship, Right? Can you draw the incident cycle? Go ahead, use the paper Sure I don’t remember the whole flowchart as of now But I might be missing some few points These are the main primary ones What languages do you generally use? Sir I use C++ for Competitive Programming for the robust STL support that I get Otherwise I use C & Java Right Since you mentioned you use OOPS as a subject in your CV Can you explain Encapsulation? Encapsulation is a process of wrapping up data for the protection of data from outside sources Can I explain my point with an example please? Why not? Say we have a car Car has a gear mechanism inside it We being a naive user don’t know how the gear mechanisms work We instead have a gear lever that helps us to change the gear & operate it This gear is basically encapsulated RIght, Can you explain that with codes Sure Sir Do you know what a constructor is? Sir, Constructor is a method with the same name of the class of which it belongs that initializes the members of the class And instantiates the class And what is the return type of a Constructor? Sir, Constructor doesn’t have any return type Coming back to your Codevita Performance you said you solved only 1 problem Why is that? Sir there were too many Maths problem Only 1 problem from Ad-hoc that I did Can you explain? The problem statement of the problem that I had solved was that I was given a Keypad phone where pressing each key several times can lead to the formation of several types of distinct messages I had to count and provide output of how many types of distinct messages can be formed given a sequence of numbers denoting the keys i pressed So I used a set to store each message and recursively calculated my output where the base case was that the end of the number sequence is not reached You also said in your introduction that you are too adaptative & quick learner as your strength Then why only 1 problem? Solving a differential problem in maths is comparatively easy but solving a Competitive problem in coding requires months even for a skilled coder And right now my focus is more into Algorithmic paradigms like Dynamic Programming, Backtracking, etc So I was not ready for maths questions, But I then realised I need to quickly dive into that section What did you do in your internship at Asepsislife Sir I developed an App using Cordova named VImunne That helps you find Doctors given certain inputs Goutam where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Sir I see myself as a lead developer in a renowned MNC like TCS with enough knowledge that the organization seeks from me to fulfill the responsibilities expected Why lead developer? Why not an independent developer? Sir because I thinkI have enough leadership skills in me Can you explain an incident, where you found leadership skills in you I was the team leader cum spokesperson at my Internship at TCS I successfully lead the team and completed the project with an A Grade What are the qualities of a good leader? Good Leader should be there with his team See where People lack on individual qualities and do steps to mend them So Goutam, given a situation where you are the leader of a project and someone under you completely fails What do you do in a situation like that You will report it to your supervisor or Sir, first of all I will try to recover the project as far as possible under my hand And then I would find out what went wrong with that individual If it’s his incompetence then of course I’ll suggest some remedial measures But if it’s a failure, it’s a failure as a team So you are saying that failure & success are an equal responsibility of all people Meaning if someone is outperforming the rest of the people then he or she does not get the credit Yes sir I firmly believe that success is a sweet to be distributed among all so ya it will be a joint celebration as a team But you know the Man of the Match always gets the credit he deserves Do you have any problem in relocating? No Sir, I don’t Have any questions for us? Yes Sit, 1 Question What will be the project if I am selected? Based upon your training & requirement The RMG will allocate specific projects for you Alright! Thank you for coming to TCS Have a good day! Before we declare whether Goutam has got the job in TCS or not just a small reminder If you are preparing for a campus placement interview or a personal interview for higher studies then it is a very good idea to brush up your English speaking skills with the experts at EngVarta EngVarta is a serious Application for learners like you guys Just select any plan of your choice and start learning or practising with one of the live experts And you can now speak fluent English with confidence The links are available in the description below Hi guys! Real Goutam here First of all Thank you RU buZZing Team for re-enacting my interview experience They are doing a wonderful job there So as you can see I got a job through TCS Codevita after cracking the first round of TCS Codevita And for those who are now in their final year of Engineering And are preparing for On Campus Placements I would like to say to them that it is a really good opportunity to get a job even before your On-Campus Placements start And you need very basic coding skills to crack the Round 1 of TCS Codevita And you are directly called for the Interview after you crack that And even non CSIT Students can do that And if you are from CSIT then I would suggest you to regularly practise competitive coding from like Codechef & HackerRank And it really doesn’t matter how many stars you are in those sites You just need to build your basic concepts on Deductions & Algorithms from there And if you are doing Competitive Programming regularly then your chances of getting hired in product based companies also increases So that’s it, I would like to say Best of Luck to those who are in their final year And will be having their On-campus Placements ahead Thank you We have a small surprise for you guys As you all know RU buZZing has crossed 1,00,000 subscribers And we have received a small gift from YouTube And that is The Silver Play Button THank you, Thank you, Thank you so much you guys for liking, sharing & subscribing on all of our videos This Play button wouldn’t have been possible without you Thank you so much again, Also If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you doing Go ahead πŸ™‚

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  1. I spent 3 years of my engineering doing nothing but just ensuring that I study enough so that I don't get any backlog..
    A few bunch of companies came to our campus for pre placement offers (ppo) .. At first I thought I don't stand a chance .. but today I have 3 job letters with me ..
    1) Software analyst at CapGemini –> 3.8 lakhs per annum
    2) Associate engineer at MindTree –> 4 Lakh per annum
    3) Full Stack Enginner at Accenture –> 6.5 lakh per annum

    Trust me guys only 3 things are needed :
    1) Excellent English
    2) very basic knowledge of databases, coding and logics
    3) Presence of mind during interview

  2. I gave the interview tcs ninja on 2 SEP 2019 I think I gave my best in technical round but I don't understand why my name is not come into next round(hr round)
    The result is out today and not selected πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  3. What was the pattern of tcs codevita online test. Was the level of questions asked were easy,moderate or tough & the selection criteria for interview after codevita test

  4. The constructor returns bro and it is class instance
    And constructor is an instance method it is an object and it is same as class name

    Your code is not optimize but using recursive function the time complexity may be that but can you tell me the space complexity

    And why use dynamic programming only
    No another algo is there πŸ˜‚

  5. U people are doing fantastic job! Very realistic portraying of an interview! But may I request you to make a video on NDA OR CDSE interviews …please please

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  8. Hearty congratulations rubuzzing . im really really happy for u I entered BTech this year so I'll b very frequently following ur videos for my interview preparation.
    As I'm ur regular commetor my request is plz plz post a video atleast once in 2weeks

  9. I too want to share my interview experience through this platform.I was selected in the month of august in one of the core companies

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