Sub Saharan Africa Summit 2018 – Developer Student Club Leads

Sub Saharan Africa Summit 2018 – Developer Student Club Leads

[MUSIC PLAYING] ERICA HANSON: I’m really excited
that sub-Saharan Africa now has the Developer Student
Club program here, with 60 leaders trying to solve
their problem using technology. DAVID ASEM: DSC you
gives you an opportunity to learn web and mobile
development skills, to be exposed to
new technologies. ANIEDI UDO-OBONG: Leading
a developer student club is an awesome opportunity. There are lots of resources
that you get connected to. You’re interacting
with businesses. You’re interacting
with real people, helping provide solutions for
people who actually need them. SHINGIRAI MARANDURE: It’s
been going great so far. I’m meeting people
that share my vision and bringing technology
and new languages that we have in programming to Africa. LUM-NEH ANGELA: One of
the biggest takeaways has been the talk on how
to be a persuasive leader and how to build a community. Also, in terms of
the technical skills, exploring, and
seeing how I could switch to using TensorFlow
for machine learning. JULIET EHIMUAN:
Congratulations to you guys for being our
developer-student leads. You’re a very special group. You are the future. WILLIAM FLORANCE: It’s exciting
to listen to the students tell us how they’re
identifying and trying to solve the problems of Africa. SOLOMON AWOSUPIN:
What a great event. There’s so much passion,
so much interest. I’m super optimistic
about what it’s going to become in
the next few years. SEGUN OLUMIDE: It’s a
really good opportunity for you to come and
learn, collaborate. JANE ODUM: I’m going to be
able to impart knowledge when I go back to school to
leverage on this platform and become a better developer. SHINGIRAI MARANDURE: It
is our responsibility to bring that interest and
vibe in Android Development. You don’t need to be
an expert in coding. You just need to be there with
your passion and commitment. And we can make this
world a better place. CROWD: [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Please I didn't get to attend is it base on invitation ?,as a Student I would have love to attend been dreaming of this event my whole life been a Google Developer in Africa

  2. We are a small country. We really need skill to develop our country just like other country. I always had the fates and believe for my lovely country.

  3. Thank you ! I wish everyone a nice day,
    😙👍👍👍👍 bye bye
    I wish you a nice day Annarè 🌹🍀🐞👏

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