Playstation Ascii Sphere 360 – Rare Obscure or Retro – Rerez

In the early morning of June 27th, 2013,
Shane’s computer found it
an appropriate time to fail.
After much attempted repair,
the computer was unresponsive
to the attempts of its owner,leavingRerezin a state of dismay.What could Shane possibly do this week
without his computer at hand?
WillRerezbe delayed?
Will the forces of evil prevail?
Will Microsoft finally make an
operating system that doesn’t suck the big one?
Stay tuned.♪♪ ♪ [MUSIC ENDS] SHANE: So… that sucked. Today I was gonna actually do a video on an
old PC classic that I really liked, but now that my PC’s down, there’s really
not much I can do about that. But what I am gonna do today is show off
a controller that I picked up a little while ago. Now this controller is kind of specific, it was
made for the PlayStation, and I believe there was a PC variant made at some point. But I don’t know too much about that controller. What Icantell you, though, is
the controller I have originally came with some kind of training CD. But I have no idea where that
training CD is, I never got one, in fact, there was a box that came with this thing… I didn’t even get the box. But what Ididget with it was a sense of confusion, because this thing looks completely weird. It’s called the ASCII Sphere 360. It’s a unique controller
utilising a 360-degree analogue ball. What that means is that the big rubber ball
at the top of the controller can recognise 360 degrees of movement. You can push it, pull it, and even twist it
in any direction. The ball is very stiff, but it’s so sensitive that even
the slightest movement will be recognised. Like the DualShock controllers produced around
the same time for the PlayStation, the ball will know just how hard you’re using it, giving you the ability to walk or run
just like the DualShock’s analogue stick. This, however, is kind of special for a few games
that made perfect use of this controller. And one of the games wasForsaken. Forsakenis a PlayStation 1 game that is
comparable to the classic DOS game
Descent.You have 360 degrees of freedom, floating around
in a vehicle that can fire lasers and launch rockets.
There is a plot to this game, but let’s not even
venture into that craziness.
The reason I’m playingForsakenis due to the fact
that this game takes full advantage of the controller.
Movement in your vehicle is totally controlled with
the ball, giving you a sense of mobility
that isn’t comparable to
any other controller that I know of.
Joysticks and analogue sticks usually
give you control over direction in a game
or sometimes the speed of a character or vehicle.But this controller does both at the same time.There will be movement that this one ball alone
can complete, that nothing else can even come close to.
And on top of that, the controller can also switch
between control schemes for non-supported games.
For instance, you can use this exact same controller
Grand Theft Auto 2.It will generate a simplified analogue-like control that
simulates small presses on the directional pad.
That way you can steer vehicles and walk in the game
with more accuracy.
While it does work, it doesn’t add much to
the experience, because, well…
GTA2was designed without that in mind,so you’re not really missing anything by using
the regular PlayStation controller.
There is a reason why this thing didn’t go mainstream.Despite its obvious brilliance, it’s way too sensitive.Even after prolonged use, you will
never be able to quite master it,
and the sensitivity works against you
every step of the way.
Any slight movement in a direction you didn’t
want to move into
will throw your orientation off,
completely destroying the game.
There is a reason why analogue sticks have
become so prevalent in the last few years.
They’re just really easy to learn, which is why they’ve
been included on virtually every recent controller.
While this controller offers something really cool,it would definitely have any seasoned gaming veterans
like myself irritated and lost in a matter of minutes.
So the controller is kind of crap. I mean, we can talk about it all day, and try and make
it seem like it’s a really awesome controller, but it’s not. The controller is just not that worthwhile. There are other games that utilise it, like
Duke Nukem: Time to Kill
, but if you’re gonna play this game, I recommend
you use a DualShock, because it has vibration, and it’s just better. Now, while there are other games that utilise it, I can’t imagine they’re any better than
whatForsakenoffers. Forsaken at least offers you that 360-degree movement
that this controller should be easily performing. But because of the sensitivity issues, and, well,
the poor control scheme altogether, and the fact thatForsakenisn’t really
that good of a game, there really isn’t much reason to own this thing. Now, with that being said, if you’re a nut for
PlayStation hardware, this might be cool. It does offer a different kind of control scheme that
you’re probably not gonna find on any other platform. And while I do know that they did release
one of these devices for the PC, I have no idea what games were ever made to utilise it,
if in fact it was utilised for games at all. Anyway, that’s the Sphere 360. Don’t buy one… but try it if you can. ♪♪

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