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  1. I love this channel! I'm an x-studio keyboardist guitarist producer .I left music for medicine,but still record for fun.I love channels that are unique and original.Nikol is like the perfect "girl next door".She seems so cool yet friendly.I'm born and raised in california,but I lived in europe for a while and am so interested in foreign people and artist.we are to commercial here.keep up the videos..please!..check out my original jazz-rock-electric original on mt channel..

  2. I learned to use modular synthesizers with my 1 year old strapped to my chest. I can honestly say that was the most fun I ever had was working late at night in the University electronic music lab with my child adding her own sound effects!

    Great vid!

  3. As a subscriber for a while, I appreciate Nikol speaking English, even though for me personally it wasn't strictly necessary. Thanks for the effort, great video as usual and congrats.

  4. Fantastic demonstration of sounds modeling!! Also, very inspiring for new sound and new music creation. Please do more videos?

  5. What's best: the modular wall, the funny accent, the amazing tuto/demo, the cute lady face, or the BABYYYYYYYY hahahah 🙂 This should go viral.

  6. Thank you so much everybody for such a great feedback! it pushes us forward so much:) btw right now we are uploading new episode 😛

  7. FIY: we got few questions on how you control a pitch of the "string". For this you need to modulate the delay time (rate). However most of the delays will not track your 1v/oct pitch cv and be out of tune. You can either adapt to that with unquantised analog sequencer or pick a delay that has an input calibrated for 1V per octave signals. We can clearly recommend doepfer BBD delays and 4ms DLD modules that track nicely and behave really well in note sequencing situation. xoxo

  8. One of the most technically informative vids I've seen on going beyond just basic synthesis. I could be building some more Bastl kits soon.

  9. Outstanding tutorial and demo. The graphical recap at the end was extremely helpful. Also, "Let's pimp it up" was hilarious. Thanks for the great work!

  10. Great tutorial. I struggle to make tutorials half this good and I don't even half to hold a baby. Keep up the good work.

  11. Ahoj Nikol, myslím, že jsou "docela v pohodě!" A miluju se dívat na vaše videa, i když jsem dont mít svůj vlastní modulární. Vy a dítě jsou geniální!

  12. Hi! First of all Kudo's for explaining Karplus Stong! 🙂
    Secondly, are you not afraid of hurting your babies ears? I kindof get worried. We adults already don't hear the top most frequenceis and technically well designed analog synths can produce very high frequencies at pretty terrifying levels. They do not naturally scale the levels to 1/f like in nature and you can easily produce way too loud high pitches. Never mind feedback loops and resonance. All i'm saying is, be carefull.

  13. One, we have the same sling, it's so good.
    Two, best explanation of what Karplus-Strong is, ever. Clear and defined.

    Thankyou so so much!

  14. I'm pretty sure if my mom strapped me to her body while dancing to music she was creating I would have been much more musically inclined as a child instead of starting much later in life 🙂

  15. I just found this video. Absolutely the coolest mom in electronic music. I laughed so hard when you basically said "pimp your patch." Subscribed! Awesome.

  16. Thanks a million for this fantastic tutorial. Purchased the DIY crush delay and completed the build yesterday. I have been having endless amounts of fun since. So versatile and and useful module. Delighted. BIG love from Derry, Ireland x.

  17. Your like Luke when he wears Yoda on his back, but with a baby, and on the front, and with synths instead of lightsabers. Also like the baby reacting to the sounds:)

  18. Only one question: would you make the sound of this video open source? I really want to sample the words „Karplus Strong Algorythm“ from this 🙂

  19. Aw 🙁 Why did you switch to english? I just watched the first videos to improve my Czech. Guess I'll read the subtitles now… Nevertheless great videos! Keep it up!

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