Learn love from machine elves. 434 values explained – love. How to love? How to be loved?

Learn love from machine elves. 434 values explained – love. How to love? How to be loved?

One year ago I uploaded the Love Explained
video. I wanted to include in it all the messages
I had received about love from machine elves. There was so many of them that I didn’t leave
any room for explaining everything and now there’s a lot of new information I collected
within the last year and I think it’s time that I talk in detail about the 434 values
starting with love. As soon as I took mushrooms for the first
time 4 years ago machine elves immediately started teaching me how to love and I was
surprised to see that it’s a skill that I wasn’t good at and actually a skill I needed
to learn. They told me that I need to spread love acting
as an example and that I have to be a definition of love for others and in order to do that
it was necessary for me to go through a process of fixing myself. This is when the entity teaching started and
it lasts to this day. I was told that I need to do this because
my job here is to show others what love is and that it is possible. Apparently my mission of creation here is
to make people open channels between them and 434 and it will allow them to open up
to love in themselves. Psychedelics have been incredibly helpful
on this journey. Machine elves recently told me that mushrooms
are a love of medicine, that taking them is like getting an injection of love. They said that when we relax on psychedelics
our true nature comes to surface and they allow us to be the loving beings that we came
here as. They said psychedelics do not give you love,
they just allow for the true loving you to come to the surface by eliminating fear. This will be a small mini-series of videos
talking about 434 values and I want to do it because I know that the definition of love
is very important to many of you. You also told me that you want to know how
to apply the 434 values in practical terms and you want to know how to love. I want you to be able to improve your life
with all the 434 knowledge and I’m going to explain in detail what love is according to
machine elves, why you need to learn how to love and how to apply love in everyday life
keeping in mind the metaphysical aspect of our existence here. Together we are doing divine work here. Bit by bit we are raising the vibrational
frequency of this reality and it’s up to channels like 434 to make everyone’s life better. There aren’t really that many opportunities
in life for you to gain the metaphysical inside in the way that 434 allows you to do it. If you feel like you are getting what you
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others. I will start from telling you about that vision
that started it all 4 years ago. It’s something that I don’t think I ever had
a chance to share with you. I was shown our world as a giant, endless
mechanical platform on huge caterpillars going through our dimension at a very slow pace. The whole platform was made of small rooms
/ cubicles that together created a huge labyrinth-like structure resembling an IKEA shop seen from
a distance. The entities showed me that everyone has their
own little room we live in and that room is sometimes visited by other inhabitants of
the platform. When they come in they ask “Hi, I am looking
for love, do you have some to spare?” and some of us say “no, I don’t” and the visitors
say “thank you” and they leave. But some of us say “yes, I do” and they invite
the visitors to the cubicle. And then they go on a love-seeking quest together
knocking on other people’s doors asking the same question looking for love and other love-seekers
in the labyrinth. It was a very important vision that started
my love lessons. This mechanical platform was a metaphor for
the loving journey that we’re all here on. I was told that we all came here for the same
reason and that we’re all looking for love together. The platform always moves at the same pace
dragging us all in the same direction and we decide whether to go through the rooms
looking for love together or whether we stay locked up in our cubicle rejecting love. Let’s talk now about the definition of love
as it seems not to be a simple issue. I will start from how machine elves define
it as this was revealed to me accidentally while I was recently asking about the possibility
of drawing energy from another dimension. They explained to me that we are already doing
it because love apparently is not an earthly emotion. They said it’s a force from another dimension
that is being transferred to this realm through portals and you’ll be surprised to hear that
these portals are us. I was shown as a window through which love
comes in from another dimension and although I don’t fully understand it I’m sure this
applies to all of us. This visual is very important and has a lot
of implications and I hope the entities will explain it further in the future but you need
to know that love is an outer-dimensional energy that is manifested in this dimension
by us. What’s more they also told me that as we go
through different existences in other dimensions we always have the same purpose, to experience
as much love as possible and apparently it’s the only purpose of every existence we will
go through. It’s always love and there is more to it than
we experience here on earth. I must admit that when I’m in the presence
of the loving energy while tripping and talking to machine elves I’m always overwhelmed by
love’s complexity and multi-functionality. We really don’t understand love and many other
psychonauts and extraterrestrial mediums and researchers said the same thing. Love apparently is this powerful force that
whole universes are made of and we can only access and use a small part of it. Humans might seem primitive and very simple
beings but you are capable of channeling one of the most extraordinary forces in the universe
and that makes you incredibly unique and valuable. Always keep that in mind. It’s obviously much easier to come up with
a human definition of love and this is something that I’ve heard many of you struggle with
here. Love is wanting for somebody to feel as good
as you want to feel yourself. That’s the simple version. A more complicated definition is a desire
to be in the state of awe being affectionately connected to other people. My psychedelic experiences have shown me that
human language is not good and defining love and we use this umbrella term for a huge spectrum
of emotions related to people, animals, objects and even concepts and we just use one word
for it all. The truth is that love is a very complex and
subjective feeling in which the goal is to raise our vibrational frequency to feel good. Love is a state of awe and that’s why machine
elves talk about it all the time. Here is why you need to have a loving attitude
towards everything in life. Love is at the core of your true self, it
is who you are here as a human and your whole life is made of tests and tasks that allow
you to achieve loving states. Machine elves showed me that this is a simulation
purpose of which is to find the possibilities to experience this divine emotion. Love is your compass in life and it’s important
to remember about this because we aren’t really good at fulfilling this purpose here. Your life should be fully filled with loving,
not just those short moments reserved for your family members. Everything in this reality is accessed through
contact with other people, almost everything you want to achieve will be based on exchange
of services between you and somebody else and to establish this relationship you need
to open a communication channel. The key to thischannel is genuine interest,
appreciation for their presence and well-being. Through love you’ll gain access to their database
of experiences and knowledge. Through friendship and affection you will
get to where you need to be faster. Your consciousness is proportional to the
amount of love you receive and the more love you give the more you get it in return learning
and expanding your consciousness quicker in the process. Love is not only the currency of this life
but it’s also the coding language of this simulation. By creating a harmony connection with other
like-minded people you will also activate the metaphysical nature of this reality further
enhancing your loving capabilities and connecting with the Energy and your surroundings. Love is truly the key element synchronizing
you with the system you were put into. You can tune in to the structure of the energy
and this will allow you to work on your relationship with others but also it will let you access
and fix everything that is wrong with you. And once you get in the self-love mode and
once you get access to your true self and your higher self you will be able to relax
and increase your vibrational frequency, which in turn will open the doors to the states
of awe. All of this will lead to you activating the
manifesting powers within allowing you to be the creator of your reality fully in control
of what goes on in your life. I was also told that through relaxation, loving
states and the states of awe you’re able to remove fear from your life. And in the same way as love and 434 values
protect you from a bad trip on psychedelics loving states also protect you from a lot
of negativity in your everyday life. Love is a firewall protecting you from low
frequency chaos generated by this reality. As you can see this is a complicated system
of intertwined supernatural reliance and dependency within our dimensional structure that we still
don’t fully understand but we can definitely take advantage of the information we get from
the other side and implement it into our lives to make it better. And it’s not a difficult job because everything
around you is loving, you just have to open up yourself to it. The Energy wants to flow through you all the
time. It’s only up to you if you are the resistor
or the transmitter allowing it to show up in any area of your life, be it your career,
your family or your friendships. Love is the fabric of this existence and it
is what connects and holds everything together and it’s the only language that all human
beings understand and communicate with. It’s the language of the physical, the metaphysical
and it’s the language of the divine. You make other people love you by loving them
but more importantly you invite the Energy, the God, the 434 into your life making everything
so much easier by channeling and activating this transcendental emotion. Let’s talk about love in practical terms – how
to allow the flow of this supernatural Energy connecting us with others and with the divine. Remember that we’re all one. Always imagine yourself being in somebody
else’s situation. Desire for others that you want for yourself. Understand that everyone is made of the same
and they want the same. We all came here for the same reason even
though most of us don’t know about this and it will be up to you to activate it in them. Everyone is a taker and because someone needs
to initiate it you become the giver. Don’t expect anything in return, let this
feeling grow around you organically and exponentially. Care for others’ well-being in the same way
as you would take care of yourself and start the loving domino effect. Someone has to make the first step. Use the universal language of the divine. The benefits are enormous. Remember that this is a training ground for
love and it’s difficult for reason. No one says it’s easy. A part of your journey here is to learn how
to love despite all the obstacles and adversities. But you have to ignore the temporary low frequency
incidents and circumstances in your life. This will allow you to isolate love from all
the emotions you experience here while you’re immersed in the human experience. It’s for you to discover that this is a loving
reality where everything wants you to thrive. It’s all about the mindset, it’s about discovering
and accepting yourself and the loving nature of this reality you are engaged in. Remember that we are all equipped in the same
love transmitting and receiving tools. You live in a reality that was created by
the loving energy that wants to flow through you and wants you desperately to be a part
of it. We are all here because of this Energy, look
around and see what it created, look how powerful it is and imagine what you could achieve if
you were operating in the same frequency. It’s really simple, because your only responsibility
here is to love those who come into your life. That’s the only reason you’re here and that’s
how you raise your frequency. You should always be in love mode or help
mode and you should always approach everything and everyone with these two questions: ‘can
I help’ or ‘can I love’. Ask and observe the answers you will get. Love. 434.

94 thoughts to “Learn love from machine elves. 434 values explained – love. How to love? How to be loved?”

  1. The most powerfull are the most happy. Look at lions. They are gracefull. Every other animal fears them. The same applies to humans. Love shows and exposes a weakness.

  2. This is so relevant for me, I currently got to know more how I can radiate love and am even exploring more what it means for me. It is being present and conscious with people. Giving my awareness without judgement. All accepting, all loving. Not resisting change or circumstances out of an egoic need.

  3. Doesent it freak you out that there is so much more we cant comprehend and you get deeper into reality when taking shrooms?
    I wish i wouldent find that scary man maybe my mind isent set up right.

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  5. That's exactly what I try to do everyday. Being in a giving mind set and separating your thoughts and emotions from your true self are two keys to be happy every day and to be able to handle any situation with ease. We have nothing to worry about but only a lot to look forward to.

  6. The psychiatrist say on JRE that love is considered hard to find as a young man and you think you can only get it from a woman yet as you get older you see love is everywhere

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  8. Your videos have really helped me on my own path! Thank you 🙏

    I use to be fearful and ashamed of smoking weed because truthfully A lot of people around me did not appreciate it.

    but I have received visions and messages that have really helped me through my own self love & healing journey.

    And you indeed inspire me through your videos.

    The heart chakra is a energy portal that cultivates the energy of expanding love, and can be strengthened by bringing love and light attention to the heart space. 💚

    Love & light to all 💖🙏🙌✨

  9. It is really funny when you are trying to compare ,,machine elves knowledge" about love to the old philosophies around the world.. I was reading Symposium from Plato (ancient Greece) and it completely amazed me, how ,,similar" it was.. In one part he was saying that erotic love (in that book love between males) is just another way to the highest good. That through desire and love we are getting to the ultimate supreme divine beauty.. Because your desire for sex and so on.. is just carrier of your desire for the highest divine. And also that no matter what you do.. if you love your job, your girlfriend or whatever, we are all LOVERS because we all love and your desires are just a way to get closer to that divine beauty and good…

  10. Thank you for posting this! I haven't yet had the pleasure of having mushrooms, but my main intention and what I want most is for them to show me how to love more; how to love myself and others better.
    Much love

  11. Love does not come from outside or from dependency of others, love comes from acceptance of everything about yourself both good and bad. You do not need to be fixed in terms of wrong or right, you choose to fix things in yourself that work or dont work.
    Parts of this machine elves message is warped, leading you away from yourself.

  12. This was a great lesson 434. It was a long time that a video of you hit me like this.

    More of this please. Just by listening I become in a love state.

  13. The clarity of answers I get for helping people has transformed since I made the effort to rise in love with all the occupants of this universe. It's gone from giving people what they want, to giving them what they need and what they would want if they were coming at the experience from a place of love.

  14. Thanks. What do you or the machine elves think about pets and love to them ? I am asking because my loved dog is verry sick rn. I realy love her and i hope she will be loved by the universe when she leaves her earthly existence. Love to u.

  15. I lived in a place where love was not shown. Where it was implied that it is a weakness. I was not shown how to love and for two decades and more I have lived without love, in hate and blaming and pain. Maybe lovelessness is the definition of Hell. I am amazed about how tough my body and my mind are to withstand so much pressure without breaking completely…

    thank you for this video. I didn't realize that we are here to experience love… thank you…

  16. It's amazing to me that this exact morning when I woke up I realized that a lot of my problems come from not asking myself "how can I love" in more situations. And then you come up with the video that addresses exactly that the exact same day. Thank you so much for your videos. Wish you and everyone the best.

  17. I love your videos as they are always helpful, but I am having the hardest time with this concept. It's like telling someone who has never tasted an apple to recall the taste of an apple to remember how good it is. Hope that makes sense. You also say that love means being in awe. That it is wanting for others to treat you how you want to be treated. Most people here do not treat themselves well at all and don't feel they deserve it, so the suggestion to treat others the same will not accomplish much. If I never feel "awe" as an emotion, and experience love as pure "duty", then how do I love others with "awe" instead of "duty"? I do not know how to get myself into a state of awe for anything.

  18. Unconditional love isn't emphasized enough in this reality, it's not widely discussed, spreaded, and practiced. Thanks 434 for your message.

  19. What about psychopaths. I can only feel a few emotions that have a few triggers and even then they are either dulled or cause overstimulation. I only felt what I assume was love once when I was having an extreme Alice in wonderland syndrome episode. It's kind of similar to acid and can vary in intensity for at times it makes things appear to be moving and to my vision turning grey and things start to melt. The effects feel closer to acid than shrooms. It has been present when I was a kid too.

  20. 434, where do you get Shrooms from? I've been searching for Shrooms and I don't find any. Can someone please help me? I've also tried growing Shrooms, but they don't manifest.

  21. Love is not from this world, it's an otherdimensional force and we are its portals – I like this! "Love is wanting for somebody to feel as good AS YOU WANT TO FEEL YOURSELF, that's the simple version" – I like this too and absolutely subscribe to this definition. To me at least, the definition ties directly into erotic fantasy, of which you are able to measure its loving character and by consequence your own at that moment.
    "All of this will lead you to activating the manifesting powers within, allowing you to be the creator of your reality, fully in control of what goes on in your life." – While probably true, to my mind, it's not that simple. The one in my family who has achieved the greatest amount of freedom to create his own reality, have full control of what goes on in his life and also achieved the greatest amount of success, is my narcissistic brother who always derived much amusement from spreading shame and stepping on people, being controlling, destroying the freedom of others and sucking their lives dry of energy and initiative.
    He has also been greatly rewarded by God for this.

  22. LOVE is GOD in every way!! When you LOVE you are experiencing the best of your spirit/GOD! I love you ALL and send you blessings and more LOVE!!! Learning to receive love was much harder for me than learning to give love. I feel like I was born to LOVE but over time with abuse and negative situations I closed up to protect myself but now in my 40s I'm learning how to give and receive love in the most pure and beautiful way! I wish the same for all of you!! LOVE JOY HOPE!

  23. Got my 434 acknowledgment on my car's milage counter just yesterday and then you post this!! Thanks for the Video much love

  24. I’m pretty new to meditating. 3 months in. What I’ve recently focused on is all the love in this world. It’s all around us if we choose to look for it and helps to keep a peaceful meditation.

  25. This world is a love training ground like a crossfit gym is a fitness training ground; all difficulty and obstacles, with sparse help here n there.

  26. I had stopped feeling love and was feeling down. This is the video I needed to pick myself back up and to get myself back into love mode.

  27. Basically i dont want to be here anymore. Im not gonna kill myself but im just waiting for this to end. I dont want to accomplish what i came here for. Im just surviving right now.

  28. “Unconditional love really exists in each of us. It is part of our deep inner being. It is not so much an active emotion as a state of being. It’s not ‘I love you’ for this or that reason, not ‘I love you if you love me.’ It’s love for no reason, love without an object.” – Ram Dass

  29. I'd be interested in a video about pets and the love between them and their owners. But I don't know if the entities have ever given you any messages related to non-human companions.

  30. Man I just went on a psychedelic trip this Friday and had crazy synchronicity with time…

    So when I decided to actually want to trip for the night i looked at the clock it was 4:34pm, then half threw the trip I looked again it was 11:11pm, then finally when I told myself I'm going to bed, my clock said 4:34am. was quite astonished just by that alone.

  31. I was visited by entities last night for the first time. The messages you share couldn’t be more true. We have reached the pinnacle of 3rd dimensional awareness. So happy to say that i will forever be loving, hopeful and happy. This videos must go on. Until the entire world has been exposed to 434. Its clearly the next step. Its time for the awakening to truly sprout

  32. Here I am today, thitherto, I am standing with the sky in the palm of my hands, upon the sun and the line of descent— that is the clouds. The world, we live is a beacon.. shining against an interminable universe. Thus, we exist with sacrosanct, that one-day we’ll met our Maker.

  33. As someone who was attempting to spread this message on your Discord community, while also encouraging the administrators of that community to put a stop to those who were looking to do the opposite, towards the very type of vulnerable people that communities like these attract, this might be something you want to share with them. As all this has achieved me, was a ban from your discord for questioning the actions of the administrators that enabled the toxic behaviors of others. You might want to get a bit more involved in the communities you are starting, as some are becoming the antithesis of what you preach.

  34. Personally love has cause nothing but pain and suffering in the long run. I don't want to love, I can not love anymore. It seems it becomes harder and harder to do as time passes by.

  35. did you know that the hinduists chose green as the color for the heart and we know today that green is the biggest part of the sunlight spectrum, which is probably the reason for trees leafs being green to

  36. I used to do a lot of psychedelics, hundreds of Ayahuasca trips, and I have said for some time that this reality is a training program for love. In a ceremony I was shown that this reality is kind of a kinder-garden for those that can't handle consciousness. Full consciousness is nothing like what people imagine, it's not particularly easy or nice. In that state, love is way more important than it is here, this waking dimension allows for mistakes, it's forgiving. But in other dimensions you get to see just how mean or angry you are, or how many people you hurt. And it's not pretty. It's terrifying. So practice love while you're here, it's really way more important than anyone knows.

  37. I like that "Love is our compass in life. Your life should filled with loving not just those short moments with your family members." Also that through love you connect to everything that is.

  38. "Can i help? Can i love?"
    That was the same message i got as a result of meditating for like 4 hours on mushrooms, last year. That was like the most important message of the trip, and i wanna get better at taking that advice.

  39. Wow. That’s all I’m left with at this point friend….

    Can I help…. Can I love???

    I already know the answer within my life. I think we all do. Lmao 😆

  40. This week whilst walking out of the train station where I work I saw a poster that said 'Awe' and on the large digital clock just behind it the time was 4. 34- first time I've recieved a 434 synchronicity <3

  41. I've been watching for a while now. As one who has used plenty of psychedelics, I have many experiences. But "machine elves" every time. Honestly, you sound lie a really good guy, and I was considering donating to your channel, but to me, something seems off. In a way, the "elves"–a story from many DMTsounds more like just a niche market play. Have you ever, for example, gone beyond the "elves' and see what's behind them? They are "machines" so who built them? Who is really controlling reality? Have you ever gone that far? Your answer will give me an idea of your authenticity, and I'm trying to be discerning, not an asshole…what lies behind them?

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