100 thoughts to “Read Music Much Faster With This Technique”

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  2. Once you get past the confusion of which is the right hand versus left hand – and what notes letters should be on the screen it kind of goes slow.

  3. 6 lines system is way better than the traditional 5 lines staffs.
    Grab a ruler and a pen ,draw a line above the treble clef, and draw another line below the base clef. It will transfer your music sheet to 6 line system.

    Base clef is same as treble clef except it is 2 octave lower. No confusion any more.

    All the C are in the middle space, or on the first lines above, or on the first line below in both clef.

    The bottom half of both clefs is same as the 5 line treble clef, such the space below is D, first line is E, first space is F, second line is G, and so on.

    The top half of both clefs is same as the 5 line base clef, such as the top space is G, top line is A, and the space above is B.



  5. For the bass clef lines, since I go to guy b brown school (look it up) my school uses “guy brown died Friday afternoon” and the weird part about that is he actually died on a Friday 😂😂✌️

  6. This is not a good method read music fast at all. It took you so long to explain each interval as you went along. An intermediate to advanced level student does not read music that slow or inefficiently. Reading music is a combination of reading notes and intervals. In a melodic line you’re not wasting time identifying intervals… you’re picking out chunks of patterns and individual notes ..

  7. This is amazing. I have been looking for a tutorial like this for a while now. Thanks for sharing. Wish I can double-like this

  8. I've never known anything at all about music and I learned sooooo much just watching this video. I'm hooked! Thank you!

  9. Very clear and you're a nice down to earth guy, not like some other belittling people on here!! Im a piano teacher 37 years and i could see how people could easily learn from you. 🙂 🎼🎹🎵🎶

  10. Do you know of an electronic score that can be viewed on an iPad? What I need is large print that could move on one line. So all of the measures appear in one scrolling line and move to the left as I play. I’ve looked at many apps to see if music can be displayed like this, to no avail.

  11. Treble clef: Every Good Boy Does Fine
    Spaces: FACE
    Bass clef: Good Boys Do Fine Always
    Spaces: All Cows Eat Grass

  12. I'm working thru Alfred's Adult 1 with an instructor (a serious classical fellow), and the value of understanding intervals to reading fast isn't emphasized enough – this video reinforces the importance and value. Good practice tool, thanks for the demo. Applying the interval approach got me moving faster using the teoria tool…

  13. Im always bad at sight reading not because i don't know anything but im reading the notes too slow

  14. It looks as if for piano that's pretty straight forward. I need to learn this for the Ukulele which requires a bit of a brain twist due to the tuning of the Uke. Any chance you can produce a lesson on that?

  15. Hi! I really like this lesson. Could you explain, how you produce your videos? how do you split the screen like this? Which notation software and what other equipment do you use. Best, Till.

  16. Excellent lesson so helpful to me I play guitar but learned to read and im working to get controller hooked up in reaper so I can record keyboard
    or sequence and apply this also ! This helps greatly for reading guitar chords.. HUGE BREAKTHROUGH TODAY ON THAT FOR ME WATCHING THIS !

  17. I studied classical for 2 years but suffered in reading quicker or chords when I came upon clusters of notes id freeze or get lost.
    Then ear training I suffered and was not getting it could not seem to grasp it.. HAD JUST ONE INSTRUCTOR JUST ONE approached the lessons
    like they way you just did here Id have grasped it sooner.. That is the difference in a good teacher and those who are bad at it.
    This being said they were brutal and not humane to those who had no formal education and the other students who could read were just as snooty.
    As if they were something of a better person cause they could read better Instead of just pulling me aside and saying hey just do this work these..
    I did have someone tell me think intervals you gotta think in intervals to read chords faster had they said no break each interval down note by note
    I would have seen what they mean such as this lesson… This is more difficult on guitar as you cant see the melody like piano you think upside down
    and its more feel or muscle memory to locate each interval cause you have to lean over to see them.. Same theory different instrument.
    The approach here is very educational and not abusive to the student who wishes to learn… BTW im 59 years old and though some would say oh you should
    know this instantly already it was never presented in such fashion before so I thank you..

  18. Been using YouTube to teach myself Piano for a couple of weeks, this channel is absolutely the best and my favorite!!

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  20. The way I remember top lines is, "Every Good Band Deserves Fans". Then I remember the bottom with Good Bands Deserve Food As-well
    I never really had a good way of remembering ACEG, except to just remember the ACE, and work out the rest.

  21. You are helping me crack the code. I have recognized that I have difficulty playing because I have not mastered intervals.


  23. I  very rarily comment, but this video has relieved my struggle for reading notes tremendously. Very good job, well done. Thank so very much.

  24. This is something i had done to some extent naturally, but you drawing attention to it and in a thorough way is going to help me for sure, good video thanks.

  25. I'm always confused about the notes with the little circle on top of the lines can you please tell me what it is?

  26. But why, when whoever it was decided which notes went on which line, didn't they make the two clefs the same?

  27. Oh! I use a better method to read sheet music. I write the actual notes near the noteheads. That way it becomes easy. I use the lines as reference for octave. When we can write so much information on Sheet music I think writing the actual names near the notes as added advantage. This way I remember the notes on the song always.

  28. What's the even and odd things about? When it's even you play both the notes or something and when it's odd you play them individually or something? 🙁

  29. But how do you tell which line a dot is on or between without counting!? I can only tell that the dots is close to the bottom, close to the top or somewhere in the middle; and ofcourse I can tell that two notes next to each other is either some amount higher or lower; but to tell exactly which line it's on or between at a glance; thats impossible to me unless I lean forward and use something like a pencil tip to count the lines. It doesn't even really matter how large you print it since the problem is the ridiculous number of lines (which bizarrely doesn't even match then number of "steps" between octaves somehow?) and somehow counting them without pointing.

  30. Just first time to watch your channel THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! You just help me for my test. Thank you very,very much😘😘😘👍👍👍

  31. can you help me pls, I am looking for a mobile app where when I hit a piano key it will appear on mobile what note on the staff. I think this way will help me memorize all the notes.

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  34. I HAVE A QUESTION PLEASE THE NOTE IN THE 21:05 there's a bar above the four notes is there any significant meaning of that???? You are a really good teacher! This is like school I feel sleepy but i keep going and Im tryig to take down notes too. Hope you reply. THANKYOU!

  35. So glad there are people like you, giving free tutorial on how to play piano. Good job! Pls do know that you are helping a lot to inspire aspiring musicians!

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