22 thoughts to “Lecture -16 Extensible Markup Language (XML)”

  1. xml looks some of the chars found in html im trying to learn and this cleared up some of my confusion from html and xml I know there both texture and contextual changes.

  2. my question is unanswered still. how do you use to store data using xml? do you write openning and closing tag for every field of data in a table to store it in a xml format? that just simply takes a lot of time and makes ur life like a hell.

  3. Pretty much like you said. In practice the XML would be generated by a app or script you write. Generally it's great for passing data between apps or over the internet. I wouldn't store alot of data in an XML file it could be easily broken, messy, time consuming ect. I'd use a SQL Database then you could compact repair remove orphaned entries quite easily.

  4. Outstanding tutorials. Prof. Sengupta I wish we had you at Boston College!!!
    Thank you for such a great learning guide.

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