Secure your Trezor with passphrase encryption

Secure your Trezor with passphrase encryption

what’s going on guys welcome back having
a hardware while it’s a great first step to securing a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
and if you have one like the Trezor adding a passphrase is a nice easy way
to add an extra layer security just in case your 24 word recovery seed is
ever compromised or even if you’re a victim of a physical attack it’s
extremely easy to set up so I’m going to show you how to do it right now so the
first thing we have to do is plug in our device and open it up on the browser so
once you plug in your device and have a boot up at this point you want to open
up your wallet on your browser so if we go to it opens up our wallet and it asks us
for our pin so as you know it scrambles up the letters on the device and you
enter in your PIN on the screen what you enter your PIN it opens up your wallet
click on your device and go to the Advanced tab in the Advanced Settings
you can see the passphrase option it warns you that if you lose your
passphrase you’re going to lose access to all your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency
so you have to make sure it’s something you can remember and something that you
can keep safe so once you’re ready to click OK I understand and enable
passphrase encryption it asks you to confirm on your device that you want to
enable passphrase encryption so once you’re ready to confirm on your device
at this point it tells you to disconnect your Trezor so that you can restart it
with passphrase encryption turned off so we just connect our device and plug it
back in and this time after you enter your PIN and ask you for your past
if you haven’t already created a passphrase and you want to access your
default wallets all you do is leave a blank and hit enter and if we do that
what you’ll see is that my original wallet that we had at the beginning is
still there and intact but now if we want to leverage the passphrase
encryption feature all we have to do is add a passphrase that we want to use to
be able to access a new wallet so if I disconnect the device and reconnect
enter my pin again this time when it asked me for my past phrase I want to
enter the passphrase that I want to use going forward for my new wallet so in
this case going to show my passphrase so you guys can see what I’m doing I choose
Matt and I hit enter as you can see it opens up a brand new
account with different recieving addresses and basically anytime I want
to access this wallet I just have to put my pin in and then my passphrase you can
create as many wallets as you want with this method just depending on how many
pass phrases you want to keep up with the great thing about passphrase is that
no one really knows if someone has a setup or how many they have set up so it
has actually layer security for you because it adds a little bit more doubt
into the process if people are trying to take your Bitcoin if you really want to
add an additional obstacle you can toggle the passphrase option off after
setting it just means that the passphrase won’t even be asked for when
plugging in the device so someone would have to know that you have a passphrase
toggle the option on then know what your passphrase is and toggling the setting
on and off doesn’t do anything bad to your device
it doesn’t wipe out your previous wallets all you have to do is
reinitialize that setting and then log in with your previous passphrases
and everything will still be there if you want to know more about how to use
your Trezor click on this playlist right up here so if you like this video
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5 thoughts to “Secure your Trezor with passphrase encryption”

  1. Yo Matt, it says 'behind each passphrase is hidden another wallet'. So you can make 10 passphrases with each 10 diff. Wallets?

  2. Seems a bit unsecure that you're typing in your passphrase on the keyboard rather than on the Trezor. Makes it vulnerable to key loggers.

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