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  1. @gandalf117
    My number one criticism of this style of teaching is that all he is doing is just sitting there and delivering the lecture. That seems lazy and a good teacher should always be on his feet at least(90%) of the time for optimal interaction with the class.

  2. @BRITISHALQAIDA .Hahaha u.re funny. Just because I have a different opinion than u doesn't mean I am wrong in any sense(not that there is anything wrong with being "wrong").. Anyway I am not going to attack u personally like u have done because that will make me a fool like you. Good Luck with that kind of attitude my dear British friend!!!!!!!!.

  3. Thanks Prof N.L. Sarda, the intro on Software Engineering adds my knowledge
    Thanks to C-DEEP team.

  4. Hello, I'm about to graduate from my university with a associate degree in electronics and computers. I was wandering if the were any softwares or downloads out there that I can get to help me with some inventions i'm think of. A program that will allow me to move gears and such together.

  5. To the lecturer,

    Your work is greatly appreciated. I don't know if you ever see the angry, rude comments provided by some of the viewers, but if you do – please ignore them. That this type of education is offered on the internet is spectacular.

  6. @mrdopman That's funny, seeing as how your grammar is sub-par at best. You do not need to know English in order to be a software engineer, that idea is ludicrous; I honestly cant fathom how you came to that conclusion.

  7. @mrdopman That's funny, seeing as how your grammar is sub-par at best. You do not need to know English in order to be a software engineer, that idea is ludicrous; I honestly cant fathom how you came to that conclusion.

  8. I admire this man for speaking English at this speed. You sheeple have no idea how hard it is to speak a foreign language fluently.

  9. @vicoy123 you can study it as a bachelor degree for 3 and a half years or study it as master for 1-2 years. In some colleges they give you the option of having bachelor and masters degree at the same time for 4-5 years.

  10. Nice lecture but you should be aware that the waterfall model was first shown as an example of a bad model and should not be taken seriously.

  11. The highest quality of video is only 360p ..?

    why don't the quality of video be somewhat higher as at-least 480p or 700p ..

  12. sir,
    ur lecture is good but we r getting bored by listening it for 50 mins..
    pleazzz divide the concepts of different topics in short time …
    so that we can view it by very intrestingly… 

  13. Sir, Kudos..and Respect……I was referred to this video 2 years ago……if anyone is building large complex project…these standards must be followed….I have applied the practices in a real ERP project and it was very helpful……  

  14. Excellent series of videos. I Would be very helpful if course video series like this were also produced for Object-Oriented Analysis & Design.

  15. @nptelhrd im trying to get ready for this course: INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT. An introduction to software development to include:
    an introduction to database and file concepts; an introduction
    to techniques and methods used in making decisions with
    data; and introduction to visual and object-oriented programming
    and design concepts. Pre- or Co-requisite: CIS 1015.

    i know nothing about programming, nothing, absolutely nothing. all ive learned in college is office type software; MS office. and i learned how to use social media, took the IC3 exam but failed the certification. COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!? **James Brown voice**

  16. Thank you sir .. nice lecture series for begineers. Here is is the set of sample programs http://www.techcrashcourse.com/2015/05/c-programming-language-tutorial.html http://www.techcrashcourse.com/2014/10/c-program-examples.html

  17. It's very very good to those who have the goal and those who have patience to listen, Thanks a lot sir, it's very useful

  18. Outline
    Software Systems
    Challenge in large projects
    Successful software system
    Reasons for failure
    Reasons for failure ….
    Engineering: other disciplines
    Engineering …
    Large Projects
    Large projects …
    Software projects
    Apply Engineering Approach
    Job of Software Developer is difficult
    For success in large software development,
    Software Process
    Process Types …
    Multiple processes
    Step in a Process
    Process step …
    Process step
    Characteristics of a Good Process
    A Good Process …
    Waterfall Model for Development48:41

  19. I want to make a software for the people which would be used in the time when we call someone and by chance the person is in heavy traffic area but the talk is so important. So i want to make a software which would reduce the traffic sound and make the persons voice fully clear. Is this project a large project or one time project ???

  20. Hi Sir, Videos are really very good, I am studying in London, your explanation is better than our teacher but just one issue is that video is just 9 years Old so it is bit different than current situations and issues for software engineering, I guess before 9 years ago internet use was really very less and there was no smart phones or apps as well. Would you please please send me latest videos for this subject as I know this subject is too much complicated to understand and I would like to go base of this subject.

  21. I hate it when this happens…

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