Sharing your Google data with Apps – New

Sharing your Google data with Apps – New

Rosa’s been stressed lately, and her friend told her about this cool meditation app. She’s thinking about using it to find times to help her meditate daily. – I know Google didn’t develop this app, so if I share my Google account data with it, what does it get access to? – The app gets your basic profile information, which is your profile photo, name, and email address. And if you choose, you can share additional data such as your contacts or, as this example demonstrates, Google Calendar. While Google warns you about some apps that could be risky, before you click “ALLOW,” think about if you’re comfortable sharing data with this app and what the app can do with your data. If you allow an app to view your data, the app may keep it’s own copy of the data you’ve shared. Also be careful if an app is asking to write or manage your data, Because then, the app can act independently. It can change your Google data, like rescheduling or deleting events on your Google Calendar – I’m comfortable sharing data with this app. It’s only asking to view my calendar data, not write or manage it, which makes sense because all I want it to do is suggest meditation breaks around my schedule. I’ll allow it. – That app did just what I needed it to, but I’m done using it so I don’t want it to have access to anymore of my Google data. – Although an app could have copied the data you’ve already shared, you can prevent it from accessing future data by signing into “,” then going to “Third-Party Access” to remove apps with access. – Got it! I think I’m getting the hang of when to share and remove access.

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  1. No one will trust google anyways, all these companies collect data, if u want to hide data, do it on paper, everyone know that.

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  3. ppl act like they cant function without apps…for gods sake get out and excercise yourself you dont need a dam fitbit or app to show you. to dependant on technology is turning ppl soft.

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