Rookie Report: Coding by Yuma – Behind the News

Rookie Report: Coding by Yuma – Behind the News

Hi, BTN. My name is Yuma Soerianto
and I am 10 years old. I live in Melbourne
and I like taekwondo… ..playing piano and most of all I like to code. I started coding when I was six, because my school work
was not challenging enough. I started with coding websites
and made online games. And once I was good enough,
I started to learn apps from an iTunes U
Stanford University course, which I finished
in about four months. Currently, I have five apps
on the App Store and I am hoping to make it even more. The first app I created
was very simple, as I was still learning
how to make apps. It was called Kid Calculator and it is an app
with big flashy numbers. It also tells you
what number you pressed on, so you’ll never press
on the wrong number ever again. My favourite app so far
is my latest game – Let’s Stack! I’d like to say that coding
is something anyone can do if they have the perseverance and they have a creative
and logical mind. Last year I decided to share
my knowledge with others, especially kids my age, so I started making videos on
my YouTube channel, Anyone Can Code. Welcome to an Anyone Can Code video where I’ll teach you more
about coding. As I started making a few videos, I found out that most viewers
were adults, instead of kids. The reason why I want kids to code is so they can make their ideas
come true through apps. It also helps them think about
what technology itself can achieve. And also it can help them, so when technology advances
over time, they won’t struggle with the new
technology and know how to use it. I am also the youngest
scholarship winner at Apple’s Worldwide
Developers Conference in San Jose, California. One of our youngest is here
this morning. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) His name is Yuma Soerianto, he’s from Australia
and he’s just 10 years old. I was shocked when my dad told me
that I won the scholarship. Meeting the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, was an amazing experience. When I showed him my apps,
he was amazed and he couldn’t wait to see
what I do next. I still want to keep coding, but I believe that technology
can shape the world, so I want to make apps
for everyone to use and so they can make their lives
easier and I can shape the world.

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  1. I used to live in aussie but moved to korea teacher showed us btn every tuesday afternoon love btn great memories

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