Red Bull BC One Cypher – Azerbaijan 2012

Red Bull BC One Cypher – Azerbaijan 2012

I don’t know, maybe I had to practice more and in the final battle make more effort. I needed just a little more energy to win. Red Bull BC One for me is a good chance to show my capabilities, and despite the fact that I participated for the first time I won it. When the judges picked me it was like an electric shock. Although we dance together we had to prove tonight which one is better

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  1. fexr eledim. Esasende ushaqlarin ingilisce danishmaqlari ile. Adeten bizimkilerin ingilisce danishmagini eshidende, isteyirsen gedesen ozuvu binadan atasan yere. Amma bu gencler cox rahat, serbest ve edebi danishirdilar. Demek olarki aksent bele yox idi. Hlaldi size ushaqlar, feyaletivize devam eleyin, hech kimin tenqidinede qulaq asmayin, zor eleyirsiniz!

  2. senin qadan alaram AY qa. dunyada bir sensen birde sen. sennen bashga break dance oynuyan oqlan tanimiram. heciden salamlar.

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