That guy just say revenge is a dish best served The revengeance Everyone else called them the revenger Everyone else called them the revengeance What it do revenge a crew what’s cracking late witchy, man You should know what time it is. If you clicked on our beautiful faces, man. We are smart Avengers I am your man Bo you could catch me on Instagram at merrill productions also catch me on twitter at merrill product 1 I am joined by our sub soot reactor today, I guess that was I Go that tell me who you are, sir. How’s it going on mondo? You can find me at mondo bill on instagram that spelled MA and do bi ll also on snapchat Only two platforms I have that’s good. Just good. You got ways people find you. That’s awesome So I would doing something really kind of special in this particular reaction and so I’m applauding you first of all because you kind of jumping into something that you don’t know a lot about right now and I Didn’t know a lot about it so recently and that’s Egyptian rap yeah, and so I was giving you just a couple of anecdotes about how Aggressive you guys are the Egyptian fans I mean, they they ride man like they ride for their artists. And so a lot of times I’ll post a reaction from Something totally different like ariana grande and I’ll get a Gyptian fan like yo winners is coming So The love is real and a lot of is really dope – I gotta say that. So what are your thoughts going? Obviously, we’ve previewed a little bit of this. What are your thoughts going into it? This video is definitely different. Yeah Okay, and I can’t wait to go through them it’s gonna be good be good And so for background where this is a profile on mr Corey who is kind of a self-proclaimed originator of rap in Egypt and He said he credited a couple other people But I have had a lot of people fans from Egypt tow tell to tell us that he is like the og out He’s the guy that it all started from there’s a a couple of there’s newer generations people one guys named wegg’s we’ve covered a couple His videos a guy named Marwan Pablo. He’s really big out there guy named abusive. So we’re getting through a lot of the the rappers out there and there’s a ton of them but but he’s like the the guy at the head like it all kind of stems from him supposedly, so That’s fair. Yeah. So without further ado, let’s get into this and this is so this is a mr Corey sanika in the Carroll City gangsters. All right Like if you week maybe you die I Don’t look and I would like giving it up for muscle though. I was actually frown almost there. Oh god, are we? Oh, we’re in the nest tobacco The man will walk on sob and solving it that said girl solving it attention Musica di asked and Internet, there is some attention on food, and I know a lot of mythical giggle in, California amen bugle mama mixtapes D Yeah, eazy-e. Dr. J Ice Cube lord of underground all of these rappers Welcome feet up for the skater. Get them to sound good long see The Dynamo I Was oh gee since I was 18 19 something like this Okay, so, you know we had to stop here a couple of things to tell me about your original thoughts I mean when you see this guy, what do you think when you see mr. Corny? What do you think when I see him? He definitely feels California definitely Ali, you know high socks and then when he says his cousins From that area brought those types of mixtapes I can relate to that because You swap meets where my cousin they just live out in the LA area and that’s how I got on my new music And yeah, and that’s that so I get where it comes from. I just You know, I’ve I’m very weary we’re his style and How it goes about his music. Yeah, I definitely think it’s very La it’s very 90s la troll o Lok song ball head. I don’t see the ball hand look as much But I buy it and that big that’s the biggest part of it to me is how much do you buy it? Egyptian fans, let us know is all of this real because you guys are on the ground You guys know the scene I’ve got I got hit by a bunch of G’s out there who’ve actually grew up with this music that I’ve said but he is that guy so tell us more about this. Do you believe when he says he’s pulling stunts? He’s out there. He’s out there doing things. Yes, just got maybe it’s big a start. So what do you think? No, it’s nothing to the level of Stunts. Okay, you know what? I mean? It’s I totally believe that I do think that he lives a certain lifestyle. Okay, it’s more It’s just very congruent to California it’s just strange. You know what? I mean? It’s like I Do think he’s messing around doing some shit on his own Yeah, but he’s making it seem like it’s all the same things that happened here. I don’t know It is very early in the video. It just seems almost fake but not okay. All right in between on it I got to just keep going – a lot – I stand if it’s the truth then our childhood could lap that Nana I Lived all of the motherfucking problems that you thinking or lucky talking about the police probably Like are there Bloods and Crips out there? You can’t just hover on the sweater bro could be but his shoes are also blue and if you your styles from, California So he’s very California you wearing blue red You gotta watch what you wear if you’re California, what’d he say that Bloods and Crips around the world? I’ve heard that I’ve heard that for rue also Yeah, I mean I’m sure They probably adopted here’s how I’m looking at it and this in in I mean this I don’t mean to be disrespectful with this I feel like as far as music goes Egypt is still catching up with the world and the same way that 90’s hip hop was so culturally influencing here for so long Okay, it still is I think it’s having those I think he might be one of the early seats. I see what you’re saying I could totally agree with that. Yes, like I think they’re in their early ages like of hip hop exactly, and I can totally see that and I could agree with that and I just strange because I’ve seen this image before the of Course of course, and it’s so much more Cuz you gotta remember easy I was talking about Often cops, so maybe that is ice-t I’m thinking of but he’s rational in your face and really kind of almost grow some of them like it so I think they adopted that that whole like yo, it has to be super in your face and What’s interesting too is if you listen to some so go check out the videos on our channel know but if you go check out Wags in my Juan Pablo, they’re the trap artists So that sound is way more familiar to right now and it’ll a be like, okay Okay, so did I catching up quick? He was the originator and I think he’s been in the game like 20 years if I if I know correctly He’s not new to it either. So I Probably prefer this sound I probably this Is a strange feeling Dog did lose some of the kind of Michigan kitty from mostly the bottle my pic botha single. I’m a lapdog telephone. I Used to be a gangster rap, you know, I started that shit in here and people believe you cuz D So and be heard a lot of shit the system. Was that shit you managed to watch this shit They don’t like that They need you part of the system. So they let you go Say he’s got Raiders in here check it out musicians each of your gang member I like because we have the same mentality Our CCG that Salah al-din with a letter after no the bar we started that moon as like G shit and I’m talking about like making money through illegal shit and going crazy as a kid, you know, what else I think The reason I believe this too and I do think there’s a level of hyperbole to it I don’t know that he’s cuz everybody’s more in their own mind and they really are Sure, so so I don’t think that I think that’s the case with every single person So I think he’s built up a great persona for himself I do think he was out in the streets. But what I also know is when you find that outlet as a poor child to do Angry shit. Yes, and I think that’s what it was. That’s why I think they had they adapted the elevators Should they adapted at all because it’s a yo this relates to how powerless we feel it This makes us feel stronger, you know? Yeah, I know that totally makes sense And I don’t think that he doesn’t feel true to himself, you know It comes off in a little little smidgen out there. I don’t think he feels that way, you know what I mean? Like hey, he’s all about his life and I truly believe that but I I guess I guess where I struggle at is you know, I’m Obviously Mexican and I’m not a cholo buying any types of means but to me to see people in that type of lifestyle mmm, like Puts them at a certain level and not all Those are fully undeveloped that but that’s okay. You know what? I mean? Right? I don’t know Let’s get back it to still worry about it Love along the way will who had the cabinet concerts interviews. I didn’t know that people gonna hear me like that That’s why I got my fame from malicious intent offensive material myself away – we should see like a tackle a brassy book técnica de with some magnetic Kalamata meal into a cicada brother kallu Said so I was blacklisted back in the days in it used to do concerts over there in practically rare But my style or my image is a G shit Fanta decking mark Gish. They all look the same He got a gun after I finished I take my gun out like a bitch. You were having fun a nice show. Am I? Yes. Yeah a black Kia motherfuckers bogan my master Richard rapper moved alive can see I know cause of shock see on our Casa crew can fiance I mean Arabian Nights, why cruel skin Draya Asphalt Janna Kunal and a lot of those people hid his name were people that they were telling me to my god It’s a doll solver Filled up rescue team bus and fish had diamond Lana. I’m muda long niggas you can do what I do It can bring all of these bitches You can’t bring all of these goals We’re gonna get him from you’re gonna go rent it. I’m not getting models DS my homies for everything we use the tools the homies So I’m excited music just to kind of see how it translates to everything we’re seeing also I wasn’t gonna say We helping each other in the same time you live in a good life shining and keep doing the thing that you were late We work hard for what we got I’m so CCG Tamizh is it’s like rock bottom and No killing me. CCG. We’ll look at lambda. Will who were show me show. How big? culo real much fake Fake fade away from a real stay we here We’re not going nowhere ma’am the robe, you know, you’re holding the best silhouette in here. Oh Yeah, Lord make you related but loyalty makes you a family it’s not about loyalty but the brother called on me Exactly how CCG it’s a community. Yeah, you like a familiar For each one of us you and I went to a different country represent the family over there Vanessa that’s our show host alone without a family our batata Brenda : I will learn their pop music foremost Speak on it swish it. I mean, I think it’s cool first off Sooners always interesting thing. I don’t think they cared about the message Image is that lifestyle. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I’d but no it’s it’s quarters And doused enough about hacking mezack and other detective who taught the aminal dreadlocks were corn grows Into ephemeral wrong community and if I’m whistling dogs, too we helping each other My kicker I know we left zamalek, but we’re gonna find a better place motherfuckers cuz I was that said and watch CG is different than the CCG house. The CCG will never die So, you know we have to do now right or react to video Cuz I was given no Magnum choose to hate my dog so bad Coach please day you made a move on Shall we car decal the Kalachakra? It’s not even you Gordon, bitch Forgot my head lower 40 stick it in liver. I never can live me everybody They were far mostly developed at the Sephora We’ve gotta Sephora come and attack, Canada attack, Canada Canada me liver will lower cuddling with syphilis survey load Anna for I had too many enemies below who you gonna fight. I mean I also noticed eight people madam. It’s a bro. Maybe you should chill out a little bit not lose your shit on people Citizenship thing That sherwin internet What do my salon once I was about to get married to a girl so ha ha ha ha Yeah, awesome minion Look at those chili McCool and everything by said because she’s like, you know mean she’s kind of and it’s habanero dish. Well, I mean a pill retina life Won money follow Baba the Tal Afar this McCord in you shall feel Rugged ballet an awesome I had a very bad winter together tired intimate Rodman Buland Akira bilenda our ocean Buland the D cos as well Also teeth this madhumatl mingle and dance On goes this is going carry sideways Margo It’s almost like he was complaining about how he was being judged on how I looked at him He’s very much about his image you guys think time in this specific image of that Every time you want to settle and colossi started make it happen with Baba Blue’s gonna Bahamas or was it so good and we still surviving and if MJ All right, so we’re gonna pull up one of his songs Thanks for rocking this if you still with is we we watched that for about 10 minutes 15 minutes So just give me your thoughts as I pull up one of the songs to check out. Yeah, definitely, uh my final thoughts I finally Was able to get them together is I do believe that he’s all about that lifestyle. I am true to You know, whatever he’s doing behind closed doors for I’m nope, however or out in the open because yeah However, I do feel his style is stolen And he that might be his style but he’s not an originator of it as as he so claims may be In a of it in where he’s at But but I think it’s not original. I think he I think he set the tone for hip-hop out there It seems that way. Anyway, I could be wrong the gangster side of it. Sure. Okay, let’s get into a duck down featuring Biggie, did you say you wanted to read this? Oh, yeah. All right, Maya’s gonna oh, let’s go back Martha’s gonna read the thing with all my respect. I can’t see that top part. It’ll go away See, mr. Courtney dipped all my respect to all type of rappers whatever they are all about I don’t hate on no one and I wish luck to all of you. Oh Sorry Honestly, I don’t give a fuck about the rap game no more and pay no mind to people talk behind my back Because I simply mean that I’m two steps ahead but I dedicate this song for the haters to put a bitch-ass fake ass Niggas, if you are not down with the height, fuck you dentals And if you feel that I’m talking about you in this clip. Yeah you right nigga. I’m talking about you. I’m not a rapper I’m a soldier and that’s diff I’m not doing this for money or even for fame I’m just recording my memories with the homies so I can watch this shit later and later, and to show it to my kids later on is a on And if your leaders homies remember that Leaders don’t force nobody to follow them, but they invite them on a journey so first of all, I can respect that okay if he’s claiming like I’m not an artist. I’m just working jotting down Noting it down like okay, whatever. How do you do that? Yeah. All right. Oh, you know it I’m just interested to get into the music we have we’ve seen a lot about my man. I want to get into First of all, like I said, that’s Elia 93 right there. That’s any music video from that He’s very long fingers, I mean I mean at those are some really really long little figures I mean That has to be pointed out. I have to say that alien ish like Oh Do look like They do look like they’re from another planet. That’s for a fact. So really think about the actual It’s a lot so what do you think about the video very westcoast very 90s like you said definitely even the flow even the flow feels that way obviously we don’t say Yeah, we don’t know what you’re saying. But you did the Phils there. Yeah And just the look of it like the look of it all I’m like into the songs Why was there he’s kind of killing nation, I’m not arguing that by any means like I think he definitely has the style down Yeah, he studied What do you think you say By this guy this guy doesn’t work Yeah To everything he does sounds consistent and he sound clean and he definitely I feel like he’s a good But I Would definitely appreciate him So, I think that I think that was actually fantastic I mean obviously, you know, we have the language barrier there But I I had the vibe the whole time I can take my eyes up the screen do a little bit It definitely feels like Tupac babe with the ball head when you stand there like Dope so, you know, I don’t even know how to wrap this on man Give me your thought Okay I guess this is the best way to do it if you if it was if he was the English rapper or Even a rapper we’d understand it Would you seek out this music I? Would definitely check out his catalogue Further, okay There’s no style of music. I like and I definitely think he has the style down So if I would continuously listen to him would depend on what his their content would be that’s uh, okay I would just just for the vibe. It gives me I mean I could actually listen to that in the car Yeah, especially that second track. Yeah without really even need to know I mean, I’d want to know what he said, but I almost don’t need to it’s yeah He’s there Musically, he’s dope. I don’t know about the persona I have I don’t have questions to me is she’s overdone and I didn’t I just don’t like when people overdo certain aspects of things But I mean I like him as an artist so shouts to all the court offends the Egyptian rap Fans that come check us out and rock with us has been a pleasure doing this for two-man Littlelow actions, I think about having to put this sounds like a podcast or something like 30 minute video Do something but it’ll definitely be happy the way but if you ride through this man if you watched all 30 minutes You’re amazing. You should be a member of the revenger crews Go ahead hit that subscribe button. If you’re still rocking with this give us a like’ or dislike’ We had a lot of opinions I’ve come to love the Egyptian hip-hop scene and seeing some of his roots. There’s been a lot of fun So we’ll have more coming from mr. Corey as well as maybe I think it was MC I mean was one of there’s a couple others they mentioned we’ll get some joints Arabian Nights And I had a bunch of people hit me everybody Arabian Nights too so that I had to be out there as well So what have those coming at you? Are you gonna come back for more? Of course? Alright, so we’ll have the homie mondo armoire because that was a lot of fun. That’s about it, man. We’ll see you Friday Excuse me I keep doing it cuz we did one Friday and I will see you saturday night For our live stream catch us at 8:30 Mountain Standard time. I’m hoping somebody From Egypt can tell me what time that is for y’all. So 8:30 here I don’t know how far ahead y’all are but let me know because I want sha to tune into My last at a time, we’ll catch it in. Yes, Marvin. Just good. Bye


  1. Thank you, I also recommend that you watch his 86, fuck with da real and drop a bomb. Not rushing you take your time bro 😂

  2. If you need a new school and the real egypian trap react to "bel salama" wegz, "laqtta" wegz and "el gemeza" marawan pablo and listen to the egyptian drums in the beats❤️
    love you from egypt❤️


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