Learn Academy and Measurabl Partner For Diversity Coding Scholarship

Chelsea: So let’s move into what I am very excited about, talking a little bit more about the partnership with LEARN Academy and Measurabl. We are putting together a scholarship, so up to three different individuals will receive a $6,000 scholarship, plus they will then go through our program, our four-month program, and then after the program they will get a 3-month paid internship with Measurabl.
I am so excited about this. I think that to me it’s a great way to help people that this wouldn’t necessarily be an option for them move into this field, give them a little bit of support with both the scholarship and the internship afterwards, that it’s a great way to help that pipeline, so that the pipeline just starts looking differently. Dana: Absolutely. That is our goal. And we are so excited to support the LEARN Academy in this mission and be able to really, really help individuals looking to transition careers. And again, when you’re talking about diversity or whatever industry you’re working in, you can bring that knowledge and use it to do good in tech. So no matter what your background is, that diversity of thought, that diversity of experience, is so crucial to bring into the tech space even if you’ve never wrote a line of code in your life. If you’re looking for a great career change, technology is a great opportunity, and LEARN Academy is the best place in San Diego to go learn that skill set. And guess what? If you can also get our scholarship and get the internship at our the intention isn’t just to necessarily have it be an internship too, if there’s opportunity for it to turn into a full-time role we’re there for that too, depending where the business is at that time, but we want to help train and build the next generation of diverse tech talent. And I’m really excited to launch that this year, and it’s something that we are committed to continue to do and potentially even grow as our company grows and be successful, and we can help pay it forward. Chelsea: That’s great. Well, the scholarship is now live, so you can register for the cholarship at LEARN Academy’s website. The scholarship closes on October 11th, and we will announce the winners of the scholarship on November 1st. It does include, again, the $6,000 scholarship, the four-month program with LEARN, and a three-month internship with Measurabl following the graduation of the program.

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