Nottingham Internship Scheme  – Improving my coding skills

Nottingham Internship Scheme – Improving my coding skills

I’m Matt, I’ve just finished my first year,
and I’m studying computer science. I’m currently working for Strafe Creative
doing web design. I am helping program websites including the CSS and HTML, so I’m working
with a client’s specification and I’m building websites based off that. I just wanted to develop my skills to be honest.
It was a matter of – I spent my first year doing Computer Science and I loved every minute
of it. I was especially enjoying the programming aspect, and the opportunity to do it in the
real world came up so why not? So I’ve been here about a week and a half
now and so far the highlight is just the rapid development: I’ve found out that definitely
my programming has got better. The guys are really supportive and have helped me develop
my own style, making sure that I can develop more widely and my code’s understood.

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