33 thoughts to “San Diego lab discovers COVID-19 / coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours”

  1. Vaccines are poisonous. They create them at the same time as they create the disease. Problem reaction solution…. welcome to the new world disorder

  2. 💥 They need to test it the last Vaccine they created for a SARS Corona strain Virus worked on animals but when they injected Humans there T Cells went crazy and attacked the body killing those who took it, they don't know why it was happening …they pulled the Vac off the shelf Unfortunately few children were killed due to the Vac….This Strain of Corona Virus shares Genomic Sequences Similar to all of the SARS Viruses on record ,and so Human Trials are definitely necessary before any Vac hits the shelf.

  3. yeah right..got to get thru all the tests first "are you saying youve cured cancer?…Yes, yes we have.." I am Legend..they always seem so sure..

  4. If you made the virus. It's probably easy to make the vaccine. Sounds crazy three hours. It takes longer to cook a turkey.. Not all believe everything you say. Convince me show me the vaccine killing the bug. But no here's some people walking around a lab , zoom in on the wires and Bam We cured corona. Any way, I'm going to try to find out why the misdirection, what really going on.

  5. Hope this works for people because animal testing is different. No matter, this is definitely a good news because they now have something like a blue print!!!

  6. Trials takes more than a year and the side effects of vaccines for the coronavirus are very damaging to the immune system the previous attempt for the SARS outbreak never got to human trials because of this so there’s no previous vaccine for a coronavirus.

  7. This is pure DISHONESTY … When it comes to Humans … there is NO working vaccine, period. Tell the head of the lab to give themself a shot.. and then walk into a room full of Covid 19 infected and see just how great their supposed discovery helps them, FIRST!

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