K-FILES, H-FILES, Color coding & Identification (RCT PART – 1)

K-FILES, H-FILES, Color coding & Identification (RCT PART – 1)

music plays Hello friends I’m Dr. Harishankar Soni , with Dr. Kalpesh Chandrawanshi welcomes you to Easy Dentistry today’s topic is k-file, h-file and color coding.. one of our viewer Anusha Sahu.. she comment and request us to make a video on RCT , for beginners she wrote that, confusion occurs in color coding confusion occurs to use file sequence let me tell you that we’ll publish two videos on RCT in first video we’ll discuss about files using in RCT i’ll tell you the color coding of that i’ll tell you about its identification and next video we’ll publish under RCT FOR BEGINNERS headline in that i’ll tell you, how to do RCT? so RCT is, or Root canal tratment is.. basically we do it by two methods one is manually and second is with rotary instrument in which we use Endomotor mostly in colleges and private clinics we used manually and in viva also they ask about manual RCT, ask about files.. In manual RCT we use different type of instruments.. in which files, reamers , protapers pluggers , spreaders broches all are come under it today we’ll talk about k-files and h-files basically confusion occurs in its color coding and in its numbers so watch the video till end because till the end of this video your confusion will clear .. before starting the video, if you didn’t subscribe the channel so SUBSCRIBE the channel to press the given red button and press the bell icon to get notifications let’s start today’s topic k-file and h-file.. here i arranged the instruments this is our k and h files you can see here it in a sequence it comes with color coding, i’ll tell you about color coding first then we’ll see its numbering first you can see here pink , grey and purple files three files here pink colored file is number 6 grey colored file is number 8 then you can see here a purple one, this one its a number 10 file numbers written on the back of the all files so this is number 6 file, 06 is written here this a smallest file like this , all the files you see here numbers are written on back side of the all files first I show you the numbers of all files All files you see here arranged in color numbers are written on the back of the all Let’s understand about its numbers and colors as i told you, this files 6 no. , 8 no. then 10 no. these are small files, very fine in size it used in children and in adults it is used to locate the canals let’s come to the these files you can see in this first row , I arranged these are k-files arranged by the color coding first I tell you about the color see here, white then yellow , red then blue, green, black then same color sequence will repeat see from there same color is repeated white , yellow , red blue, green , black files arranged in first row are k-files and in second row these are h-files we’ll see , how to identify k-files and h-files? let’s see its numbers first let’s understand it I tell you the numbers from here, color I told you before let’s see from here this first one is 15 number then 20 25 30 35 and 40 same will start from white color which stared from 15, again start from here after 40 this is 45 50 55 and 60 till blue color, till 60 was increasing by a margin of five – five from here till 60 it was increasing by a sequence of 5-5 after 60, it increases by a margin of 10-10 70 , 80 more files comes like this 90 , 100 but we kept here till 80, which are generally used let’s see down here , these are the h- files same color coding is here, as we understood above white , yellow , red, blue , green , black again this sequence will repeat white , yellow , red , blue , green , black numbering are also will same 15 , 20, 25 30, 35, 40 45, 50, 55, 60 till 60 then after 60 70, 80 same in both and number which we talked about what i the meaning of it? like after 15 there is 20 then 25 ? as the number increases, its diameter will increase width will increases with the numbers will see in next video about this , when we’ll understand about RCT.. now , let’s understand identification then how to remember color coding? will understand about it so I’m taking a big file here, because width of it is more here I’m taking 80 number k and h-file Let’s understand it by diagram so I arranged here k-file and h-file with the diagram i’ll show you by zoom it, then you’ll understand it better first see the diagram, this is a k-file and this is a h-file you can see here, spiral pattern is here closer let’s see this file you can see a spiral pattern here to understand it better, I use a screw here almost the pattern seen in the screw almost same pattern seen in the k-file and the spiral design which seen, we called it flutes flutes are very close to each other this the difference between the reamer and k-file number of flutes are more in k-file than the reamer we use both k and h-files, in cleaning and shaping of the root canal when we do filing in RCT when we go deep inside the canals it cuts when we goes downwards like this we do motion like this, when we goes inside it cuts let’s understand h-file zoom it you can see it If you see it closely, it looks like a christmas tree see in the diagram here you can see in diagram it looks like this, and the cutting edge of it is here upwards zoom it and show cutting edge of it is her upwards when we use it in cleaning and shaping, when we do filing when we insert it, when we goes inside of the canal it don’t cuts when we pull it then it cuts , removes debris it means cutting mechanism of it is in pull motion when we enter it and pull it, then it cuts so look the both files again this one is the k-file and this one is h-file so we understood the identification of the both files I told you about h-file and k-file, how it is all files you can see here are normal files NiTi files are also available, which is made up of Nickel Titanium material what the difference between them, i’ll show you flexibility of the normal file is less, see here If you bent it more than this it will curve from there where to we bent it it curved from there and this other file is here this is nickle titanium file, this second one is both are 15 no. file, but flexibility of it is more than the normal file see here this is not too flexible , but this is more flexible and NiTi file is comes with thick hub, with gripping and this second file, you can see a hole in all file mostly we don’t know about it, why this hole is given? I tell you that, the hole given in it we can tie a thread or dental floss in it then make a loop and put it on the finger like this then we do filing by this chances of slipping the file become less when we do work on posteriors sometime file slips from our grip , and there is chances to go file in the throat that’s by this hole is given we talked about all files, about color coding of it now I tell you how to rember its color coding? so its easy to you to remember i’ll tell you to write her, as i told you the sequence of it at first this pink grey and purple three files are there pink , grey and purple pink is 6 no. then 8 and then 10 no. you have to remember it remember it like pink , grey, purple or remember PGP so you can remember after that, as I told you before that is white, yellow, red, blue, green, black continues this sequence so at first comes white then yellow red blue green and black this file sequence will continue, see here 15 number is white yellow is 20 then red is 25 then blue is 30 then green is 35 and black is 40 after that, again same sequence will start white, yellow, red, blue, green. black it continues like 45, 50, 55, 60 i told you this earlier best way to remember it , that use it more and more so then no need to remember it but when we starts doing RCT when we are in third year final year, we have to remember it because we are not used to it so I’ll tell you a small trick to remember it as we memorized the ‘VIBGYORE’ to remember rainbow colors so that we remember all seven color of that till now we all remembered it like that we take a starting letter of it all so I’m written here that W Y , R B , G and one B i’m writing in last so all letter I written here and one B written in the last so let’s differentiate it W, Y differentiate R here then this, you can make any of your trick or as we made that is, ”WY R BG Bro” let it same till here, only changes the last one with Bro so it can be remember If you tell this again and again , so it is easy to remember in starting after that , you’ll be used to of it WY R BG Bro so remember it its not too tough to remember , so it is White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Green and take B from it so it become Black so I just told you to remember it so you can remember the color coding of it , like this If in starting you find trouble to remember color coding, so don’t take too much tension of it numbers are written on the back of the all files , just see and use it if we remember color coding , so there is benefit that we don’t see number again and again so that’s by its color coded to differentiate it today’s topic is completed today we learned about k-file and h-file as I told you in the starting, we’ll publish next video under headline of ‘RCT for beginners’ in that we’ll tell about how to do RCT? in simple manner, will tell about its basics so, if you liked this video, if it was helpful to you so LIKE the video, SHARE it with the friends and comment us , how this video is ? and what videos you want to see related to the dentistry.. and before going don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE the channel.. Thank you friends

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  1. Very nice sir . Can you please explain step back & step down technique of RCT & different types of obturation . It's difficult to understand by just reading in text book . If we see it it's easy to remember

  2. Sir. Very helpful video,
    Can you please post videos on complete denture ,removal partial denture ,fixed partial denture

  3. Hi.. I really like your videos. Thank u for making videos on dentistry. Your videos really help to clear all the basics. Kindly note one more point that the main difference between k- files and h – files is that on k – files the number is bordered by square shaped border and on h – files it is round shape for the same.

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