LEARN HTML5 IN 2018 FOR BEGINNERS #1: Introduction to HTML programming | Build your website quickly!

hi guys Avik here from the Global Developer Network, in this series we will be learning HTML from the very beginning
we’ll be covering hundreds of examples and you’ll be building your very own
website in no time so let’s get right into it
first off what exactly is HTML well, HTML stands for hypertext markup
language which basically tells the browser how to display or render the
content of the web page okay so let’s start creating our very first web page
first you’ll need to open a text editor of your choice
this could include notepad notepad plus plus sublime text 3 personally I choose
Microsoft’s Visual Studio code because it’s still being updated continually and
it’s got some user-friendly features next you want to open a file and save it
in a folder called “website” we’ll name this file index.html make sure you
save as type ‘all files’ if you’re doing it in notepad. Click Save, great we’ve
saved our first file now we can start creating the HTML document start off by
making a tag as such doctype HTML close tag a doctype
specifies declares this document to be of html5 standard next you’ll want to
create the HTML starting tag as such notice how I have a hierarchy next you
want to create a head tag this will create all the header information such
as the title of the webpage you can name your title anything you want we can name
this next you’ll want to create the body tag
this is where all the main content off the website goes in the body tag
you’ll want a heading tag I’ll explain the heading tags in later videos but for
now we can name in name them h1 we can name this my next you’ll want to create
a paragraph tag my very first thing all right so now
notice that every closing tag contains a forward slash this is done to notify
the browser that this tag is now closed see you might notice that HTML tags come
in pairs there’s often a opening tag and a closing tag HTML tags are simply element names such
as paragraph or heading wrapped around angle brackets anything inside the opening
body tags contains all the content of the website
similarly the heading tag contains the heading of the web page so let’s see
this in action go to file click save navigate to your folder where you saved
index.html and double click and there you go there’s your first web page
congratulations now let’s see where each of our tags went so if we notice first
of all the title we named it the first web page and there we go the title
displays on the tab if we go down to the body which was the main content of the
document we have the heading tag which represents a section heading now we
named this hello world and there we go it’s in bold text big letters where we
compare to a paragraph tag here it’s much smaller and it’s got a gap between
this we learn about paragraph tags in the later videos the last thing to
understand is that the purpose of a web browser is simply to read HTML documents
and display them the browser does not display the HTML tags like body or h1
but uses them to determine how to display the content so if you ever want to see the browsers
output right click view page source and here you can see that it matches the
exact layout we had in our code so in our next video we’ll be going through
some common HTML elements that you might see that’s all for now see you in the
next video make sure to like this video subscribe to the channel and leave a
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