iPhone 11 Pro 4k vs BMPCC 6k Cinema Camera

iPhone 11 Pro 4k vs BMPCC 6k Cinema Camera

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  1. When Jean showed us the footage from the cameras it was really easy to identify which clip was from which camera. The black magic provides a cinematic colour scheme while the iPhone had vibrant colours which were better suited for shorter clips or vlogs.

  2. I could really identify which is the iphone 11 and the blackmagic, we are a group of senior high students starting up our own video and photo production team, winning this giveaway would definitelybe of great help !

  3. 6:36 Zoom lens shows the real difference between a smart phone and a 6k Cinema Camera. That's where the BMPCC 6k Cinema Camera was able to prove her over the iPhone 11 Pro and the BMPCC 6k Cinema Camera is better than the iphone 11 pro camera in low light 8:13

  4. Great video! This little film we did was actually shot using both the 11 Pro and the BMP6k but mostly all iPhone


  5. Let's compare a $5,000 (with body, lenses, rig etc) 6k professional setup that is single-purpose to a $1,000 (iPhone 11 Pro is the same as the Max remember) 4k sensor mobile phone which is also a browser, phone, game device, music player, PDA, and a million other things and see which does better video. Hmmm… Let me think… What could possibly be the answer…? I mean, come on, of course it's the pro kit. That's not what the iPhone is competing with. The iPhone is competing with "nothing" as in – the people who would never take the rig out even if they could afford it, and so would have nothing to capture video on. (And as a PS, sure, the 4k version is $1,250 for the body, but that's still more than the iPhone by a margin but that's not what you tested, and you'd still not have the glass anyway)

  6. For me it was pretty clear from the overly sharpend image of the iPhone, same as pretty much every smartphone, while the BMPCC looked smooth but still high detail

  7. Even though I could spot 9/10, I think I would go for the iPhone 11. Being able to put that much performance into such a small form factor is a big deal when you don't have the time to pull you footage into an editor and mess with it a bunch.

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  9. iphone is easy to tell whenever an item passes behind another one – the image becomes blurry and jumpy on that area.

  10. I disagree with the dynamic range comment. Black Magic is far better on dynamic range. I could tell which shot was which based on dynamic range alone.

  11. 2:17 Me: trying to guess which camera is.
    iPhone 11: sitting on the table.
    Also me: wait a minute.
    Letters saying "Black Magic": t'S a bLaCk mAgIc yOu iDiOt.

  12. Hey…Potato jet. Love ur channel hate you. I bought the viltrox speed booster and the ef-s 10-18mm lens and they don't love each other. Coulda been a tad bit clearer that you were not buying an international version of the m50 in the under $1000 cinema set up video. Don't show a camera ur not going to buy & review next time. P.S. can't wait for the next video to drop. I feel stupid!

  13. A girls iPhone 11:
    -The second she takes out of the box: pictures are crisp and clean.
    – then, the VERY first time she picks up the phone off the table where is the last place she should…. She’ll STAMP her THUMB RIGHT ON THE LENS. Pictures from now on, are fuzzy, dirty with that “dream look” with finger grease and lotion.
    Hey, can you take a pic of me? I look at the lens… bam! Greasy lens. My wife is the only exception to this worldwide.

  14. So awesome that you have cool partners and even give things away yourself! You are one of my favorite creators and you are inspiring and making dreams come true on the daily! You rock dude!🤙🏻😎

  15. Hey! Just found out you have two of our gigs in your favourites, amazing! Have been following and enjoying your stuff for a while now, so that's quite the honor, wasn't expecting it at all. Keep up the good work!

  16. Not saying this is what he’s saying, but whenever people say sharpness, HDR and stabilisation makes a cinematic image, I want to punch a wall
    Also the screen you’re watching the footage on makes a huge difference…
    when people buy a 6K camera and watch the footage on a MacBook Air or iPhone 🤦🏽‍♂️

  17. Can we hold on for a second… the iPhone footages look really really poor in fact. there is no way at all anyone can use it in a cinematic way. Every edge is overmarked, the sharpness is hugely inconsistent. The color science is totally overcooked, this is almost an insult to Blackmagic to compare them both.
    Would it be possible to do the same test with a One+ 7pro or Samsung, Huawei or Xiaomi last hand? Because I have the true feeling that it's not an honest test at all (Apple sponsorship I guess, once again)

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