Kwikset 905 Keyless Entry Touchpad Deadbolt – 100% Bump & Pick Proof

Kwikset 905 Keyless Entry Touchpad Deadbolt – 100% Bump & Pick Proof

The Kwikset Keyless Entry Touchpad
Deadbolt, unlike many other keypads This one provide 100% bump and pick
proof keypad. so stick till the end of The video and I will show you guys how
to install and program this super Affordable keypad stay tuned. Kwikset Keyless Entry Touchpad
Deadbolt Before I’m gonna start reviewing and show you
guys how to install this keypad I just Want to introduce myself really quick, if
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them. okay without further ado let’s move On to the new keypad. So the features of the Kwikset Keyless Entry Touchpad
Deadbolt, first thing is Going to be the ability of program up to
4 different user codes, so you can Program up to 4 codes, also there is a
OneTouch locking button on the keypad so You can basically lock the deadbolt
behind you automatically by pressing the Lock button. another feature with these
lock it’s the most important one it’s Going to be the ability of using a
9-volt battery as a backup power in case That the battery of the keypad runs out
so you will be able to use a 9-volt Battery to give an additional power for
the keypad in case that the battery runs out, gain access to the door and then
change the battery’s for the keypad and The reason why Kwikset made it
available with this keypad because they Had to! they want to make this keypad to
be 100% bump and pick proof and they Have to eliminate the keyway, so there is
no key in this keypad as you can see and Basically that’s what makes this lock to
be 100% bump and pick proof and that’s Why I make this video and recommend this
actual keypad. now guys I do share a link Down below in the description of my
video where you can purchase this lock, Read reviews and more, so make sure to
check the link in the description of my Video. okay another thing with this
keypad is going to be the Security Rating. Security Rating with this lock
meets the actual Grade 3 Certification Rating. now BHMA and ANSI are the two
biggest nonprofit organizations here in The US that performing different type of
Security Testing to any locking hardware That manufacturers choose to send to
them. now Grade 3 is the Standard Certification Rating, but combining with
this type of keypad that have no key Whatsoever it’s actually increasing
the security in general, because no one Can pick or bump this keypad and I think
that it’s just great! but I also Recommend to you guys to check my other
video that I have in my channel and I do Share it right there. now I do recommend to
increase security by reinforcing the Door using a Security Door Strike Plate
so make sure to check my other video That I share right after talking about
the security door strike plate, combining Those two you will get a great security
and the actual convenience of a keyless entry, now this is what I recommend to
you guys. Another thing with this lock that just
so you know in general, it fits either Way Left or Right handed swinging doors,
it fits most standard door thicknesses and also it’s an adjustable backset so
you will be able to use it in 2-3/8″ Backset or 2-3/4″ backset as well. so Basically it fits most doors. OK guys
let’s move on from the boring stuff to The good stuff and I will show you guys
really quick how to install and program This lock, coming up right now. okay so Unboxing the actual keypad
deadbolt from the box you’re gonna have The screws, you’re gonna have the back
mounting plate, the deadbolt, you gonna have The ring to replace the actual deadbolt
if you need to do that, the strike plate it’s also included, gonna have the keypad
and this is where it’s gonna be the slot for the 9-volt battery as you can see
right here, also what you’re gonna have is the actual thumb turn motor on the
back, you’re gonna have a drilling Template if you do need to install it in
a door that doesn’t have a preparation For the lock so you can use this
template otherwise I do have a video and I will share link right now, check it out
I will show you guys in that video how to install a new deadbolt lock from
scratches. okay also you’re gonna have an installation and user guide in English
and in Spanish so that’s pretty much it Guys let’s move on to the installation
coming up right now. Okay so our first step is gonna be
installing our deadbolt now as I Mentioned this deadbolt is adjustable, so
it can fit 2-3/4″ backset Or 2-3/8″ just by twisting
it just like that. okay in my case it’s 2-3/4″ I’m gonna put the
deadbolt and secure it with the two Provided screws of course.
okay now installing our key pad it’s the First step and the cable remember is
gonna go underneath the deadbolt not Above it, so we’re gonna put it and hold
it we twist it then the cable as you can See go underneath the Deadbolt. we’re
gonna put it in the slot right here this is our mounting bracket, so this is how
it’s gonna look like and then there is Actual 4 provided Securing Screws
with this keypad depending on the Thickness of the door so depending on
the thickness of course you’re gonna Choose the two that fit the most to your
door thickness. okay now before you final Tighten both screws you want to make
sure that your keypad and your mounting Plate is gonna be straight, you don’t
want to make ugly work right? so make Sure it’s straight as possible. okay look
straight to me and then you can final Tighten both screws. okay now there
is a small piece that also provided with This lock which is basically your tail
piece. now it’s separate usually it’s Come as part of a cylinder in a lock
but in your case in this Lock there is no cylinder so we’re gonna
put it to connect it to the actual deadbolt So it will control the movement of
the deadbolt of course and it will Connect to the back side of the actual
thumb turn, which is the motor of your Keypad. so before we’re gonna connect the
two cables together now there is a red Marker showing you how to connect them
correctly so you won’t make any mistakes and slowly fit the actual tailpiece
into the slot right there make sure that The cable won’t go outside by any
mistake or anything like, that just make Sure you connect it the right way. okay
so this is how it looks As you can see keypad on the outside
and the thumb turn on the inside. okay Now also you’re gonna have a 3
Securing Screws for your motor the thumb turn So you’re gonna put those as well Make sure not to put a lot of force into
them. make sure that it’s actual tightening Easily so you don’t put a lot of force
into it. make sure it’s nice and tight and the one on the bottom of course okay, now this is our cover for the
keypad and you will need to put 4 Double AA Alkaline battery’s as they’re not
included with this keypad so we’re gonna install them and when you’re finishing
installing the batteries you will hear a Beep that indicate that the lock is
working. okay now here is your program Button on the inside so the first thing
that we’re gonna have to do is to Determine if it’s a Left locking latch
or Right locking latch and in my case The latch is going to be a Left locking
latch as you can see and I’m gonna do The program for the lock so basically
right now what we gonna do is telling The lock if it’s a Left or Right locking
latch so we gonna press the program Button on the inside, you’re gonna hear
2 beeps and then press the lock button right here in the keypad and press 12 now if your lock is gonna be a Right locking latch you’re gonna have to press
56 and right when you finish press The program button again and you will
hear one beep that indicate that Everything is good. now the first thing
that you’re gonna have to do before Testing that if it’s working you’re
gonna have to had a user code so let’s Do that as well. now putting the user
code you’re gonna have to press the Program button on the inside Press the 12 button, press the program
button again and now you’re gonna put Your desire code, so I choose 3 6 5 9 and
then press the program button again and You will hear 1 beep and it should
indicate everything is OK. Alright so now I’m done with having a
user code like I said you can put up to 4 different user codes and they can be
anywhere between 4 – 8 digits code so I Choose only 4 digit and my chose it
was 3 6 which is tap double on the 56 number and then 5 which is
tap one on the 56 button and then 9, okay so to lock it just by one
touch locking you can see it locks it Automatically and put in my code which
is 3 6 5 9 and then the lock Button it will unlock it automatically.
okay so that’s pretty much how you had More user codes remember the only
different on the programming that I Showed you, depending if your door is a
right or left locking latch and in the Instruction basically the only
difference is that you’re gonna have to press 12 for left or 56 for
right and that’s pretty much it guys That’s all you needed to know and when
you leave the house you can press lock Button again and you’re good to go. so
just trying a different code it won’t Open it but my code will work so it’s
3 6 5 9 okay that that’s pretty much it guys
that’s all it is and you guys have also The 9-volt battery slot here in case the
battery of the keypad runs out so you Will be able to get in regardless it’s a
very simple keypad and it works great it’s a very nice design and it’s very
simple to program as well and I like it. When you’re done with everything put
the cover for the keypad and you can also use The thumb turn manually to lock in and
lock it from the inside so that is Pretty much it guys now you know how to
install and program it. OK guys so we’re Pretty much done here. if you have any
questions regarding the installation or About this lock in general just write a
comment down below in the comments and I Promise that I will answer as soon as I
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in my next video, thank you so much.

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  2. Great video, I received the Elemake lock in the mail and its a great lock. I have notifications on and just want to say thanks for all the tips you give!

  3. Another great informative video. My question is why did this lock only receive a grade 3 rating, since it is one hundred percent bump and pick proof ? When I move to Vegas this Summer, I’ll be calling you to upgrade the locks on the house I buy for sure.

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