100 thoughts to “Krept – Morley’s Freestyle (Official Video)”

  1. Family: Go get me some chicken at Morley's
    Me: Ok
    Family: Why did u come back already?
    Me: Bunch of black people told me to suck my mum

  2. What a load of old toss. The video is Proper shit and the Lyrics are abysmal.

    "How many different ways can I tell man to suck their mum?
    That's suck your mum from Area 51"

    "And I still got, and I still got, more money than all of my exes fathers
    Fuck them man and their daughters
    Stamp on your face in Pradas"

    It's like an angry 12 year old who is angry at their dad making up stupid words.

  3. Go on krept with the morleys freestyle big fam luv how u doing ur ting & supporting the ends & bring money to the ends & given peeps jobs big up 2 u both frm nutty dred & lady j.m.e frm Croydon

  4. That white kid on far left knows he's well outta place haha 🤣 puts his hat down at the start. Just looks bare awkward

  5. "I text your girl late at night but my name saved as Chinese Takeaway. Boyfriend replys on a hype So I reply SoME BodY ORdEr EgG fwy ri" 🤣🤣🤣

  6. 00:58 Still got more money than all of my exes fathers, fuck them man and their daughters, stamp on your face in pradas. FIRE FIRE FIRE

  7. 3, 2, 1 how many different ways can I tell manz suck their mum…
    That's suck ya mum from area 51

    Do the math

    3+2+1 = 6

    So that bar DOES make sense

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