MIT computer scientists’ favorite free coding resources

[MUSIC PLAYING] What’s a free coding resource
you could never do without? A free coding resource that
I could never do without is definitely GitHub,
both Git and GitHub for keeping track of code
and managing large software projects. Probably Jupyter Notebooks. It’s an interactive sort
of console to type code and visualize whatever
data you’re working with. And it makes it really easy to
work on projects interactively and quickly. I could probably never
do without Stack Exchange where it’s just a
lot of programmers coming together and
giving each other answers to their problems. Stack Overflow is incredible. I probably use it at
least 10 times a day to figure out what’s
[INAUDIBLE] in my program. Stack Overflow is the
most incredible website where if you just
need to do something and you have no idea
how to get started, you type it into Google. And probably the first result is
a Stack Overflow result saying, this is how you
solve this problem. That, I think, has
really revolutionized both the democratization
of coding because people can go and figure out how to
solve their problem if they’re stuck and also has really sort
of created this great community online where people can
ask and answer questions. Definitely Stack Overflow. I feel like if Stack
Overflow ever went down or if they decided
to charge for it, the entire programming community
would just go up in flames.

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