44 thoughts to “R9. Approximation Algorithms: Traveling Salesman Problem”

  1. He should slow down or emphasize his syllables. He's difficult to understand sometimes here. Aside from this, it is pretty good.

  2. for someone who is not a native english speaker, this was way too fast, but nevertheless still more helpful than the lessons at my university

  3. If you could talk just a little bit slower it would be great. I had to go back a couple of times to understand what you said. But besides that your explanation is great! Thanks

  4. At first you will be in trouble to understand his word but don't lose your patience believe me this one is the best Explanation for Approximation Algorithms: Traveling Salesman Problem. Just love it

  5. Super great Video! Thanks Amartya Shankha Biswas! Btw, in around 11:40 when he derives the 2-approximation it should be C' and not C. C' is the solution derived by the approximation algorithm.

  6. When he'll be an old and grumpy professor, one of his students will find this video in youtube and be like mind = blown.

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