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  1. keto diet is fat powered and eliminates hunger so you can literally skip lunch, avoid the 2PM slump, and have consistent energy all day long.

  2. "if you have more than five friends I will probably just show you out the door"

    "go to skillshare where you can learn skills like how to make friends"


  3. "if you have more than five friends I will probably just show you out the door"

    "go to skillshare where you can learn skills like how to make friends"


  4. You should try bang energy drinks tech lead. Not just for energy but they really enhance your brain function 🙂
    Love your videos. Hope you’re doing okay these days after your wife left. Stay strong

  5. Great advice in the middle here that is applicable to many other fields of work and disciplines. Most people can't do anything consistently well or with high levels of concentration for more than two or three hours. You need to break up your day and refresh your mind.

  6. How do you prioritize tasks if your team uses Agile, and tasks are prioritized by the Product Manager? Also, in such cases, tasks are expected to be taken by priority order by whoever frees up first.

  7. TechLead: “how many friends do you have?”

    Me: “5”

    TechLead: “Welcome aboard”

    Me: “thanks so much, I believe we will become good friends”

    TechLead: “that will be 6, I’m sorry please leave”

  8. Thanks for this video. I've started to feel recently that my lifestyle is just not optimized for productive programming and your advice has really grounded that unsettling feeling. Will be making the appropriate changes from here on out 😊

  9. Have you read "Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain" tldr: exercise is great for the brain!

  10. All my friends come from drug. poor. fight.they dont read books but some of them make money by doing illegal things.So nearly i have 0 friends. Should i keep these friends or not?

  11. don't eat..don't have friends..don't leave to do anything. And you know what he's actually correct. I need at least 3 hrs to get in that Goldie locs zone.

  12. Yes what he's saying about the break is insane. When you hit a wall on the analytical side of things, you need to semi-consciously think about the problems in a more abstract way. This is almost always how I solve problems

  13. Hi! I am a SW engineer. I must say that my daily routines meet many of your suggestions (strict time slots for coding, drinking habits and having a proper rest etc.) Discipline and good habits matter! Thank you for this video! Greetings from Belgrade and Budapest.

  14. “Substance abuse is a some bitch but if devs don’t drink coffee I won’t even consider hiring. “

    My motto is devs aren’t creative if they don’t occasionally dabble In cannabis or other stronger non toxic psychedelics. Coffee is alright too for hustling, not stepping away from the code mentally

  15. @TechLead in a video you said that you take breaks every 30 minutes and here you say to work for 2-3 hours blocs ? How do you manage this duality ? Work on the same thing for 2-3 hours by 30 minutes bursts ?

  16. Water is better than tea and coffee for being hydrated and healthy……..it's your general diet that determines your internal health. Good sleep is important for being alert and not spamming caffeine every second of the day. What matters is how productive people are and generally health is attributed to that and good work habits/good work environment.

  17. How many friends I have or if I drink coffee has no bearing on if I would make a good employee. That's a dumb interview question.

  18. hey I wont agree about alcohol because a little amount of wine would help you relax and help improve blood flow to your brain which will give you more oxygen and sugar into your brain cells

  19. ^ this video and "How to be more productive (my secrets to being highly . . ." is full of really useful info and advice for programmers.

  20. I've never heard anyone else mention the blocks. You are the tech lead. after couple years … organizing the day into four, two hour blocks. As an ic with few meetings, found it to be good for hitting time estimates and showing progress by eod, eow. Hmm.

  21. Same thing with research, you need 2-3 hrs to think things through and get things done- Takes more time run analysis after interruption-

  22. I wish I had more coding at work and that when I do I'm not bombarded with people annoying me and constantly asking me questions. Especially my scrum master. Yes I saw the fricking email, you don't need to ask me every bloody 5 minutes.

  23. That sounds almost exactly how I use my time when doing consulting when on intellectually hard projects. On easier projects it is different, but when I need to really push it, then there is no alternative to the deep focus "blocks of time".

  24. I am not even a tech person, just learnt how to do small things like wordpress sites etc, but I find myself watching your Chanel, I think its your voice, It speaks to me, I am amazed as to how I leave your videos playing and sometimes plugged in my ears while working and am not bored. I have stopped many videos unconsciously from playing but yours is the opposite. Good job.

  25. I find hammering booze frees up my creative thinking at night. I would never drink on the job or wake up still pissed, but my best creative and productive thoughts come to me mid-evening over a good whiskey and water.

  26. I punished my brain partying on ecstasy for 10 years, I learned programming when I was 28 while I was drunk and I'm drinking now while planning a new business venture. I have terrible short term memory but amazing cognitive ability to solve problems, connect the dots through patterns and learn & apply new techniques. I'm a senior frontend architect at a global company… go figure…

  27. It's so good to be working at company where the result is the only thing they are checking and not how many hours you are working and even if you did something or did not do something the entire day. I think that's the way to a good work-life balance for a software engineer. Also we don't need anyone who checks our work every single fucking day and checking the status. Just give us the project.. let us estimate how much time we need to finish it, then wait until it is done. At the end of it all. You're happy, you're client is happy, everyone is happy.

    If you found a company that let's you do that and pays you decently, then congratulations.. your life is good as a software engineer.

  28. Àbout the coffee thing, it is for weak software engineer, it gets the brain some boost then deep slope down.
    Further coffee is addictive, it damages your brain over the long run.
    A real software engineer who loves their brain and mind do not depend on caffeine, try vit B12.

  29. "Nobody measures your time. Nobody counts the number of hours you work."

    You and I have not worked for the same companies, clearly. 😀

    I agree that is how it should be though.

  30. I am sorry to say this, but this is very messed up. A lot of things you said can lead to people burning out soon, and the focus of interview questions on one's personal life is supernegative.

  31. hey, TechLead, can you please make a video what to do if you are a senior tech lead with multiple completed projects in the company and have basically nothing to do most of the time because you are on "support" 🙂

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