See the signs. Machine elves talk to you.

See the signs. Machine elves talk to you.

A few weeks ago I was editing a video for
my second YouTube channel and once I uploaded it I realized that there’s a glitch in the
video. For some reason there are a few empty frames
in the animation. I went back to the source file to see if there’s
anything that caused it and it seems there isn’t, it’s a result of a random rendering
problem. I’m telling you about this because that glitch
happened exactly at 4 minutes and 34 seconds. It is a separate channel and nothing there
is related to this channel. But these things happen frequently to me and
they used to be a mystery for years but ever since I got the explanation from machine elves
as to why they happen I started reacting to those paranormal events and synchronicities
with conscious awareness. In that instance I took it as a sign that
it’s time to make a video about how machine elves communicate with us in this reality
using those signs when we need to be reminded about our purpose here. This video will be about what methods they
use to talk to us and how we need to react. I will give you some more examples and then
I will tell you about their explanation and what we should do about these signs. Before I do this I want to let you know about
a thing I decided to start doing for people who support financially this channel. Actually about two things. I started recording personal podcasts discussing
recent events, my 434 plans and everything that goes through my head while I am working
on new videos. The other thing I want to do as a thank you
for all 434 supporters is organize live Q&A sessions every few weeks. If you want to have access to all of this
or if you just want to help this channel grow join Patreon or Subscribestar, which is very
easy if you have never tried it before, or support 434 through Paypal, bank transfer
or by cryptocurrencies. All your help is needed and much appreciated. Let me start by telling you about more examples
of signs that appear in my videos on the second YouTube channel. I was recently thinking about making a video
on how one key on our PC keyboards is an analogy of our human lives and as I was doing some
research on the material for this video I found a website for one of the first PC keyboard
producers and it turned out their revenue is $434 million. That’s how I knew that that video needs to
be made now. And this is actually how most of the videos
on this channel appear. Very often I’m thinking what should be the
next subject to talk about and I start getting signs like that one or someone starts talking
to me about a particular problem they have in their life and then I’ll go to the YouTube
comment section and I’ll see the same question from different people posted all over the
434 videos. Then it becomes the next 434 video. This communication method is very well structured
and helps me a lot in my life. These signs are also used to tell me that
it’s time to trip. I never know when until I hear from random
people telling me “you need to take mushrooms”. And very often it happens suddenly within
a short time frame and I come across this sentence or hear it from many people at the
same time for no apparent reason. I learned to treat it as a sign that it’s
time to get in contact again, I know that’s how they communicate with me in this reality. These supernatural events very often are used
to complete a particular message that is given to me while in contact with machine elves
or sometimes they use it just to reassure me that what I was told is actually applicable
in our reality. For example some time ago I was watching the
movie “The Edge of Tomorrow” with Tom Cruise and halfway through it I heard a sentence
that sounded very different than the rest of what the actors were saying so I paused
the movie just to listen to it again. It was the only moment like this throughout
the whole movie that made me stop it and when I listened to it again it said that the main
character, major Cage, seized the metaphysical ability to reset his reality from an entity. When I looked at the time in the movie when
this sentence was said it was 43:40. This happened right after I had been in contact
with machine elves as they told me that we have the ability to create our own reality
in this dimension. That was the real-life confirmation that this
message is true. Very often I will experience synchronicities
that give me the motivation to continue what I do as if the supernatural world was trying
to let me know that I’m on the right path. I went over to my relatives for Christmas
and while I was there I was writing the last 434 video about the importance of family. I was describing one of my relatives and as
I was in her house I opened her notepad and for no particular reason there was a note
in it that said 434. She knows nothing about these videos and you
guys and there’s absolutely no reason for this note to be in there. I learned long gone ago that this is how the
Energy and the entities give you signs that what you do is important and that you are
going in the right direction. I also wanted to tell you about the discovery
I made recently. Entities very often will use these signs to
tell you or warn you about the future. One of the best examples I remember was me
sitting in a car with someone and then complaining about Nirvana not being played on the radio
these days. I turned the radio on to prove my point and
to my surprise – there was a Nirvana song playing. The important thing is that this was such
a strange synchronicity that I kept thinking about it and the meaning of what just happened
and then some time me and the person in the car got into a an argument and but because
of that event I remembered about 434 and being in control of my emotions. And once I started paying attention to these
supernatural events I realized that they precede either an important or an emotional moment
where I need to be reminded about the 434 values. These signs are a call for you to get ready
for what’s about to happen. I encourage you to observe the same type of
synchronicities and events in your life. Many people call it angelic guidance or God’s
intervention and it seems that it really is the Energy helping us to get through life
successfully. This type of communication is also used to
prove to you that the metaphysical dimension actually exists. In 2010 after listening to Wayne Dyer who
said that it is possible to access the manifesting properties of the Energy I decided to set
my mind on one particular thing – finding money, something that almost never happened
to me. Wayne Dyer’s instructions were exactly the
same as 434 messages, it was all about raising my vibrational frequency and allowing myself
to connect to the metaphysical world of possibilities and reality creation. Within a few days I was finding money everywhere
and things got strange quickly as I started finding British pounds in America and US dollars
in England. As if an additional, supernatural proof was
necessary to show me the true nature of our reality. One of very interesting types of entity guidance
for me is likes on social media. This is probably one of the strangest and
most frequent ones that happens. Sometimes I’ll find a post or a video and
when I want to click the like button I will realize that there is exactly 433 likes, followers
or subscribers and it is waiting for my reaction to go up to 434. I learned long time ago that I need to either
listen to the message in the post or a video or I need to get in contact with the person
who posted it and it usually becomes something significant in my life. It is a supernatural call for action. I was lucky to receive a machine elf explanation
to all of that metaphysical communication. I remember sitting at an airport waiting for
my plane and seeing 434 synchronicity four times in four different places within 30 minutes
and I started to think that this is too serious not ask for some answers. Having unanswered questions is one thing,
but taking part in supernatural phenomena that goes beyond any logical rules governing
our reality is a completely different matter and I am sure that many of you found themselves
in the same situation. All of this became so frequent and so profound
that the first thing I asked machine elves next time I was in contact with them was:
“what is the reason for all these crazy signs, what are you trying to tell me?” In response they showed my body suspended
in a large isolation tank. This tank was a big, black, futuristic looking
cubicle with me suspended inside of it. There were cables attached to my body and
I had a mask on my face. Although I was unconscious I knew that I am
actually busy experiencing this simulation that I’m in now. I saw two entities outside of the tank on
each side hitting the metal walls of the cubicle and screaming “happy, remember to be happy!”
making sure that my simulation is as successful and beneficial to me as possible. I was told that their banging on the walls
translates into awareness-raising synchronicities appearing in my reality. Machine elves showed me that the reason why
a lot of my synchronicities are related to planes is that we need to remember that no
matter how cloudy the sky is you can always get on the plane and within a minute you will
see a clear, blue sky and the bright sun in it. Referring to my vibrational frequency they
said that you can always see the sunshine and it’s all a matter of rising above the
clouds. It was a beautiful analogy and an explanation
that finally gave me an answer to a years-long dilemma of the nature of origin of all supernatural
events and synchronicities in our lives. These signs take various forms and by responding
to them you will choose which is the best method for the entities to message you. The most frequent one will be synchronicity. I made three videos describing this phenomena
so watch them if you would like to get more answers. Many of you come back to me to report a sudden
avalanche of 434 synchronicities during or after watching 434 videos. Some of them are so improbable that there
is no other explanation to this than the Energy guiding you in the right direction. Machine elves knowledge and 434 principles
are what you need to explore and the Energy and the signs around you will guide you there. Once you learn the these events are not random
you will also start seeing that all that happens to you has a meaning. All of us have a story of unexplained events
taking place in our lives. Like a glass breaking in your hands for no
apparent reason or items just flying off the shelves by themselves. Very often when I look at my thoughts at that
given moment I realize that I’m either thinking about something negative or I’m considering
making a decision that might be negative in consequences and very often it feels like
I’m being guided by the other side. I encourage you to pay attention to what goes
through your mind when these things happen. People have been noticing and reporting these
events for centuries and they treat them as ghost activity or as supernatural interventions. Just think about the amount of movies about
ghosts and haunted houses that were made. Of course it’s very easy to dismiss most of
it as a sign of paranoia or OCD and actually if you want to read the official explanation
or definition for synchronicity you will see that that’s what it’s explained as. That apparently we are giving a meaning to
something completely meaningless. It’s only when you get in touch with your
higher self and once you allow your consciousness to expand you’ll see that this is a clear
and coherent communication language, not just random and meaningless events. Listen to your intuition. That’s what we call our ability to listen
to and act on the divine and the non-physical. Pay close attention to what you are doing,
feeling or thinking. It’s to remind you about changing or amplifying
your current mindset. We don’t understand the nature of this simulation,
we don’t know how it works. I was told it is a collective creation of
your higher self and the entities and anything you consider stable or solid might be in fact
an easily modifiable feature of our reality that can serve as a communication tool. Whether it is synchronicities, dreams, time
and space disturbance, matrix glitches or unusual thinking patterns – they are all important
when observed and accepted. They can guide you towards your purpose and
they can reveal to you the meaning of your life. It is up to you to connect the dots and learn
the subjective context of the messages you are being sent and the signs that you are
being shown. Psychedelics will help you get the answers. Don’t let this transcendental communication
method confuse you, you’re supposed to grow and learn thanks to the signs. Take advantage of these amazing psychedelic
tools we have at our disposal in this reality. Machine elves and the Energy will use all
of your reality as a communication device. They will manipulate the elements of your
surroundings to push you gently towards your path. Living a life filled with unanswered questions
is not easy and it is not pleasant. We are all here looking for answers and it
is important not to ignore the subtle hints and clues that can help you access the knowledge
about our dimension. I encourage you to test the presence of Energy
in your life and your ability to communicate with the entities. Remember that they want your fulfillment and
your happiness as much as you want it for yourself and they will keep guiding you towards
that direction throughout your whole life. Make sure you learn their language. Love. 434. There are more videos coming soon to this
and the second YouTube channel. Subscribe to both. Please support 434 through one of the methods
shown on the screen, it can only exist with your help. Like and share this video. Visit the websites of the artist and the musician
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100 thoughts to “See the signs. Machine elves talk to you.”

  1. Could remembering dreams be a sign also? My life has been flooded with some really deep stuff for a while now and for the past few months all these dreams I’ve completely forgot about come to my conscious reality clear as day and I can’t help but to say to myself “oooooohhhhhhh yeah!!!! How could I have forgot that one?!?” But it keeps happening along with all these other “synchronistic” events… I have some psychedelics at the ready but I’ve been sitting on them for almost a year now debating on the right time to do it… it just seems like something is egging me on almost to a hilarious degree. I’ve done psychedelics in my past but not enough to commune with entities, only ever caught glimpses. A lot of this is very confusing to me, and also kinda very scary in a lot of ways, It’s hard to know what to believe in this world.

  2. funny that you made the comment about liking a video bringing it to 434, i liked this video and it brought me up to 343, which ive been seeing a lot lately and trying to figure out what it means. ive gotten a few 434 synchronicities too lately but ive been trying to.figure out why im seeing 343 as well. ill have to keep paying attention. there 4 dislikes on this video too rn though so it comes out to 3434, but ive gotten 343 on itd own pretty often

  3. Hi. Can you make video for suicide, not depression but not wanting to live? Nothing is in the same vibration like me and I don't find any higher purpose/ meaning in live. Thank you. I wish you to make enough money to give information only because you wanted

  4. In my dream I saw taliban / isis ( not sure who ) being slaughtered by drones and aircraft and they were in work shops building war machines like trucks and heavy weapons to sell to other countries then after the destruction of them all I saw children dressed in black flooding out from under the ground , stepping over one another to escape the hole, I remeber one kid who was being trampled crying and a bigger kid pulling him out from under them

  5. i did shrooms for the first time on new years and they changed my life. i felt the presence of 434 during my peak and legit just started crying from being in such awe. was so amazing i’ll never forget that feeling of love i felt and finally found my purpose in life ❤️ love you all and love 434.

  6. Litterly
    The word you say is
    This number started my path of realization something is deeply wrong with my physical reality and it was a big cause for my pain, not knowing

  7. I havenae seen any videos come up from 434 for a few weeks, although I'm subbed. This one came up on my recommendations today. I started watching it but only had time to watch the first couple of minutes as I was about to go out to do some errands. I also read some of your comments about how many synchs people have with 434 after watching videos. After a lull I've been getting more the last few days. I went to the animal food store, went back to my car, turned on the engine and the time was 4:34. That is the first 434 synch I've had for months. Love it. I thanked them, called them dickheids (fondly!), and said, "Keep them coming!".

  8. I have a suggestion for you 434.

    I was thinking what if i could recognize other 434 people so i can talk to them on the streets etc. Can you make like shirts or things we would buy from you and we can walk in public with those things so others can see us easier? Like a simpel 434 armband or shirt. It may also help you grow as a channel like free commercial during the day and it may raise a certain amount of money for you. I really want a poster of 434 for example to hang in my window

  9. When i am with my best friend, we often have moments where music starts to play of a song we were singing or talking about just before that.

  10. Signs are just now clicking for me. I've seen 434 a lot lately. And triple numbers. The biggest thing I have a problem with is human interaction. I never know how to talk to strangers and act when recieving human signs. Especially with women 😅 I am often in synch with Peter. I've always been able to predict the future or see it. Now it's weird having control over it. I don't know how to treat that power.

  11. How to learn more about this synchronicity language? Sometimes I lose hope because I feel I'm not able to understand the message.

  12. so that is why you told me the exact right things at exactly the right times, to improve my perspective on life and connect other information I already have 🙂

  13. That tank you were inside with mask on face… Do you know John C. Lilly? He actively practiced floating tank many times in warm salt water in silence and in the dark. In His book "The Scientist", he describes E.C.C.O. as he named it: Earth coincidence control office. Read it please. He discovered the same realms with entities who has maybe control on synchronicity and many other things in our lives here and talking with them telepathically.

  14. This is incredible..
    Ok, so first a little background. I've been watching your videos from the beginning. Ever since then I started looking for synchronicities. Which is basically in my case, looking at the hour and generally seeing 22:55 or 14:41 etc. Not saying that these are actually "signs from the machine elves" or something.. I want to believe that they are, but I'm not really sure as I many times also see things like 17:16 – which in my head could mean the opposite of a synchronicity, as I eventually rushed and failed to score. I have been really obsessed with it.

    Now, as I was watching the video and you were talking about yours and so many others people's "434" sychronicities, I could not but think about how I have NEVER seen 434 so far (or at least since I started watching your videos) and if this could have any meaning regarding the direction I'm going in my life and in general. (Important note: my life has had a massively positive shift as of the new years Eve. Won't go into details but it was a shocking event and changed everything for me) Then as the video was still playing, I started thinking whether I will ever start seeing this particular "434" synchronicity. Eventually I stopped thinking about it and later I said to myself not to forget to like the video after it ends. The video eventually ends and as I go to click on the Like button all I see is…. 434

    What could all this mean? Is there any meaning at all? I believe it is the Sign of a new start. A new life

  15. I love how this all works out, I was listening to you and tripwhip talking about both connecting with the machine elves, amazing I thought, and how recieveing the same information, I've been keeping up with you for awhile now, kinda because of the numbers, I was woken up, 2015ish, and you've helped with a handful of things going on or happening in my world, and again , I've had this number thing, seeing it, hearing it, looking at the clock on that number or close to it, all the same stuff,this thing going on for many year's, 2000, 2001, 420 , plus or minus 4 numbers, I know, I know, my son tried telling me , "it's because of weed thing dad,happy 420 "lol which I do smoke, but I'm busy, 420 smoking weed thing, calling people on 420, whatever , just wasn't me, wasn't ever in thought, until I ask the time from someone, "uh it's 420", so when I seen you an heard and others talking about seeing constant numbers, mainly double numbers, 22 ,11, so no info I felt and you number was close but I don't know the machine elves lol, I love all you know your getting from them, I can resonate with most everything, but still no info about this number, I'm just not getting why I'm seeing it, until watching this new video lol that their trying to let me know I'm on the right path and doing what I need to, because I don't doubt any thing much that I'm receiving anyway, but of course I'm questioning my path a time or two, I've meant amazing people, if not so amazing some amazing thing happen out of it, except all the financial heavy blows I keep receiving for two years stright, I've changed my whole thought process, I'm happy smiling all the time, knew everything was going to be ok, amazing synchronicitys happening almost daily, get people calling for work , if I could help them with remodel some house, or someone calling to fix up a rental property, when I would get a job from or with someone they knew, I lost money every time, still trying to figure that part out, but as for seeing this number and it's them letting me know I'm good, does help, because I have helped a few people I've known, one was big,and the information I seem to be needed, at that time ,to share with that person, has happened a lot, the people I meet, all I've learned, all of the knowledge I've gained helps me understand what and why things happen the my past, see things differently, I have a little better understanding of things now, this has been an amazing journey, wish I'd understand how to write less, lol i have an amazing story to tell lol I thank you for all you do, and for your wisdom you've shared much love, I'll be contributing here soon, much love

  16. A couple of months before watching your videos I had a dream of me being in a school and then a nurse approached me and gave me a small piece of paper. She told me to hold it and forever remember what was written on it. The only thing that was written in that paper were the numbers 434. And here I am today.

  17. I´m glad you posted this video, I'm just about to get into my first ayahuasca ceremony in a few days and this video and I have been receiving a lot of this signs

  18. I feel amazing this evening and I feel like I connected with what you was saying. I too have had similar experiences but I am still trying to connect the dots. It's great to know there are others. Thankyou for these interesting videos😊

  19. I noticed this morning that Peter had posted a new video. For years I’ve seen synchronicities but as of late, I’ve been having really complex multi-part syncs that sometimes span the course of the entire day. Just yesterday l had a mind blowing one but I’ll save it for brevity’s sake since this is already long. So I notice the new video and I read the title “watch the signs, machines elves are talking to you”. So already I’m like
    WTF. All day I’ve been trying to listen to this thing but I keep getting distracted or busy. Finally I sit down and start listening. I’m a few minutes in when
    I look up to the tv for a second and the news is on. I notice the clock in the bottom corner of the screen is at like 4:33pm and then I look at the YouTube timer and I’m at like the 3:20 mark in the video. At this moment I realized that I was going to be watching a 434 video about machine elves talking in signs at the 4:34 mark at 4:34 pm.

  20. So i was watching this video and a question popped into my head i have been thinking about for the past week, i paused the video to think about it more in depth and guess what the time the video stopped at?

  21. I was about to ask for opinions on what a recent synchronicity of mine could mean, but as I was writing it, I figured it out…
    My wife and I were heading home after being evacuated by the fires (I'm Australian). It was quite a drive, over 7 hours. In the morning I saw a car with the number plate DMT-123. I laughed and pointed it out to my wife. Then at about the halfway point, when we were near a little town I grew up in, I saw another car with the number plate DMT-321. I pointed it out to my wife again, and she said the elves are definitely calling out to me.
    During my DMT experience, I was told to appreciate all that I have, and enjoy my life with my family. My beautiful wife and three daughters. That if I can see that they are all I need in this life, all of my stress in life will be relieved. During the car trip, I was stressed and worried that we didn't have a good holiday. That I wasnt recharged for the new year. That my country and home was on fire and there was nothing I could do. The synchronicity was to remind me of what I learned from DMT. To appreciate what I have. And all I had and needed was in the car. I only just learned that now.

  22. Hey I’m a fan 434 is great keep up the good work I use mushrooms for spiritual growth and your channel has helped me out a lot thank you for the motivation and good vibes rock on

  23. can you do a video on 'distractions.' A big problem with my life is being distracted , and being unable to focus . Like right now, I'd like to watch your video , but I am distracted by needing to go to work in twenty minutes , or wanting to turn on something else I want to hear. So I appear to be locked down into kind of doing nothing, frozen. Is this just a discipline problem , or is there something else impinging on me

  24. You should do machine elves and the paranormal. And how to get rid of powerful "bad" spirits or the break of "curses"

  25. My numbers seem to be 123, it occurs alot, no idea what it means yet, some days ill be procrastinating or chilling and ill see it and just go do something

  26. Psychedelics and lucid dreaming are the fundamental tools to shaping your conscious reality. Always write down exactly what happened in your dreams as soon as you wake up. It’s sort of like using cheat codes in real life lol. You can even manipulate your dreams to experience whatever u want, for me I usually write down what I want to experience before bed and keep replaying the thought in my head till I fall asleep. You can also put headphones on and listen to certain things as you fall asleep and keep it playing even throughout rem sleep. Practicing lucid dreaming is the best way to communicate with the machine elves imo as they talk to you through people you have never seen before. Thanks for listening and the best of luck in this one big game called life. 434.

  27. I get the sincranicity of the number 23 but I never know what it means but it always will come up if something important happens

  28. I never am sure if Im noticing them or just wish for it to happen , cause I always feel like clueless. I see a lot 11:11 or 22:22 23:23 things like that, does that count or am I desperately wishing for it t be that? How can someone be sure? Nevermind you just answered this question right while I was writing this haha, crazy.

  29. I see 47 ALL the time and I work at a restaurant and this guy who always eats/studies there and he caught on to the number 47 because his tracker number for his food orders was repeatedly 47 it was interesting to see someone else react to seeing my number often

  30. What are your opinions, or what do these "entities" tell you about lord and savior Jesus Christ? Of you can ask them for me when you tap in next time ot would be appreciated, i haven't been able to contact the realm at this moment for personal reasons

  31. I understand exactly what it is about I saw many of signs around me about my path and now finally!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this! 🏆So, before Christmas I felt so lonely before my work in the morning in negative state of mind, in my prison, far away from my loved ones, some lost contacts in my mind, feeling guilty for some dead relationships with old friends….struggles about my burning passion inside of me not being able to express it long time…insecurities, missing my vibe and guidance… I was doing my make up and something moved my Christmas decorations lights on window two times to make sure I see it. I have my own perception of this event like maybe let that go and leave that fear and guilt away because it is a pointless, just go with a flow… the worst things already happened in front of your eyes and like…. not everyone have your vision, embrace it. Really there are such a deep things in someones life and we are just hopeing to find the answers💖I wished to be easier on me many times but this is just my life, unique. I am strong enough obviously. this is for all spiritual warriors here🙂

  32. Another sign, everytime I refused to watch a new video I always had it in the top of recommended. Now, it was not even on the recommended page.
    Not even kidding, try just noticing the signs and start about your ideas.

  33. What will I write?
    What will I make?
    What could I dream, if I dream awake?

    What should I share?
    What do I know?
    What can I give, to help others grow?

    When I hum this tune.
    When I sing this song.
    Would you sing it too?
    Would you join along?

    I am the writer.
    I am the poet.
    I am the creator of worlds and I know it!

  34. Shortly after I listened to this video in my car my gps notified me that I arrived at my destination at 4:34 🤗 well done!

  35. Funny…as I am listening to this I take a look at the right column, on videos suggested to me by YT. One of them says it lasts 4:34 (4:33 when I play it…weird)

  36. they’re calling me and have given me so many signs to trip again but unfortunately my guy doesn’t have anything at the moment.

  37. what do machine elves think about the major religions? i am interested in what they might think of christianity peculiarly. also great video, synchronized with me perfectly. cheers!

  38. Could you make a video about reincarnation and also do you know if we relive this life we are living rn many times I feel like I’ve already lived this life and I’m wondering love your videos keep spreading love

  39. Been listening to Wayne Dyer as I go to sleep for the last couple nights, and you begin the sentence in which you mention him at 5:34! Close synch for me! 🙂

    Could you say more about the guidance on money or point to the Wayne video? Any techs to raise your vibration? Finances is actually the area of life I’m stabilizing right now so this synchro is on point for me!

  40. I finally found a free moment to listen to this video and the entire time Im having the most intense and emotional tingles. Geeshus. These are really powerful communications. Thank you so much 434 😊💛🙌🏾


  41. I see 420 everywhere, like, not just in modern warfare lobbies or at smoke shops, but like everywhere, I would be walking down the street and just see 420 marked on the sidewalk and 420 on my cars odometer and 420 everywhere. Don’t know what it means but I started seeing it after doing lsd for multiple months in a row.

  42. i recently (last 3 days) started thinking , generally, if aliens would have visited us, would they be good or bad… and , weirdly enough, a movie popped on my web browser.. i havent seen this before, and i watched it today… its called dark skies (2013) and it just felt real, like , i honestly felt like, yeah, this is how aliens would see us…

  43. hi
    yesterday i was going to my family house. i forgot my credit card at home, no money for gaz for my car. i was on a low tank. didn’t know when it will be empty. i had 20mn to got to the city, 20 to come back. i was in a hurry cause i had an appointment. and has i was worrying about that, not having enough gas in my car, forgetting where i put my card, i saw a car with the license plate : 444.
    and i immediately thought. “everything will be fine, don’t need to worry.” and i kept driving “peacefully”. i was on time for my appointment (found a place for my car in front of the building) and i could make it home without running out of gas. not to mention that i found my credit card back at home (when i didn’t know where i left it, damn pockets)
    but yes signs are real and helpful.

    thanks for your channel, it really help a lot.
    i’m learning about the law of one, do you know about it ? the confederation and the Ra contact ?

  44. I watched your video last night. Today I was in a business meeting and one of my associates was asking if the total amount was $434, and the treasurer said no I believe it’s $430 not $434. And then the first associate repeated it and said so it’s $430 not $434 …… 😳

  45. hey man i really need to talk to you
    you should think that this is a normal message but, machine elves have talk to me im from peru they told me that you are staying away from your porpouse so you need to talk to me, really the humanity depends on this. 434 and remember dont stay away from your porpouse.

  46. After watching went to see my mushroom grow: Perfect temperature, and the time on watch was 22:22. I came back here to share this experience with you by writing this comment and the likes on this video: 777


  47. Haha. Just seen 434 on the dash of a car in a video after going running in the night and fighting (for fun) and talking with my brother about a story he is writing

  48. Hey everyone, I’ve been dealing with severe depression and suicidal thoughts the past couple weeks (I’ve had depression for years and I see a doctor). Everyone in this comment section seems so happy and peaceful. What do you do that makes you peaceful? Is there certain things you make sure to do everyday or certain thought processes?

    Thank you.

    EDIT: I can unfortunately not take psychedelics as I have depersonalization/derealization disorder.

  49. 8:08 Aside from the usual synchronicities, I've also seen the numbers 737 and 747 a lot lately

    9:16 Both of those events have happened to me recently…

    11:44 Weirdest hint was one I got yesterday working a shift I don't normally work. I got told to "read between the lines" by someone I hardly ever talk to. The story behind it is a comment in and of itself

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