Red Bull BC One France Cypher 2014 Final : Noé VS Dany

Red Bull BC One France Cypher 2014 Final : Noé VS Dany

Ho, ho, ho! Ladies and Gentlemen This is a crucial moment–
now more than ever! Which of our two finalists will move on to
the European Qualifier in Finland? Helsinki, 2014! Which of these two Frenchmen
will represent us there, and will face the other gladiators? The crown is up for grabs. It’s Red Bull BC One France Cypher. Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to give
a huge round of applause for the first gla-di-a-tor! B-Boy Noé! Louder! Make some noise!
He’s right before you. Noé, Noé, right in front of you, right here facing you,
Ladies and Gentlemen, the crucial moment we’ve been waiting for. Normally I don’t hold myself back
when it comes to speaking. Tonight! Here at la Cigale! I’m telling you,
this is going to be fun, y’all! In front of you, Noé, a crucial showcase of hip-hop, will appear… will appear… B-Boy Dany! Make some noise for Dany! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Alright… Dany, Noé, come closer! Closer, closer, closer please. You’re going to represent a lot! You’re really going to represent a lot! The audience expects a lot from you! Not only do you represent yourselves, but you also represent your crews! Silent Tricks, 97x, Infamous… Three rounds, three rounds, no contact, okay? Bring everything that you got, now more than ever! Now’s the time, if you want
to make it to the European stage The jury is there! Waiting for you! With a keen eye, well focused! They want to see top level; they want to see great things!
Agreed? Okay guys, give all you’ve got,
because this is the last battle! The people expect so much of this Final! Ladies and Gentlemen! Noé, Dany! Three rounds! Maximum noise! Hands in the air!
Hands in the air!
You, behind the screen!
Your hands– This is the Final!
This is the Final! This is the big Final! Make some noise!
Make some noise! Red Bull BC One France! Yeah! Okay, let’s go! Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. Give them some encouragement, people! Encourage them! Everybody! Clap your hands! Everybody! Everybody!
Clap your hands! Hands in the air, there!
Hands in the air, yo! Hands in the air, yo! Red.. Red Bull
BC One France Cypher! Make some noise! Who will start?
Come on… Dany! Noé! Noé! Dany! Dany! Noé! Noé! Dany! Who will go first, people? People, tell them will start! Tell them! Who will go first? Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! -Oh!
– It’s Dany! Oh! Make some noise for Dany! Go, B-Boy Noé! Ya-ho! Whoa! – Oh la la la la!
– Ohhhh! The level is high!
It’s the Final, the level is high! Make some noise, people! Oh yeah! Give them energy!
Give them energy! Check them out! Go, B-Boy Noé! Your reply! Yo! Give it up for Noé! Make some noise! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh la la! Dany’s reply! Oh la la la la! Here we go again! Everybody! Clap your hands!
Everyone! Let’s go, people!
Let’s go! This is the Final! Go Dany! Go Dany! He’s hot, he’s hot! Red Bull BC One France Cypher Paris! Dany! People! People, there! Can’t hear you, people! Can’t hear you! Noé! Noé! Noé! Oh! Oh Noé, here we go again! That’s it, all set? Okaaaaaay! Battle over! Thank you DJ Martin! Make some noise, people! More noise up there, too!
Everyone there! Behind your screens,
make some noise tonight! Hey, we’re at the crucial moment! So, as an exception, we’re going to let you all stand up. Everybody up! Everybody up! Before anything else,
how did you like this Final? I can’t hear you! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… This moment is crucial. This moment is solemn. Together! Together! 4… 3… 2… 1… B-Boy Noé! – Noé!
– B-Boy Noé! Silent Tricks! B-Boy Noé! B-Boy Noé is the winner! B-Boy Noé! There’s our champion! There he is, our champion! Ladies and Gentlemen! The Champion of the Red Bull– This guy will represent France in Finland, in Helsinki, for the European Qualifier! Make the maximum of noise for Noé! Red Bull BC One France… Noé! Okay Noé, quickly,
a few words, a few words! …live! Good night, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed it. Bravo to all the dancers. Don’t forget to smile! Peace! B-Boy Noé! He has tears…
he has tears in his eyes! Our winner, Ladies and Gentlemen! Give him a huge round of applause!

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  1. Keine Stimmung….why ? :/

    The two deserve it to get a big round of applause or not…?
    What's wrong with the audience?

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