shortcut keys in turboc compiler ide  microsumit | turbo c c++ programming shortcut keys

shortcut keys in turboc compiler ide microsumit | turbo c c++ programming shortcut keys

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this is sumit kumar and in this video we are going to learn about the shortcut
keys used in turbo C compiler ide Let’s first know what is Shortcut keys the keys or combination of keys which are used to the issue a command are basically
Refer as the term shortcut key Here i am going to list all the shortcut keys used in turbo C compiler ide Here is the list of turboc compiler IDE I am going to show you and describe one by one and then later on you will do practical on turbo
C compiler here our first command is F 1 F 1 command is used to open Help
Shift + F 1 is to open in index ctrl + f1 to open topic search and next one is alt plus f1 the alt plus f1 command is use to open help on previous search topic in the
turbo C compiler ide f3 is command is used to open a new file or a existing file f5 is to zoom the window f2 is to save Alt+f9 command is to compile the source code ctrl + f9 is to run linker and execute the source code Next shift + delet is for cut Ctrl+insert is to copy Shift + insert is for paste and Ctrl+delete is for clear the selected test Alt + backspace is for undo Although+shift+baspace is for redo Ctrl+f2 is to reset F7 is to trace into turbo c compiler F8 to step over f9 to make Although+f4 is to inspect an element ctrl + f4 to evaluate or modify of a block of statement Ctrl+f8 is to toggle breakpoint alt+ zero is used to list all the
window currently opened alt+f3 to to close the current window F7is to see how the control is flowin in the program f6 6 command is
used to open a window cascade window one by one next one is of alt + f5 is used to jump directly to user screen it means the screen on which
output is it displayed next one is f4 f4 command is used to go to cursor wherever the cursor is in the program you can jump to the corsor by pressing f4
Next one is alt plus enter this command is used to go in You can say full screen on desktop
If supported then only it will work otherwise it will not work
Alt + highlighted letter on the top window of turboC compiler IDE there are some menu and one letter in each of it is highlighted you see that Alt + F window open file many it means F will
be highlight and C in compiler compiler will be highlighted R of run will be Highlighted you hello and thereafter to choose am option in the menu
simply press the highlighted one next is Alt + space Alt + space command will
open a menu such like For assembler repaint desktop gref and turbo profile
next one is alt plus f Open File menu Alt+e edit Alt + s for search Alt
plus r for run menu Alt + C for compile Alt plus d for debug Alt plus p for project
Alt plus o for option Alt plus w for window Alt plus h for command ,……… Alt + H command opens help men Alt plus f7 open the previous error Alt plus f8 Opens the next error if we have an erorr
in the code during the compilation of source code next is right click
You can use right click to open index search in turboc compiler IDE I’m not going to show you
the right click I am only going to show some of the main 4-5 command which are used often let’s go to the turbo C compiler ide
here are we jump here we are in the turbo C compiler IDE and let me type tc and press enter &we have leaned all the command Here i’m going to demonstrate Some of that. And first one is Alt plus f to open file menu and o to open program f5 zoom next I’m going to open by
pressing f3 and I already made a program I’m going to show you that is your micro
it’s my channel name and f5 to zoom and we have already learned the command f6 six
to cascade window what does it mean let’s see here we are swapping between two widows if i have been opened three windows We would have swapped three
window one by one and by pressing f6 let’s f2 is for save yes and next is Alt plus f9 to compile ctrl + f9 to run we all know we are
going to learn all alt + highlight text here c is Highlighted I am going to
compile alt plus c and thereafter press highlight and I’m going to press C to
compile I have successfully compiled the program
let’s press any key to go back I’m going to run by pressing Alt + r and press R or
hit enter and we have successfully executed the program i’m on user screen Press any key to go back to source code And we have learnt one command Alt plus f5 Do you remember what is it for Jumping to the user screen. The output se have already seen Now I am going to show you without running it again it is Alt plus f5 Here we see the user screen where use see the output And i am going back to source code Next you want to close the current windows you can go for Alt plus f3 Alt plus f3 to close the current window And next going to do short program Opening a program Alt f then Press o to open And one dot c i have already opened I am going to type something like that Here are going to show copy cut paste and clear so let’s select to text for copy I’ve selected this much I have to copies this it means I have to press Ctrl+Ins so going to paste right here and for paste it is shift+insert so let’s Press shift plus insert and we have successfully pasted it next we are going to
cut this much yeah I’m going to select this much and going
to cut or cut it is shift + delet We are going to paste it right Here and for paste it is shift plus insert We have used cut copy paste next is clear for it I’m selecting text this much
and going to be clear by pressing control Plus delet and one more command
The last command I am going to explain alt+x to exit the window Press Alt+x To exit the window type exit and Press enter So thankyou very much for watching this video show your love leave a
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