Pawn Stars: WWII Machine Gets a Tough Appraisal (Season 10) | History

Pawn Stars: WWII Machine Gets a Tough Appraisal (Season 10) | History

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  2. Rick probably sold it for 10 times that to some WWII nerd…like the Beard of Knowledge, but not nearly as smart!!!🙄

  3. Customer brings in an alien gun with no magazines in it.
    Rick: okay… let me call my buddy who knows all about alien stuff.
    The beard of knowledge enter.
    Expert: this is a nice piece. Here I have some magazines for the gun
    Rick: how did you get these?
    Expert: oh. I had them in my garage

  4. Rick never loses a game of LOWBALL, I would like to know how much he made on the deal. I am guessing 4-5 hundred dollars .

  5. I have a coin dated 1,000 BC. I still don't know how when they minted the coin they knew Christ would be born in a thousand years.

  6. 0:10 At this moment the dude realized he's had this thing in his possession for 50 years and got off easy haha.

  7. Wow!! The appraiser had the tape for his machine sitting in his garage! Too much of a coincidence to be real.

  8. Believe It or Not North Korea are still using these in different parts of there country. Who would ever guess. 👍🇺🇸

  9. Is it me or does pawn stars just keep on repeating the same episode over and over on YouTube. One more rerun and I'm unsubscribing from this

  10. Rick: calls expert about WW2 Morse code deciphering machine.
    Expert: Google searches Wikipedia on WW2 Morse code deciphering machine.

  11. "…in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?"
    "Look…I can give you sickness and health, and I'm still taking ALL the risk here."

  12. I feel bad for all the people who sell amazing stuff from the history worth thousands even millions then they get only $10 bucks from Rick

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